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David Andrs (andrsd)

Avia C-10 (EV-11)

Originally I wanted to build OK-BYD. But then I decided to go with EV-11 - easier masks to create. Speaking of masks, I designed them based on Tally Ho decals. I do not really like decals and spraying masks in 1:32 is not difficult. The only decals are the stencils, which I used from the Trumpeter's kit. They should be in Czech, but they have German words - oh well. If I had enough f*cks to give, I would custom made them and print them. May be next time ;)

So, the cockpit is from Aires and it was not a drop in fit. I did not thin the walls enough, so that created a fit issue with the windshield (aka front part of canopy) that I had to deal with.

I enjoyed painting this model. The black basing created really nice tonal variation. I also post-shaded panel lines, to see if I can get a better weathering effect. I looks to me way too much on the pictures. It is not that pronounced on the model. To dirty the model up I used oil paints and soft pastels. Some pigments went on the tires. Nothing complicated. The




5. May 2018, 20:03
Thomas Bischoff
That's a really nice Avia! I especially like your paintjob - very well done!
5. May 2018, 20:41
that looks fantastic. i wonder why Aires is always like that. they care a lot about making the most beautiful cockpits, but they do not give a .... about helping them fit inside of the models.... yours looks fantastic by they way. and the paint job is simply outstanding.
5. May 2018, 20:55
Alec K
Wow, really awesome. I was waiting for this one. The black-basing seems to work great. It's a beauty
6. May 2018, 03:19
David Andrs
Thanks gents!

@spanjaard: Agreed, if they are designing the set for a particular kit, it should fit better then this. On my MiG-21 build from Eduard I used the resin cockpit from them and there were no issues. Also, I heard somebody saying that resin shrinks a little after it hardens. But I do not think that is an explanation for such fit issues. However, they say on the package it is for advanced modelers, which I read as "do not bitch about this, we warned you :)". Anyway, it was a learning experience. No regrets...
6. May 2018, 18:56
Rui S
What a Great job. Well done
6. May 2018, 20:44
Hi David, learning experience is a good definition :)
6. May 2018, 21:58

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