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Guillaume Boulanger (MaquetteTv)

Tamiya Bismarck 1/350 78010

Build step by step on my bismarck, the kit it old and a lot of ajustement it not perfect be quiet and make slowly for not boring. The revell kit it better but more expensive so if you want to have the good ship you can with this tamiya kit.


15 | 28. October 2019, 13:24
Holger Kranich
Nice work so far! Oldie but goldie!
28. October 2019, 14:33
That looked scary adding putty or whatever for the cannon barrel covers.

28. October 2019, 14:56
Guillaume Boulanger
yes this kit must to have the correction for masking a lot of problem of injection, i use the blu tak for create the blastbag on the barrel
28. October 2019, 15:05
Btw, I can recommend the Vallejo putty (white, presumably fairly non toxic). Just use a coarse file/sanding stick, else it might take a while to sand down the putty with a fine file/sanding stick. One can't fill holes in one go, one must let the putty dry in layers, as the putty will shrink the more you add on. A small bottle works, but I prefer the tube w. thin applicator.
15. November 2019, 11:58
Impressive clean build!
7. December 2019, 12:05
Guillaume Boulanger
Thanks Neuling the next arrive soon
11. December 2019, 13:10
Looking forward!
11. December 2019, 14:17
Nice work
30. July 2020, 13:11
Udo Browarczik
My first Big Ship, some 32 Yers ago.... Beautiful, what You made out of it.
31. July 2020, 09:13
Guillaume Boulanger
Thanks guys 🙂
2. August 2020, 14:08
Gerald Willing
good work 👍
2. August 2020, 15:16
Guillaume Boulanger
Thanks Gerald
3. August 2020, 13:48
3. February, 19:06
Guillaume Boulanger
Thank's Gt dom
6. February, 10:29


1:350 Bismarck (Tamiya 78001)1:350 Kriegsmarine Railing (Eduard 99010)

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