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Tom ... (Cohort)

Polar Lights: Escape from the Dungeon - WIP


1 | 15. June 2020, 05:40
Tom ...
Doing this kit as a warm up to Mars Attacks. Hopefully Mars attacks has better fitting pieces. Going to be a fair bit of work to get rid of all the holes and seams.

However.... "Double Action. Twice the Terror". Buhahahaha!

Going to be leaving the lights on at the bench...
15. June 2020, 05:46
Spooky! 😳
15. June 2020, 06:49
Gareth Burge
Looking forward to this...
15. June 2020, 08:37
Tom ...
Have given up on trying to remove seams and joints. The fittings are terrible and as this is really a throwaway project I'm not too worried. This build is more about painting.

Oh and the jailer's axe "action" works really well. I'm impressed.
20. June 2020, 21:44
Bill Newcomer
It appears the "Jailer" is well fed.
20. June 2020, 21:58
Chaz Gordon
Polar Lights are releasing some really interesting subjects, reminds me of the weird Revell stuff from the 80s
24. June 2020, 20:17
Tom ...
Primed everything so will start painting soon.
2. July 2020, 23:04
Bill Newcomer
Hey! Be careful with that! You'll poke someone's eye out! LOL
10. July 2020, 07:19
Tom ...
hehe 🙂
10. July 2020, 16:12


1:12 Escape from the Dungeon (Polar Lights POL972)

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