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Lindberg Stagecoach

I promised some pics when I got this kit.
Actually a pretty decent looking kit. Pretty nice detail on the horses & figures. The horses fit together pretty nicely and look real nice. The box was pretty beat up but I got it at a pretty good price.
I repacked everything neatly to keep it in storage, but I think this will probably be my next big project. So as soon as I get the Essex finished I'll begin with it. NO, I haven't forgotten the Titanic, but this one looks pretty inviting and something totally different! LOL


14 | 11. May 2020, 04:13
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A fairly iconic thing I remember from reading Lucky Luke comics. 🙂

The figures look really nice.
11. May 2020, 04:29
Robert W Martel
Yes, I was really surprised how nice they looked. Can't wait to get started on it!! It all surprised me for a Lindberg! Looks like a decent kit.
13. May 2020, 03:21
I'm thinking about getting a Artesania Latina stage coach to give my sister for her birthday.
She already has a wooden stage coach from some other manufacturer so I think she likes them
13. May 2020, 05:04
Robert W Martel
Hey wilky!!!! How you been??
That's cool. I had bought the Model Trailways Concord Stagecoach wood kit recently, been wanting one for years. It was a real nice kit, but heck the instruction sheets were larger than my workbench! So I didn't figure that was going to be very easy to do. I sold it and bought this instead. The Latina looks like a somewhat better kit. At least it has some luggage!!
Years ago I built a wood kit of the USS Enterprise [sailing ship]. It was really fun and I've always wanted to build another someday. I was pretty close to buying a Mamoli Lexington, since I have the Lexington Carrier. Then I was reading some guys rant about how all the European kits are really trash and the kits looked nothing like the real ships. I thought he was full of bull, but after doing some research I found that he was mostly right. The kit looked nothing like the real Lexington. I was disappointed! So I decided just stick with the plastic.
I used to like working with wood. I did a lot of woodworking until it got to be too much to do from this darn chair, so I gave it up and went with plastic!
Good to hear from you.
13. May 2020, 17:19
I'm alright mate.
How's all that moving been?
It's good to see you post again.
I've just bought the Model Airways Dr.1 and Wright Flyer.
The kits are heaps expensive.
I'm hoping to get a Stage coach on ebay.
That's a shame about the boats not being right.
I guess there isn't a lot of reference material so they just make anything and put a name on it but at the prices it's unacceptable
13. May 2020, 17:52
Dave Flitton
13. May 2020, 18:37
Robert W Martel
Yea I'd like to get the Wright Flyer one day [historical ya know].lol
Moving has been a PITA. I can't believe it's taken me over a year to just get started back modeling, never mind being at the level I was going before I had to move. Ah, that's life!
Yea, I was bummed about the ship kits, and I did compare several, none looked like the real ship,,,, shame. That's just it, for the cost you'd expect them to look like the real thing, but most wouldn't even know anyway. But to me it would be like building a B-17 that didn't look like the real thing! Unacceptable!!! lol
Kits are getting more & more expensive these days. I got emails from a shop called https://internethobbies.com/. They were having 50% off sales these past few weeks. I bought a bunch!
Of course we all got the infamous $1200 "stimulus" payment so I kind of went crazy. But what the hell it was free money!
Also Special Hobby has been having weekly 50% sales this month on 12 kits each week. I've bought a few there. My stash is now at 475 !! OMG LOL I guess you call that OCD huh! lol Cant help myself.
13. May 2020, 18:57
Robert W Martel
Hi Dave,
I should be getting it started soon [next few weeks] I hope. It will be something different for a change.
13. May 2020, 18:59
Original subject! Watching.
13. May 2020, 19:04
Ben M
I've seen this kit before, most recently a beat up waterstained giant box at a hobby shop in NYC. Can't wait to see what's inside!
13. May 2020, 19:27
This brings back the memories.....I wanted one of these BAD.

Have fun with this!
13. May 2020, 19:36
Ben M
This is the place I saw it last, I think he had two. This was about a year ago, might still have one if someone is looking: https://www.theredcaboose.com/
13. May 2020, 19:55
Robert W Martel
Wow. Glad to see all the interest. Be patient guys, give me a week or 2 to finish up the Essex then I'll get some more pics of what's inside, and get it Rollin!
14. May 2020, 05:15
Es-haq Khosravi
Wow! Pretty old and fine! I'm in!
23. May 2020, 07:43
Robert W Martel
LOL Yup, were gonna get to it !! It's gonna be interesting. The part that worries be right off is the door hinges on the coach. They have to be hand drilled. OOOOh! Hopefully that goes well. If not I'll have to find some kind of substitute. At the moment I'm picking out 2 more projects to work on with this. there's always lag time waiting for something to dry, so having something else to go to is a necessity!
So far its the 62 Ford Fairlane, since I already did some work on it. And possibly the F-4J. It's been a while since I built a plane. Don't believe I've done a jet yet. I have 2 kits, I need to decide which one to build [maybe combine], and sell the other. Got the 62 project started. First objective" get some primer on it.
23. May 2020, 19:39
I will watch for sure, because I have built a wooden one in 1:10 with real leather suspension and more. Wells Fargo Stage Coach | Album by bughunter (1:10)
This will be interesting with the horses and harness! Have fun!
23. May 2020, 20:13
Ben M
Looks like you got the holes drilled successfully on the hinges!
28. May 2020, 03:39
Robert W Martel
Well I'm really bummed now as some major parts are missing. $80 for a kit that I cant finish,,,, DAMN!!!
28. May 2020, 03:40
Ben M
I posted a link to a hobbyshop above that had two copies of this kit - give him a ring and see if he can help you out. Or try to scratch the parts!
28. May 2020, 03:42
It's a real bummer when parts are missing.
28. May 2020, 08:30
Robert W Martel
When I figure the best deals on resin supplies I'll get back to it. I really wanted to get it going!
10. June 2020, 04:36
Sergej I
Robert, scratch the container sides from pla-plate and the cushion from putty. Both very cheap and available solutions.
I would really like to see this build 👍
10. June 2020, 07:29
Chaz Gordon
Interesting Subject, think I've seen this in another company's range too. Love to see the unusual subjects, I have a Traction engine and thomas flyabout in my stash, and the Bucket wheel excavator and a San Francisco Cable car on my wish list.
10. June 2020, 08:08
Robert W Martel
An idea Sergei !
Chaz, This kit was originally manufactured by Marx Toy Co in 1956. I have also seen another, but cant recall the name.
Right now there is another kit just like this one up on eBay for $44.99. I only paid $60 for this kit so compared to the $169 Amazon wants for the newest [white] kit, that still wouldn't be bad. Hopefully I might get lucky and get it reasonable, then I'd have the complete kit,,,,,,,,, ooooh and maybe I could make a 6 horse team! wouldn't that be cool!
11. June 2020, 19:35
Sergej I
Hateful Eight comes to mind 👍 😄
11. June 2020, 22:42
Robert W Martel
AH yes !!! indeed it does. LOL
14. June 2020, 03:49
So I received my Artesania Latina 1/10 Concord Stage Coach.
It's bigger than I thought it would be.
It's not going to be easy to build but I should be able to cope.
It's not the latest one with the luggage.
It's a 1986 kit.
It was the cheapest on eBay but still cost over 270AUD.
I did a thorough check of all the components and have already discovered items that the instructions claim are prefabricated but aren't, so I'm going to have to scratch them and some items that are going to take some effort to make from the supplied wood/metal
I'm putting the build on my YouTube channel Tinman's scale models
27. June 2020, 03:43
Robert W Martel
Ok I'll check it out. I think the AL kit may be better than the Model Trailways kit??? that was 1/12. I just got another Lindberg kit w/ no missing parts!!! So as soon as I finish the Fairlane & B-47 I'll get started on it. Cant wait! the B-47 is pretty poor.
I just spent the past week dog sitting @ my daughters house, so I'm falling behind [again!]. lol
9. July 2020, 04:28
Bob Hall
The local close out store has this and the Civil war kit and the giant 29 Ford T Bucket all for 50 bucks apiece.
26. October 2020, 02:30
I built the 1/8 Golden T years ago.
Was a great kit
26. October 2020, 02:59
Robert W Martel
BOB, My brother lives in MI, he bought the same kits at some discount store [Ollie's] for $30 each, BUT the T Bucket chrome tree was not chrome!!! bummer! I also bought 2 of the CW kits, I figured I could make a few $$ but I'll probably be lucky to break even [cost $30 to fly them home] . He sold his [3] on craigslist for $50 ea.
Doing the stage is a big enough project. Besides, the new CW kits are molded in white! Lots of painting!

Yea, I built it too Wilky!!! I was probably 13 at the time. You had to wind the armature!!!!!!
4. November 2020, 02:14
Now that's what I call getting back in the saddle! Only a 3 month delay. Typical for a wagon of this era..😉
9. February, 06:26
Robert W Martel
LOL JD !! I just pulled it back out again. I was working on the 63 Riviera, it's mostly done, the body is primed, gonna let it dry for a while.
Now I need to start working on the coach undercarriage. It's going slower than I'd like!, and, I'm gettin older! lol
10. February, 01:53
I know what you mean Robert! that's why I like to add a little appreciation and motivation in my comments. We're not getting any younger, so let's kick the tires and light the fires big Daddy! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
11. February, 07:13
Robert W Martel
Thanks JD.
I need a little extra inspiration now & then. Yea, I'll be 68 in 5 more days!
Yup, Just gotta keep pluggin away at it !!!
14. February, 02:31
Robert W Martel
The coach itself is pretty much finished. I think it looks pretty good. Unfortunately the driver & shotgun rider don't fit too well on the seat together! The rider wont be able to hold the rifle as he should. Gonna have to make some kind of modifications there.
The woman passengers dress is too thick to fit in the seat, but that should be easy enough to remedy as her dress is quite thick in the back, and should fit if trimmed. It won't be seen anyway.
Otherwise I still have some work to do dressing up the horses, painting the figures, then connecting all the harness gear together. Still a lot of work ahead, but I'm pleased how nice the coach looks.
27. March, 03:03
Robert W Martel
Finally got the horses dressed up! Now just all the harness [looks like a big job] and put it all together. Then the passengers & drivers too. Hmmmm, lots more to do!
Getting closer.
I had to put the Lincoln aside for a while, the resin body is a nightmare! But I'm making progress slowly.
5. June, 20:13
Chaz Gordon
The Horses are beautiful. Nice colour / markings choices.
23. June, 09:16
Robert W Martel
Thanks Chaz,
I just kind of experimented w/my new AB. It went pretty easy really. The harnesses are going to be a pain I can tell they are not going to fit well without modifications . I'm going to start on them soon. I have the pieces all cleaned up & ready.
The resin Lincoln is turning out to be a nightmare. I work on it for a week or so, then get discouraged, so I put it away for a while, and go back to the coach. the figures will be last.
23. June, 19:58
Robert W Martel
OK !!
The harnesses are pretty much done. The first one took weeks, but the rest went fairly easy in comparison. Now, I need too find a piece of wood I like, take it over to my son in laws and have him cut it to size & plane it for the base. The coach needs to be tied down so it won't move around. Connecting the horses to it will NOT be easy!!
Then I have to paint up the figures, but I can do that on the side. Can't wait till this is finished, been working on this for months & months [between the Lincoln]. I'm thinking it should look pretty nice [fingers crossed] The issue is, is the tong of the coach going to be at the proper angle to connect to the leads on the harness, and then there's also the reins!! Turned out to be a pretty big project, but I think it will be worth the effort [we'll see] !!
18. July, 19:30


1:16 Wells Fargo Overland Stagecoach (Lindberg 351)

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