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Jim Hutter started the Palmer Plastics 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible (1:32)
1:32 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible (Palmer Plastics 6211)
1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible 3 in 1 Customized Car
Palmer Plastics 1:32
1962 | Changed parts
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June 01, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg Battlefront Four (1:64) to his stash.
1:64 Battlefront Four (Lindberg 33-72110)
Battlefront Four 4 Model Kits in Every Package
Lindberg 1:64
1991 | Model set
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May 31, 2018

Jim Hutter added a new project.
Status: Ideas | Scale: 1:25 | Albums: 0
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May 30, 2018

Jim Hutter
I just added several issues of the Monogram 1/32 scale Tom Daniel Funny Car series. If I have misidentified the issue date on any, please feel free to correct.
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Jim Hutter
In compiling Revell Snap-Tite cars in 1/32 scale, I made a discovery. Those labeled "Snap-Together" are from 1974. Those labeled "Revell Snap-Together" are 1978 reissues.
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May 23, 2018

Jim Hutter added Ford Model A (1928-1931) to his favorite topics.
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Jim Hutter added Korean War (1950-1953) to his favorite topics.
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May 04, 2018

Jim Hutter
Does anyone have any information on A Plastics Corp? Per this website, with 2012 dates, they appear to be a small independent reissuing vintage Aurora kits.
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April 30, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg '37 Chevy Convertible (1:32) to his completed kits.
1:32 '37 Chevy Convertible (Lindberg 2141-2)
'37 Chevy Convertible
Lindberg 1:32
1986 | Changed box
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Jim Hutter added the Pyro '36 Ford Roadster (1:32) to his completed kits.
1:32 '36 Ford Roadster (Pyro C288)
'36 Ford Roadster Table Top Series
Pyro 1:32
C288 (#2 (TTS) Price extensions vary;same boxtop.-50)
196x | New tool
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Jim Hutter added the AMT/ERTL The Monkees Mobile (1:25) to his stash.
1:25 The Monkees Mobile (AMT/ERTL 30259 - 1HD)
The Monkees Mobile Barris Kustom
30259 - 1HD
2002 | Changed box
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Jim Hutter
As I rediscover the scale model hobby, my memory takes me back to my childhood in the early 'seventies. Back then, the neighborhood drug store maintained a decent inventory of plastic kits. Many of them sold for well under a dollar, which meant that a kid with a pocketful of change could afford them. What stands out most in my memory are those 1/32 scale models of 1930's and 1940's cars by Palmer Plastics.

Like AMT and MPC, Palmer offered a series of "annual" kits, featuring cars from the current model year. These were the "bad" kits to be avoided. Palmer's outdated molding process meant multi-piece bodies with shallow interiors. The individual parts were poorly-engineered with terrible fit and often with inaccurate shapes. Again, these were "junk" models, only of interest to nostalgic collectors.

Not all offered by Palmer was "junk," though. Through a mold-sharing program with Pyro, Palmer offered a budget version of Pyro's "Table Top" series. These were a selection of 1930's through 1950's cars in approximately 1/32 scale. Price was kept at 29 to 60 cents through the omission of clear or chrome parts.

Although these "Budget Pyros" were basic by today's standards, they were fairly accurate in their overall shape and detail. Engineering was fair-to-good with decent fit, in spite of multi-part bodies. The primary weakness of these kits was aging molds leading to excessive flash.

I built about a half-dozen of these Palmer cars in the early 'seventies, and really enjoyed them. Most were later reissued by Life-Like and Lindberg, and remain available. An experienced model builder can make these basic kits look rather nice.
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March 29, 2018

Jim Hutter
I recently came across some reissues of the old Pyro "Table Top" series and absolutely love turning them into little gems. I have run into one problem, though. I seemingly cannot keep my hand steady enough to paint white side wall tires neatly. Does anyone have a tip for this somewhat tedious task? Can anything be used the mask the plastic tire so that one can paint a perfectly straight white ring around the wheel?
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28. March at 19:23:01
Jim Hutter Gorby, I like this idea. I can imagine using this tool to cut concentric circles out of white adhesive paper or plastic to make "stick-on" white sidewalls.
29. March at 02:41:49
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March 26, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg 1949 Ford Tudor Coupe (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 1949 Ford Tudor Coupe (Lindberg 72141)
1949 Ford Tudor Coupe
Lindberg 1:32
2006 | Changed box
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Jim Hutter added the Lindberg '32 Ford "B" Roadster (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 '32 Ford "B" Roadster (Lindberg 72150)
'32 Ford "B" Roadster
Lindberg 1:32
2006 | Changed ???
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March 21, 2018

Jim Hutter added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 19, 2018
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Alec K Nice collection Jim
19. March at 18:21:09
Jim Hutter Thank you, Alec. These are the first airplanes that I have built in over 30 years.
20. March at 13:55:11
Alec K Glad you are getting back into it . A lot, and I mean a LOT has changed during last several decades. Don't be a stranger, and I hope you have fun!
21. March at 23:08:22
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March 20, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg 1930 Packard (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 1930 Packard (Lindberg 6009-100)
1930 Packard Classic Car
Lindberg 1:32
1967 | New tool
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Jim Hutter
How many model builders have limited time and finances, but nonetheless love the hobby? If that describes you, then we are like-minded individuals.

Per my recently created photo album, I wanted to show what can be done with limited time and money. Being over 50, my mentality is very 1970's. I like to work with off-the-shelf kits and do as much as I can with stock parts. While I appreciate the attention to detail in 21st Century model kits, I do not appreciate their higher cost. Therefore, I work with older issues, often by manufacturers that are not considered "Top Tier," such as Lindberg.

Are there any other hobbyists who share this viewpoint? I would love to hear from you.
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March 19, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Monogram '48 Ford Woody (1:25) to his stash.
1:25 '48 Ford Woody (Monogram 85-4282)
'48 Ford Woody
Monogram 1:25
2010 | Changed decals
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March 16, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg '37 Chevy Convertible (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 '37 Chevy Convertible (Lindberg 2141-2)
'37 Chevy Convertible
Lindberg 1:32
1986 | Changed box
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Jim Hutter added the Pyro Ford '40 Custom Convertible (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 Ford '40 Custom Convertible (Pyro C297)
Ford '40 Custom Convertible Table Top Series
Pyro 1:32
C297 (#11 (TTS) price extension vary; same boxtop: -50/60)
196x | Changed ???
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Jim Hutter added the Lindberg '40 Ford Convertible (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 '40 Ford Convertible (Lindberg 2120)
'40 Ford Convertible
Lindberg 1:32
1979 | Changed ???
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February 26, 2018

Jim Hutter added a new project.
Status: Ideas | Scale: 1:32 | Albums: 0
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Jim Hutter started the Pyro '36 Ford Roadster (1:32)
1:32 '36 Ford Roadster (Pyro C288)
'36 Ford Roadster Table Top Series
Pyro 1:32
C288 (#2 (TTS) Price extensions vary;same boxtop.-50)
196x | New tool
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February 12, 2018

Jim Hutter added the Lindberg Focke Wulf FW190 (1:72) to his completed kits.
1:72 Focke Wulf FW190 (Lindberg 70513)
Focke Wulf FW190
Lindberg 1:72
2007 | Changed box
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February 05, 2018

Jim Hutter added the AMT/ERTL 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS (1:25) to his stash.
1:25 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS (AMT/ERTL 6564)
1964 Chevrolet Impala SS
1989 | Changed ???
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Jim Hutter added the AMT/ERTL 1957 Chrysler 300C Custom (1:25) to his stash.
1:25 1957 Chrysler 300C Custom (AMT/ERTL 31895)
1957 Chrysler 300C Custom
2002 | Changed box
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January 22, 2018

Jim Hutter
I have returned to model building after a nearly 30 year absence. In that time, I see many new manufacturers from places like South Korea, China, Russia, Czech Republic, and Poland. Which of these companies are top-notch and which should be avoided?
22. January at 17:07:58 Share
Florian Ayers I've recently gotten back into it as well, but the two academy kits I used were difficult to work with. Tamiya seems to have a good consistency, just watch out for reboxed kits from lesser companies. I bought from IBG models from Poland, and their kits are well received. I have a ton of hasegawa kits in my stash, and I hear their quality is generally pretty high.

But, you should check reviews on a model by model basis, because some manufactures do better for specific vehicles than other companies, in terms of accuracy, features, ease of build, etc.
22. January at 18:55:22
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Jim Hutter
I wanted to pose a question for some of our older model builders (over 50). Around 1974 and '75, Lindberg seemingly suffered quality control issues. I frequently purchased kits with missing or broken parts, which facilitated a polite letter to Skokie, Illinois, for replacements. After a half-dozen kits with defects, I stopped buying Lindberg altogether. Did any other plastic kit veterans have the same issue with this manufacturer?
22. January at 17:00:07 Share
Jim Hutter
I have been building model kits for over 45 years, and now face a new challenge. As my once 20-200 vision ages, I need reading glasses for fine detail work. Even with these eyeglasses, I still have trouble seeing details of 1/72 scale pilot figures. Who else has experienced this?
22. January at 15:47:34 Share
Dave Morris Welcome to my world! As we get older our peepers get weaker :( Rather than getting an Opti-visor I invested in a pair of vary-focals and I asked the optician to make them extra powerful for my close up work :)
22. January at 16:15:11
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