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Tom (Cohort)


Tamiya: Jeep Willys MB - WIP

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Building this to try out basic weathering.



This album is attached to project Tamiya: Jeep Willys MB.

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1:35 Jeep Willys MB (Tamiya 35219)


17. April at 05:06:55 Share
Tom Building this jeep in order to try out weathering techniques.

It's a long long time since I did a military build (like 40 years). I do like that most of the vehicle is one color so can pre-build a lot of it before painting.

Did a lot of seam removal but priming showed I missed a bunch. Argh... Done all of the airbrush work. Need to hand paint the rest and then will gloss coat to protect and prepare for washes. Trying to figure out if I use Future or Alclad's Aqua Gloss....
17. April at 05:19:29
Rui S Looking forward to see your work in this one
17. April at 09:57:07
Neuling Me too ...............
17. April at 18:25:23
Tom Really enjoyed hand painting the details and smaller parts. Didn't get creative, just followed Tamiya's color directions.

Clear coated with Alclad Aqua Gloss. Very nice to work with but I do struggle with getting good coverage on all the weird surface angles and crannies. Same thing for the primer but the issue there was the paint drying too quickly and creating a lot of "dust" in the crannies, like the wheel wells and the interior surfaces of the cab.
18. April at 05:56:20
Chris Greathouse Look really good Tom :)
18. April at 06:27:03
Dave Flitton Watching
18. April at 16:06:43
Tom Finished decal'ing and clear coating. However had strange interaction between the clear coat and decal residue as you can see here in pic #12: Tamiya: Jeep Willys MB - WIP | Album by Cohort (1:35)

I guess I need to wash away any decal solution residue before continuing! Hopefully it's not noticeable with the final mate coating.
19. April at 21:10:13
James C The milky residue has happened to me a couple times but I can usually cure it by brushing on a little more Micro Sol and it should clear right up. Alternatively another clear gloss coat over the top "should" get rid of it if it persists. I've never definitively got to the bottom of what causes it though as it happens on acrylc gloss coats as well.

Nice looking build btw.
19. April at 21:15:58
Chris Greathouse Good luck with the fix.
19. April at 21:19:50
Bob Hall Just think of it as your first step into weathering, remember ! it's a war vehicle.
19. April at 21:22:16
Rui S I agree With Robert...
19. April at 21:26:04
Tom Yes with this model it's not really an issue... and the next step is weathering. I have a few AK Interactive washes I'm going to play with, as well as Tamiya's weathering powders. If you look at my paint stash you can see what I have: Cohort

I have to say that while I really enjoy looking at other peoples' extremely weathered models I'm not one for rust buckets and mud monsters myself. I'm hoping to have a slightly worn and dusty jeep with a bit of mud... hoping that is... most likely this will all go south very quickly :)

Also looking forward to painting the driver. Don't know what I'm doing there either but I'm thinking it'll be fun.
19. April at 21:50:07
Chris Greathouse I painted my first fig with the arcade. It was kind of exciting, but I didn't know what I was doing. For him to go from sprue color to painted was a fun process. I hope you have fun too!
19. April at 22:05:23
Tom Did an initial "panel wash" to bring out details. Need to find a better Q-tip. I have the Tamiya ones but they are too compact.... need to find something in between...

Also tried out AK Interactive's dirt deposit wash on the under carriage... hmmmm, I've got a long way to go in order to get any good at this.... still it's interesting and fun trying.... this might just end up a muddy mess all the same. Oh well.
20. April at 02:36:17
Nathan Dempsey That dirt and dust deposit stuff looks interesting. I may have to pick up a bottle.
20. April at 03:33:41
James C Were you able to resolve the residue issue from the hood?
20. April at 18:44:21
Tom James, I didn't resolved it. In this case I don't think it's going to matter as when I do a final matte coat it shouldn't be noticeable. However, in future I'm going to get into the habit of washing off decal'ed areas to ensure there's no residue left.
22. April at 21:32:19
Chris Greathouse That interesting... I have lakes of micro set when I decal, aside from the usual mop up/squeegeeing the liquid from under the decal I don't clean anything, I just let it dry for a few+ hours before I spray Future.
22. April at 22:53:37
James C That's a bummer mate. :(

I've wondered if it's caused by the gloss layer not being completely cured/hardened and reacting with the decal setting solutions?
For me It's always been caused by the Micro Set... but erased with Micro Sol or just another gloss coat when sealing the decals down. Interesting. :S
22. April at 23:25:03
Tom I feel like it might have been due to the decal's adhesive. I've also never had a problem before with micro set and sol. But also this was the first time I used Alclad's Aqua Gloss for coating decals so maybe it's some weird interact between them all. Like you say... interesting...
22. April at 23:43:41
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