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Tom ... (tom...)

Tamiya Electric Handy Drill

I didn't expect to get a mini project when I ordered this... Fun.


25 March 2019, 22:04
Tom ...
I didn't realize one had to build the tool when I ordered it... very apropos!
25 March 2019, 22:07
Bob Hall
SOOO ! You Need Tools, To build your Tool ? Vicious Cycle !!!!!
25 March 2019, 22:10
Nathan Dempsey
That's really neat. Does it work well?
25 March 2019, 22:18
Erik Leijdens
I have one too, in my opinion it's to chunky for plastic modelling. Low rpm too
25 March 2019, 22:33
Bob Hall
Husky Power drill or Nothing Baby ! Drill to the center of the Earth !
25 March 2019, 22:45
Tom ...
It works... how well is another story. I'm not expecting anything amazing but I think it'll be fine for the small amount of drilling I do. Very much an impulse buy.
25 March 2019, 23:17
Bob Hall
How you say "Gotcha" in Japanese ?
26 March 2019, 00:50
Chris Greathouse
That's too funny that you have to build it yourself. I hope it works well enough for your future uses, else it's back to the mini drill. Still neat.
26 March 2019, 00:51
Bob Hall
I'll Expect a full field trial report on this by 2100 Hrs Wednesday ! LOL !
26 March 2019, 00:52
Chris Greathouse
I'm with Robert.... How's it work?
26 March 2019, 01:47
Tom ...
There's no rushing in this hobby. In the next year I might need to drill 5 holes... so we'll see how it goes, one hole at a time...
26 March 2019, 03:04
Tom ...
Ha, just made a hole for mounting a piece on a toothpick for painting. Worked like a charm.
26 March 2019, 06:39
Andreas Koziol
Haha, I did not know that this is a kit! 😄
26 March 2019, 07:02
Chris Greathouse
It looks like it only comes with 1 drill bit, but also has 2 chucks. is that correct?
26 March 2019, 08:36
Arne Greve
I have this tool too. It works really well, but the problem for me is the lonely drill.
26 March 2019, 09:01
Matthew A
Hope the instructions didn't call for drilling of parts due assembly
26 March 2019, 11:26
Tom ...
Yes, one drill bit and two chucks. Unfortunately the smallest chunk is not small enough for my tiny bits.
26 March 2019, 17:40
Łukasz Gliński
Wow! Never seen it before, I think I'll look for one 🙂
26 March 2019, 20:38
Arne Greve
@Tom The same Problem, I have
@Lukasz I've ordered it in Japan. I didn't found it in Germany or neighbour countries
27 March 2019, 17:11
Tom ...
Having used it for awhile now I have to say this purchase turned out well and I'm surprised how much I like using it. It's not ideal but glad to have it in the toolbox. Now that I appreciate how nice it is to be able to drill tiny holes with precision and ease I'll be on the lookout for a better one that is more ergonomic and supports smaller bits.
17 April 2019, 20:26
Chris Greathouse
I found this on amazon... Another micro drill. amazon.com/gp/product/B06XGV1FYH
18 April 2019, 02:18
Bob Hall
Just get a Dremmel Tool, It does everything !
18 April 2019, 02:51
Chris Greathouse
or that
18 April 2019, 03:08
Tom ...
🙂 I have a Dremmel... but A) it spins at about 2 million rpm on lowest setting, and B) it's not battery power and C) it's too unwieldy.
18 April 2019, 05:33
Chris Greathouse
Even though the drill I linked is a plugin style, it's for tiny stuff.
18 April 2019, 06:06
Arne Greve
The Drill behind the Link looks interesting. But the size of the drills starts with minimum 0,7mm. In modelers reality is 0,3mm more a common size.
18 April 2019, 09:00
Chris Greathouse
Aw snap. Thought that'd be small enough for you/the hobby... Good price though... The search continues 😄
18 April 2019, 09:36
Tom ...
I have this one: amazon.com/gp/product/B07FJ6VD2P/

which has a great selection of tiny bits. Just need to find a battery powered version. Or a better chuck for the Tamiya.
18 April 2019, 22:10
Chris Greathouse
I have that same one. Nice set for $12.
18 April 2019, 22:29
Martin Oostrom
I have this one Model building and engraving..er 60/E (Proxxon 28 515, No)
Similar to a dremel, with drill bits from 0.3 upwards. Is great for thinning pieces as well, just beware of the high (adjustable) rpm's

28 515
19 April 2019, 06:46
Thomas T
Martin, if you attach it to the adjustable NG2/E or NG5/E transformer, you can reduce the RPM to Polystyrol compatible numbers without losing too much power. Big fun for little money!
19 April 2019, 07:50
Urban Gardini
I've got this one and it's perfect! super-hobby.se/products/GRINDER-DRILL.html
19 April 2019, 11:31

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