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Trumpeter D-20 152 artillery

This should be a fun short build. Bsically a light green coloring, with a thin white ring around the wheels.




9 | 10. September 2020, 10:22
Rui S
Looking good. I´m in
12. September 2020, 13:48
Very nice work so far.
20. September 2020, 14:40
I can probably show a photo later, but I thought it was important to point out, that..
..when gluing on the parts at the rear on each side of the "legs", the two big parts that perhaps dig into the dirt, well, those part won't swivel into the fully extended position, unless you sand off some plastic on the legs. I can't find photo of this particular detail, so I just sanded the plastic thinner so that I could fully extend the eh big shovel shapes that sticks into the ground when the gun is deployed in the field. These parts are not yet shown, so not shown in photo 19.
21. September 2020, 16:57
After me re-filling the primer paint into the paint cup for a second session shortly after the first, even thought I cleaned the cup and flushed the nozzle with the needle in, I think some flake of primer got past my sift, or, some paint dried inside and reduced the paint flow. No issues other than, somewhat less paint flow on my second run with the airbrush after a refill and quick cleaning without disassembling the airbrush.
24. September 2020, 15:48
The kit parts are very nice, but the build can be difficult, so not recommended for beginners. I am finishing gluing things togehter now and completing the buid as such.

Problem #1: The shiny actuator arms, might not look that nice in the end, if the hydraulic parts are not well positioned. although the hydraulic parts are not glued very firmly in place, still, it is a tight fit, and it isn't clear to me why the hydraulic parts aren't aligning 100% towards the bottom where the actuator arms are. Luckily the shiny actuator arms are only visible from the rear, and sort of hidden at the very bottom.

Problem #2: There are two "movable" hooks of sorts glued at the front, glued in place, but supposed to be moved around in "joints". If one glue these on early before putting the "turret" onto the chassis, one of the "hooks" might get pressed down, and it should probably be above not below.

Problem #3: I don't see how you can glue everything together and still airbrush it all. I like to think I did as well as I could. For the last part, I was not able to create a seamless join, for the very base of the "turret". I had to keep these two big parts for the turret separated so that I could assemble the gun onto the "turret" base.

Note: The kit as such, have the parts molded, such that the gun has to face forwards. I guess it might be possible to mod one of the parts, such that you could move the turret, I never thought of that. Ideally one could drill out a part to have a fully rotating gun+turret part as a whole with the two shields and all swinging to either side.
23. October 2020, 14:54
Top result with amazing attention to details! Crew wanted ................
24. October 2020, 05:24
Good idea. Having crew around would put the human scale into things. And thank you.

It was a fun kit to build, I am tempted to build it a second time with camo or something.
24. October 2020, 08:20

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