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Rick Taylor (MasterGunner)

De Bange Mortier de 220mm

In 1880 this was a very modern weapon - all steel barrel and a state-of-the-art breech. By the time WW1 descended into the trenches, it was hopelessly obsolete. It lacked a recoil system and a traversing mechanism requiring it to man-handled into position for each shot. Still the French desperately needed heavy artillery, so these obsolete pieces were pulled from coastal fortresses, storage, and even museums and hustled to the front.

This is another of Vargas Scale Models' excellent kits. It was CAD designed and 3D printed. The detail is superb and the fit is excellent. Included are a limber, ammo, gun implements, and pioneer tools. I normally build my artillery models laid, safe, and ready to fire. I just couldn't bear not using the excellent limber and wheels. After a bit of thinking, I replaced the kit axle with telescoping brass tubing and just like that I could display it ready to fire, or on the move.

I primed the parts prior to assembly with inexpensive rattle-can, sandable automotive primer. This took care of nearly all of the 3D print striations. Those remaining were sanded out. After assembly with CA glue, I primed with Mr. Surface 1500 black rattle-can as a pre-shade. I gave a upper parts a light coat of Tamiya XF1. The base coat is Tamiya XF53 Neutral Gray thinned 1:1 with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. I used the sponge technique to chip with Tamiya XF79 Linoleum Deck. It was weathered with Winsor & Newton oils and AK Interactive enamel weathering products. After flat coating with Vallejo Matt, I highlighted the wear areas with a 6B pencil and Uschi Chrome pigments. The ammo was carefully masked and painted and masked and painted.


Everything just fine, the wooden planks look more than perfect!
6 September 2021, 10:10
Robert Podkoński
This one looks equally menacing 😉
6 September 2021, 10:33
Pierre-Christian Baudru
6 September 2021, 11:17
Rick Taylor
Thanks guys! These are great little kits - not at all what people expect for 3D printed.
6 September 2021, 17:17
Rui S
Nicely done 👍
6 September 2021, 19:52
Rick Taylor
Thanks Rui!
7 September 2021, 01:07
Bruce Huxtable
Astonishing, superb for sure 👍🙂
7 September 2021, 07:28
Rick Taylor
Thanks Bruce!
7 September 2021, 20:31
beautifully weathered, excellent.
20 June, 21:06
Rick Taylor
Thanks Spanjaard!
21 June, 02:28


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1:35 De Bange 220mm Mortier Mle 1881 (Vargas Scale Models R3D-035)

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