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Jakub Krzysztofiak (zuchvik)

BTR-70 Build



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1:35 BTR-70 APC Early version (Voyager Model PE35538)1:35 BTR-70 APC (Trumpeter 01590)1:35 BTR-70 with add-on armor and side skirts (SP Designs 306)1+


22 | 3. June 2020, 11:33
I like your starter pictures very much. Looking forward to your build ....
3. June 2020, 16:27
Jakub Krzysztofiak
Thanks Neuling. Really like this vehicle, its kind a Eastern European classic. This time for a change extra figures, pe, resins and vehicle stand.. :) 3-4mths if im lucky lol
3. June 2020, 22:19
Don´t rush Jakub!
4. June 2020, 05:00
Jakub Krzysztofiak
At the moment still chill :) i found few very interesting and rich walkarounds on russian website...and few really valuable ebook, obviously in russian as well
4. June 2020, 13:12
Ingo F
Looks good so far. Jakub take your time, and enjoy the hobby. :)
Its all about the fun and not how fast you build your model. ;)
17. July 2020, 22:20
Alexander G.
Lookin good
19. July 2020, 19:39
Jakub Krzysztofiak
Thx Alex, trying new techniques 'n practice some already know :)
19. July 2020, 19:46
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Looks great! I love interior models
20. July 2020, 18:13
Jakub Krzysztofiak
thanks Victor...its not the best, its not the worst. getting in. dont have much experience with interior. some with sdkfz234 only. I could mayby use chipping fluid next time for better effect. I'm not 100% happy with "floor surface". next time, next time :)
21. July 2020, 10:45
Victor Scale Hamster YT
I like it. I don't like models that are too scratched
27. July 2020, 12:25
Jakub Krzysztofiak
agree, scratching and chipping mayby looks cool, but very often give to object unnatural look. 4 example imagine jagdtiger described '45 covered by rust, chipping looks like spent 10 years at Golan Hights lol
27. July 2020, 16:08
Victor Scale Hamster YT
yes, some models lose touch with reality)
27. July 2020, 18:57
Rui S
Steady it is coming, and to look great, I'm sure.
I agree with you Jakub the floor could be more used, but not the other surfaces.
I prefer chipped and used models rather than nice clean factory ones. It's just a question of balance not always easy to achieve.
P.S. A trip in that back seat must be tough :S 8)
31. July 2020, 17:54
Jakub Krzysztofiak
yeah Rui. with no reason i skiped liquid floor chipping. dunno why. i used that technique with maultier and was not that bad. anyway will scrach some more paint with next interior project
1. August 2020, 20:00
Rui S
Do I see some zenital pré-shading in the figures?
29. August 2020, 22:45
Jakub Krzysztofiak
kind of. im not sure how is that gonna work, because this time i want to try use airbrush...actually just tried on some my old figures...we will see in couple days ;)
30. August 2020, 15:17
General Fail
I like this car :) nice detail up sets
20. October 2020, 07:26
Rui S
Good progress. Great weathering
21. October 2020, 10:26
Jakub Krzysztofiak
thx Rui...couple weeks and should be complete...should lol
21. October 2020, 16:21

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