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Robert W Martel (bobster)



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Robert W Martel wants this item
1:25 Snow Plow (AMT 38687)
Snow Plow Ford LNT-8000
AMT 1:25
2008 | Changed box
11. July 2017, 21:30 Share
Robert W Martel I remember where I grew up in the early 70s the town trucks, Town of Hawley, MA, had trucks like these. Not sure they were exactly like this, but this looks familiar. We had plenty of snow in the winter and they were a regular sight. Funny, during a big snow storm these would always come just before the school bus. We didn't get very many "snow days" off from school !!
I'd like to build one and put "Town of Hawley and MA state emblems on the doors.
16. July 2017, 01:07
wilky I went to school in Adelaide and it didn't snow there. We would get let out of school an hour earlier in summer if the temperature was 38c or more. Which made perfect sense as I would be riding 3.5km home right when it was the hottest part of the day.
16. July 2017, 07:25
Robert W Martel Hmmm, so you had "Hot Days"! That's 100 F, Interesting. No AC I take it. Was the ride to and from school uphill both ways ?? LOL You rode your bicycle 2 miles?
16. July 2017, 18:57
wilky Wasn't much of a hill but was a steady positive gradient on the home run so was easier going to school. Most of it was a bike track but there was a small bridge across a creek that was very narrow that people had been killed on so that was always hairy and yes it was just over two miles.
I'm reminded of a joke, there was a small boy walking to school and as he passed an old man sitting on his porch the old man said "why do you look so unhappy? " the small boy said "I'm walking to school " the old man said "don't you like walking to and from school? " the boy said "no, I like walking. It's the bit in the middle I hate"
16. July 2017, 22:13
Robert W Martel LOL Right!
17. July 2017, 00:07
Rene Gingras Being from Burlington Ma, I grew up in the Blizzard of '78 and that was snow! I do remember these trucks and how they did there jobs. You always moved off the street when you saw them or heard 'em coming!

25. February, 21:26

February 23, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
1:25 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary (AMT 1035M/12)
2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary (Black)
AMT 1:25
2018 | Changed box
23. February, 19:34 Share

November 8, 2019

Robert W Martel Added a new review for:
1:35 WC-54 Dodge Ambulance (Italeri 226)
WC-54 Dodge Ambulance
Italeri 1:35
1981 | Changed box
Previewed on
8. November 2019, 21:12 Share
Robert W Martel added a new project.
In progress
1:72 AC-47 GUNSHIP "SPOOKY" (ESCI 9012)
24. May 2017, 06:46 Share
Ian Oostelbos Following
1. November 2019, 22:31
Holger Kranich Oh a nostalgia build! I am in!
2. November 2019, 10:08
Robert W Martel Hey Guys !! I basically have it finished. It just needs painting. I've had to move this past year and am just getting back to modeling. Haven't built much in the past 2 years!! Looking forward to getting back to it. Not sure when I'll get it finished. Also have the Trumpeter 1/48 C-47A Skytrain D-day version. It is larger & much better detail. But I like the gunships!
8. November 2019, 21:10
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
20 images
View album0
Updated: June 9, 2017
24. May 2017, 06:48 Share
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Ekki I'll be following this.
16. June 2017, 19:11
Robert W Martel Welcome Ekki,
It's coming along slowly as I have several projects going at once and work back & forth between them. It's getting there. Also looked at your wall. Nice bunch of builds, keep up the good work!
16. June 2017, 19:27
John Andresen You can always dream about having them all, lol. Slowly working my way to finding and buying all the operational aircraft ever used by the AEF, USAAS, USAAC, USAAF, and the USAF.
18. June 2017, 15:22
Ekki Yes, dream. When starting again with the hobby after an absence of more than 30 years, I had a dream too. All the aircraft of the West And East German Air Forces as well as the Israeli Air Force. Nice goal that! :)
However, then I got side-tracked like, "oh, that's a lovely plane", and "ah, interesting aircraft" and so on. That's when the "dream" moved a wee bit into the background. It's still there mind, just not a priority.
Still, so many planes to build and so little time to do it. ;)
18. June 2017, 19:07
Robert W Martel John,
That would be a heck of a lot of kits!!!!!!
Yea, I often get sidetracked (more often than not) from my main want list too!
18. June 2017, 19:20
Sergej I Wow, remember doing this one ages ago... following :)
2. November 2019, 13:15
Cuajete Following.
2. November 2019, 23:12
Robert W Martel I basically have it finished. It just needs painting. I've had to move this past year and am just getting back to modeling. Haven't built much in the past 2 years!! Looking forward to getting back to it.
8. November 2019, 21:05

May 19, 2019

Robert W Martel owns this item
1:72 Supermarine Stranraer (Revell 04277)
Supermarine Stranraer
Revell 1:72
2012 | Changed decals
19. March 2017, 20:34 Share
Robert W Martel Actually, had never heard of this aircraft, but it just looked so cool I had to get one! I got this one from a guy in Canada for $27.xx shipped, a couple bucks cheaper than anybody else, I also just ordered the Revell 1/48 Mosquito from him too.
19. March 2017, 20:46
wilky I'm still waiting to see you add a Boomerang to your stash
19. March 2017, 21:53
Martin Oostrom If you like a challenge, check this out:

That raises the bar a bit ;)
19. March 2017, 22:01
Robert W Martel LOL
Wilky, by now you've probably realized how,,,, what's the word I'm looking for??,,, sporadic,,, erratic,,, uh,,, eccentric,,, I cant think of the word,,,, I am. The Boomerang is still at the top of my list, I just get,,, distracted!! lol I don't know, sometimes the "bargains" tend to pop up out of nowhere and BAM,,, I gotta but them! Don't be holding your breath though! lol
That's a pretty cool article. I've saved it for future reference. Just the added rivet detail on the outside would make it that much better,,,, Hey, I could do that! I better practice some first!! Thanks Martin
19. March 2017, 23:36
wilky Impulsive might be the word you're looking for. You might be all the rest but an impulse buy would be covered with impulsive
20. March 2017, 00:09
Robert W Martel !!!!! That's the one I was looking for !! lol
20. March 2017, 00:21
Martin Oostrom Beware when building. Some numbers in the instructions are wrong, at least for the lower wings. 56 was swapped with 58.
25. April 2017, 06:40
Robert W Martel OOOH! thanks for that Martin. Now I just have to remember that.! I was checking out your album too. Are you building it now? I'll be looking.
25. April 2017, 18:25
Martin Oostrom HI Robert, I finished mine after 2+ years….
19. May 2019, 19:29
Robert W Martel WOW!! lol That's a lot of time! I'm Thinking seriously of letting that one go. I still have at least half dozen other seaplanes. I'll check yours out first though. I really like the old biwing seaplanes, but cant possibly build them all.
19. May 2019, 21:43

March 12, 2019

Robert W Martel and Bill Newcomer are now mates.
12. March 2019, 14:23 Share


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