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Felipe Belalcazar (Gato_Felix)

Cessna 172 & 150

first time masking and painting a scheme using airbrush


1 23 December 2018, 23:10
Ben M
Looking great!
24 December 2018, 01:01
Felipe Belalcazar
thank you - it was a challenge to wrap my hear around negative space to mask for the colour stripes. nevermind keeping the paint at the right thickness!
24 December 2018, 01:04
Greg Baker
Oh cool! I just did one of these in 1/144... so I wanna see how the big boys play! I need to find a 150 in 1/72...
24 December 2018, 04:17
Ben M
I'm fond of 172s because a friend let me take the controls in one once. Yes, I liked how you masked off all the stripes.
24 December 2018, 15:32
Greg Baker
Yeah, that masking sure isn't easy, even in 1/48 scale. They look great though!
24 December 2018, 16:11
Felipe Belalcazar
Thanks guys, i cant imagine doing these in 1/144 - 48scale interiors are anstruggle for me sometimes! I also have a soft spot for the skyhawk and aerobat as i did my rec and priv license courses in these 🙂 crosswind landings in late fall on a 152 are a thrill hahaha
24 December 2018, 18:07
Greg Baker
Try sticking a tiny DC motor into a 1/144 Cessna... that'll be enough to give you fits! They're neat little planes though.
25 December 2018, 00:27
Gordon Sørensen
Great painting Felipe! What kind of tape did you use? The paint looks clean and no bleedthroughs...
25 December 2018, 00:35
John Thomas
Very cool
25 December 2018, 01:25
Felipe Belalcazar
thank you all, and thank you @Gordon, I got my airbrush back in March (the Royal Wedding weekend... when the mrs was distracted I snuck it in haha)and since then I've been using Tamiya paints thinned with their XA20. recently I've also started using AK for my primary colours - i like AK but tamiya is where its at for me. I used to use rattlecans so im very paranoid about the masking and usually I spray a thin coat of clear gloss on to the masking before doing the colours to prvent bleeding as much as possible. always learning new tricks - masking is my least favourite part (masking clear part doubly so!) the airbrush sure is a learning curve, i have yet to get an even finish with 3-4 coats.... gah!
27 December 2018, 15:06


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1:48 Cessna 172 (Minicraft Model Kits 11635)1:48 Cessna 150 (Academy/Minicraft 1608)

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