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Robert W Martel (bobster)



Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
2 | 11. May, 04:13
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Robert W Martel
When I figure the best deals on resin supplies I'll get back to it. I really wanted to get it going!
10. June, 04:36
Sergej I
Robert, scratch the container sides from pla-plate and the cushion from putty. Both very cheap and available solutions.
I would really like to see this build
10. June, 07:29
Chaz Gordon
Interesting Subject, think I've seen this in another company's range too. Love to see the unusual subjects, I have a Traction engine and thomas flyabout in my stash, and the Bucket wheel excavator and a San Francisco Cable car on my wish list.
10. June, 08:08
Robert W Martel
An idea Sergei !
Chaz, This kit was originally manufactured by Marx Toy Co in 1956. I have also seen another, but cant recall the name.
Right now there is another kit just like this one up on eBay for $44.99. I only paid $60 for this kit so compared to the $169 Amazon wants for the newest [white] kit, that still wouldn't be bad. Hopefully I might get lucky and get it reasonable, then I'd have the complete kit,,,,,,,,, ooooh and maybe I could make a 6 horse team! wouldn't that be cool!
11. June, 19:35
Sergej I
Hateful Eight comes to mind :D
11. June, 22:42
Robert W Martel
AH yes !!! indeed it does. LOL
14. June, 03:49
So I received my Artesania Latina 1/10 Concord Stage Coach.
It's bigger than I thought it would be.
It's not going to be easy to build but I should be able to cope.
It's not the latest one with the luggage.
It's a 1986 kit.
It was the cheapest on eBay but still cost over 270AUD.
I did a thorough check of all the components and have already discovered items that the instructions claim are prefabricated but aren't, so I'm going to have to scratch them and some items that are going to take some effort to make from the supplied wood/metal
I'm putting the build on my YouTube channel Tinman's scale models
27. June, 03:43
Robert W Martel
Ok I'll check it out. I think the AL kit may be better than the Model Trailways kit??? that was 1/12. I just got another Lindberg kit w/ no missing parts!!! So as soon as I finish the Fairlane & B-47 I'll get started on it. Cant wait! the B-47 is pretty poor.
I just spent the past week dog sitting @ my daughters house, so I'm falling behind [again!]. lol
9. July, 04:28
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
5 | 7. June, 03:53
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Robert W Martel
Great to see all the interest guys. Like I said I won't be doing much extra on this one. The detail is very light, already the engine pods aren't the best fit. The decal sheet is the skimpiest I've ever seen!. It's just gonna be a plain silver paint, wheels up hang from the ceiling thing. Just a 'quickie". But it is a pretty historic plane.
Wilky, I also have the Valom B-45 in 72nd and it's pretty small compared to this beast. It was a long-range, six-engined, turbojet-powered strategic bomber designed to fly at high subsonic speed and at high altitude to avoid enemy interceptor aircraft. The primary mission of the B-47 was as a nuclear bomber capable of striking targets within the Soviet Union. [Wikipedia] Wingspan of 116 ft, 107 ft long compared to the b-45s 89 ft wing & 75 ft length.
It's a pretty large model, gonna be challenging to paint!!
7. June, 16:58
Robert W Martel
Overall I was disappointed with the fits in this kit. I guess I had higher expectations, as I thought Hasegawa was touted to be "top of the line", up there w/Tamiya! I was sorely disappointed !!!!!!
It's an older raised panel line kit. I could tell right off that the fits would be an issue, so I decided not to put much extra time with extra detailing.
But, it looks pretty good hanging from my ceiling, I won't complain too much!
Next up is to get started on the stagecoach kit.
I've been putting together 2 RC kits so they'll be ready for Christmas for my grandson [and me!]. So as soon as I get that all finished up I'll get going on the stage. Can't Wait !!!!!!!!!!
6. October, 01:30
You'll probably have your Coach finished before I have mine halfway through.
Most of my time is spent waiting for the wood glue to dry
6. October, 04:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
Will follow with great interest!
6. October, 04:52
Well done. Congrats!
6. October, 17:43
Robert W Martel
We'll see wilky!! lol
Thanks guys. Somebody should make a new mold kit of this plane. Would be a great kit!
7. October, 02:47
Looks like they'll just continue chucking it in a new box and catching out some more unsuspecting modellers
7. October, 04:12
Robert W Martel
Yup, wilky. it's not a "great" kit !! But the only game in town. lol
7. October, 23:44
Robert W Martel owns this item
7. October, 23:39
Robert W Martel owns this item
7. October, 23:37

September 30, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
10. August, 19:36
Robert W Martel
I picked this one up on ebay for a pretty reasonable $29.99 w/free shipping. According to the reviews here it has scribed panel lines and it's a pretty decent kit. With a wingspan of 117ft the kit wings will be about 19". Should be a pretty nice one!
10. August, 19:40
Robert W Martel
After looking at this one I think I'll sell it. It's molded in Silver! just a converted airliner, not a true military Cargo Plane. NA!! Don't want it.
30. September, 20:29

September 6, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
6. September, 18:54
Robert W Martel
First NEW car kit I've seen at HL for quite some time [been waiting for several re-issues]. They also have the Monogram First Lunar Landing kit, but from the review I've seen I don't care for the way they did the base. Where the shadows would be are recessed into the base. To me it will look stupid, they should have just outlined the shadows. I almost bought it the other day, glad I didn't.
6. September, 18:59

July 25, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 0 images
1:72 C-119G Flying Boxcar (Testors/Italeri 675)
2 | 16. January 2017, 08:04
Selman Yarar
Please check the scale, it should be 1:72 and not 1:48 :)
22. July, 19:05
Robert W Martel
OOps. you're correct.
25. July, 18:50

July 15, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
1 | 23. May, 19:53
So the B pillar didn't stay in place then?
There's a little trick I discovered for those types of repairs.
I glue in the part then glue a backing strip of paper with Superglue.
Best to use the tissue paper used for packing.
It's thin and strong.
It works like fibreglass does in real life.
The paper absorbs the glue and becomes as hard as plastic.
I actually make scratch build items that way too.
Much cheaper than plastic card.
More readily available and easier to work with.
You can easily make curves even tubes with paper and Superglue.
You can use Superglue and baking soda as a filler or Superglue and plastic dust from sanding/filing.
That's what I did before I learnt that baking soda and Superglue was a thing.
I discovered the Superglue and plastic dust for fixing my slot cars because they're rarely ever painted and I needed repairs that would have the same colour as the item being repaired.
Best part of using Superglue and baking soda/plastic dust is it doesn't shrink and dries much quicker than putty, it also doesn't melt the plastic
13. July, 20:29
amazing second life!
13. July, 21:03
Robert W Martel
That would have been a good idea wilky. The glue just wouldn't soften the promo plastic. I should have kept the kit body. I kinda figured no big deal, but in actuality the didn't make a hardtop until 63! Oh well, I'll know better next time.
I am pleased with the paint job though. The interior is craft paint thinned w/Pledge [sprayed beautifully] and looks nice. The exterior is Testors pearl Blue /w several coats of Delta Ceramcoat craft exterior varnish. Sanded w/2000 then polished with a nail buffer. It was fairly easy to paint and I think the results look pretty good. I'm going to try it again on the next one.
15. July, 16:29
Robert W Martel
Thanks Spanjaard!! I think this method of painting will save me some tile [I hope]. We'll see on the next one. The part that cost me the most was the darn fender ornaments [nearly $20]. I was just going to fill the holes, but just forgot, and wasn't about to repaint it !!! Another "senior moment" LOL.
15. July, 16:35

June 27, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
11. January 2017, 01:38
Robert W Martel
Just saw this one the other day and had to have it !! $29.14 shipped. A bit pricey, but the cheapest I could find. I have a few other Moebius kits and they are very nice! Unfortunately my local Hobby Lobby never carries these "exotic" brands, so I have to pay retail for them. Can't wait to get it.
11. January 2017, 01:42
Robert W Martel
Just got this one today. Very Nice!
14. January 2017, 01:48
Paul Reddmeister
Looking at Wikipedia - do you think this is a 1966/67 (facelift) model and Moebius have it wrong? Re price, be happy as we have to pay >35 USD for them in Europe...if you can find them ;)
25. June, 07:16
Robert W Martel
Paul, I'm lookin at Google pics of the Comet & Comet Cyclone & Wikipedia pics. Wikipedia doesn't show a 65 Cyclone, just a 65 Comet [different topics] basically the grills were different. The 64 had horizontal headlights, the 65 had vertical. The 66-67 also had vertical lights, but look at the fender above the lights, on the 65 they are square, on the 66-67 they are round and a totally different body. Now, it may have been different in different countries [Canada, Australia??]?? But it looks correct for a US Comet Cyclone. The GTs had the hood scoops.
27. June, 00:28
Paul Reddmeister
Thanks. I also noted the hood scoops on the GT too. Cheers
27. June, 08:45

June 14, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
18. March 2018, 18:14
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I recently purchased a kit of a car I owned but being Australian nobody makes kits for any of the other cars I've owned.
10. June, 09:44
Robert W Martel
That's a bummer wilky! I know the Aussie cars were different, even the Fords weren't the same as the US versions.
11. June, 19:28
Yeah, we're pretty much a forgotten country by kit manufacturers.
Obviously not the only one though.
When I was a kid there were virtually no kits of aircraft that Australia used either.
Airfix had made their version of the Boomerang but I wasn't old enough to had seen that on the shelf.
Currently there's a kit maker called The Parts Box that does Australian cars and I'm hoping to get some of their kits soon.
Especially their Mad Max Interceptor
11. June, 19:51
Robert W Martel
That's a bummer wilky. Funny, Of all the places, Australia is the place I've always wanted to go.
Yea !!!! I STILL WANT an Interceptor!!! !!! !!!!!
14. June, 03:53
14. June, 06:19
Robert W Martel
ooooh!!!!!Looks like a pretty nice kit but pretty pricey! $113 for a car kit! Plus sipping I'm sure would be another 20-30 bucks. OUCH!!!! Is that plastic or resin??? Well, It's gonna have to be lower down on the list for now. Looks like a pretty nice kit though. Plus decals are separate. You're looking at $150 car !!!!
Which movie would that one have been in???, was that "the last of the V8s!"? But no real engine either. EICH E WOW A !!! lol
14. June, 19:46
First movie car.
Yeah, not cheap but then those Aoshima kits are 400AUD and they also don't have an engine.
It's because the blower was fake.
Bolted to a platform above the engine
14. June, 20:16
The Parts Box kit to me isn't any different to a Johan kit.
There's a Johan '70 Oldsmobile kit for sale on eBay located in Australia right now 99.99 + 8.95 Aussie Dollars.
All the other Johan kits are located overseas and with shipping and tax are more expensive than that.
As you say they're not very good kits and I've never owned an American car so have absolutely no appeal to me.
I've actually owned an Interceptor, not the Black on Black Pursuit Special Interceptor but the yellow, red, white and blue four door Interceptor in the opening scene. Call sign March Hare.
I purchased a Ford XA Falcon and painted it myself back in the eighties because Mad Max is my favourite movie of all time.
As an Aussie being ripped off is just an everyday occurrence but there's things about being an Aussie that no other country has.
Where I live I can leave the keys in the ignition of my car and it's still there the next morning.
Since I paid over 600AUD for my Vintage Fighter Series P-40 a 150AUD isn't so bad but I understand with the prices of kits for you it's expensive
14. June, 20:45
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
23. February 2017, 02:22
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Markus Antonius
looks like spartacus :)
24. February 2017, 07:34
Well, your "stash" is bigger than our local hobby store's inventory, I think stash is not enough of a word for your morgue. May you live for another millennium in order to finish them (including your new purchases along the way) haha
15. April 2017, 06:38
Very nice man cave
15. April 2017, 11:51
Robert W Martel
LOL Blaubar, yes it's a bit overkill !! I just can't help myself !!
Thanks John, it's a work in progress.
Cheers guys
15. April 2017, 20:00
Tom ...
Robert, you are certainly making the most of the space you have. Very impressed. I do think having limited closet space is a plus though. Forces you to cull out a few kits to make room for better ones. Makes one prioritize ones kits :)
11. June, 19:58
Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't dare post pics of my looks like a crime scene! :P
11. June, 21:53
Bill Newcomer
I like the "air cover" protecting the secret computer files from the enemy. LOL.
13. June, 19:45
Robert W Martel
Right, Lol, I'll have to update the "mincave pics soon. It just ain't the same no more Bill!!
14. June, 03:48

June 10, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
19. July 2018, 00:55
That looks interesting, here I will watch excited. ;)
19. July 2018, 06:23
Robert W Martel
Hey Christian!
Yes, it's gonna be fun! But it will be worth the effort.
Looks like you've been busy yourself. Some great projects.
Keep up the good work!
20. July 2018, 18:06
Robert W Martel
I gotta say this AMT kit was pretty bad as a whole. I had all kinds of fit problems with it. So far the only AMT kit I've built that was decent was the 49 Ford. I seem to remember as a kid that Revell kits were much better. The Revell kits I've built so far have been pretty good. The AMTs seem to have a lot of fit issues!
4. April, 03:27
Christian W
Very nice conversion.
8. June, 06:20
Robert W Martel
Thanks again Christian. I should have paid more attention to the hood. The promo New Yorker was pretty warped. I straightened it side to side pretty well, but didn't realize is was so warped lengthwise. The 57 Windsor was a sweet car back in the days! I remember it well.
10. June, 04:32
Robert W Martel owns this item
10. June, 04:26

June 7, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Project: 1956 Pontiac
13. November 2016, 19:57
interesting, i am in.
20. November 2016, 11:30
Robert W Martel
Hi Spanjaard,
Well, I wish it was a model in the true sense and not a promo. But it will just have to do. I have not seen a "kit" of this car, although I'm pretty sure they made them back in the days. ?? If I can put on a good paint job, the chrome on the bumpers is like new, it should look good.
I do remember it was a sweet car when I had it nearly 50 years ago (196 8)!
20. November 2016, 20:32
would be nice to have a good kit of it!
20. November 2016, 20:49
Robert W Martel
Yea, I wish! This was my first car.
20. November 2016, 21:32
green is not my favourite colour, but this car looks really good, very nice paint job
24. December 2016, 00:11
Robert W Martel
Thanks Spanjaard,
Come to think of it I always hated green on a car !! But mine was green so.....
It turned out really nice if I do say so myself! I Love It!. If I can paint them that good each time I'd be very happy. I'm just tickled pink!
24. December 2016, 00:50
Bob Hall
That's Beautiful, Bobster, Awesome !
7. June, 04:38
Robert W Martel
Thanks Bob, I only wish it had an interior!
7. June, 16:42
Robert W Martel added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 24 images
1:72 B-47E Stratojet (Hasegawa K7)
7. June, 03:27
Robert W Martel added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 42 images
13. November 2016, 07:52
Chris Reimann
A very nice, clean build you realized! Ordered one by a friend but didn't get it now (from Steve, starmodels?)
5. June, 08:47
Robert W Martel
Hmmm, I have a few Star kits. This one was actually a promo, no interior! But, it was my first car, so,,,,,,,, it did paint up pretty nice. Actually one of the better ones that I've done.
7. June, 03:21
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
9. January 2017, 06:23
Chris Reimann
You did a very job with subtle detailing (panel lines, chassis components, washed wheels, ...). Built this one about two years ago when I came back to modeling after a 35 years hiatus.
5. June, 08:54
Robert W Martel
I like these kits, wish they made more of them. I also have the 2013? Challenger kit. Fun kits east to build, no painting. Quick & easy!
7. June, 03:17
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
42 images
View album, image #1
19. January 2017, 02:31
Norbert Steffens
Hi Robert, again a nice model and a great finish. Show us your garage...
19. January 2017, 05:09
Robert W Martel
Thanks again Norbert,
It did turn out nice if I do say so myself !! And the real thing was a sweet car for sure. Wish I never sold it. But that was 30 years ago !! 1986 Yikes
The garage is in there in my projects somewhere. I haven't got windows in the upper level yet. But, I got several Hobby Lobby gift cards for xmas, and I saved one till they had the craft boards on sale again a few weeks ago. I bought 9 big sheets, enough to build at least 3 more parking levels I'll put on the next shelf. And, I found a large sheet of clear plastic for windows too! Just gotta get busy and build more, I'm gonna be out of space soon. LOL
I'm almost caught up posting the completed projects. Only a couple more cars, a plane or 2 and a heli.
I wish I could figure a way to make some roll up doors for the garages, just to keep the dust out sometimes, but I guess that's asking too much. Would be cool though.
19. January 2017, 05:46
very nicely done
19. January 2017, 07:02
Chris Reimann
An interesting clean build with a great and sentimental history; really like it!
5. June, 08:58
Robert W Martel
Thanks Chris, sentimental yes, I completely restored the orininal 67 I had. She was a real beaut?
7. June, 03:14

May 29, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
6. November 2016, 07:03
Thomas Bischoff
I will follow - have this on my wishlist. Nice start!
13. November 2016, 20:43
Robert W Martel
Thanks Thomas.
It's a pretty decent "little" kit, everything fits together well. A simple easy one for a change. I did paint it last night but my yellow is way off. Gotta go to HL tomorrow and get some good MM yellow! The "fun" part will be the rigging. I pre-drilled holes for the wires, can't just glue them to nothing!
14. November 2016, 00:52
Lex Jassies
I also will peek over your shoulder. Good luck with the rigging!
15. November 2016, 08:48
I have this kit in waiting mode. Will stay tuned. Gary
15. November 2016, 12:40
Robert W Martel
Well, the rigging will be a bit fiddly but hopefully not too bad. Pre-drilling holes should help a lot. I did that on the Goose and it made a big difference. I have some .020 steel wire, that should work fine. I have some .016 brass also, but it just bends too easy.
The rest of the kit was very easy, and fun to put together. My yellow didn't quite turn out as I wanted, but it's gonna have to do! I'm putting the decals on it today! It should be done soon. I'm thinking to get another one for my grandson. Without rigging it would be an easy & fun kit for him to build. Cheers guys.
15. November 2016, 19:03
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
En voilà un qui me semble bien parti. Joli travail.
15. November 2016, 19:59
Robert W Martel
bonjour Jean Pierre!
15. November 2016, 20:58
Robert W Martel
Well... as I was getting things ready to put the decals on I decided it really needed another coat of paint, it just wasn't covered well enough> so I mixed up another little batch of Canary Yellow and hit it again. Looks MUCH better. Decals tomorrow!
15. November 2016, 21:15
Really nice!! Glad to see the engine compartment is removable. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
29. May, 19:35
Robert W Martel
Hi Gary,
Yea, it actually is a real nice little model. easy & fun to build. the hardest part being the wires.
29. May, 19:59
looks very nice
29. May, 20:10

May 23, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 34 images
1:25 1962 Ford Fairlane 2 Door Sedan (AMT K162-149)
23. May, 19:43
Robert W Martel owns this item
23. May, 19:42
Robert W Martel added a new project.
1:25 Impala Coupe (AMT/ERTL 6548)1:25 1958 Chevy Impala Convertible (Star Models 58BAC)
5. April, 01:16
Robert W Martel
well I decided not to spend the time with this and just bought a blue die cast convertible. call me lazy! lol so this is all up for sale on ebay. On with something else. 62 Fairlane!
23. May, 04:41
Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
18. March 2018, 17:36
Robert W Martel
All in all it turned out pretty well. This Dragon was much more complex than the Academy Kitty Hawk. The Kitty Hawk went easier & faster and looks pretty much just as good.
The Dragon kits do have more detail, but much more difficult to build. And,,,, for a ship that carried some 90 planes, 30 showing on the boxart, it only includes 18 aircraft!!!
The decks look pretty barren compared to the Kitty Hawk [there are 4 in the hanger]. The Kitty Hawk deck is pretty loaded and there was a handful left over!
But, it was a good learning experience. I was thoroughly disappointed in the GMM PE though! The kit PE worked well for the radars & superstructure railings, wish they had included more.
ON to the next project !!!!!
23. May, 04:06
Jay Dubya
Well done Bobstar
23. May, 04:28
Robert W Martel
Thanks Jay.
I learned from this one, the next one I'll have a better grip on what to watch out for. Ah, little here little there, maybe I can do a bit better next one.
23. May, 04:35

May 11, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new project.
On hold
1:16 Wells Fargo Overland Stagecoach (Lindberg 351)
11. May, 04:04
Robert W Martel
I like the older issues because they were molded in colors. The newest release is all molded in white. That should save me quite a bit of time in painting.
11. May, 04:16
Robert W Martel added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 69 images
1:700 USS Essex CV-9 (Dragon 7049)
18. March 2018, 17:25
Robert W Martel
I bought a bunch of these (6) Dragon kits last year, and lots of others, when I was on my carrier kick !
They are very nice highly detailed kits, but OOOOOH, some of the parts are VERY small! So, I wanted to see if I could even handle the many small pieces. Plus I have a PE set I might try to use some of that too. So far it seems doable, but very time consuming.
I've got it pretty much at the ready to start painting stuff stage, but it isn't quit warm & dry enough to start painting yet. So I put it aside and started another car kit too.
18. March 2018, 17:34
Robert W Martel
5/10/20 Just added some pics. Don't get why the pictures don't stay in the proper order as I upload them, but she's almost finished. And I don't have time to rearrange them. Oh well !!
11. May, 03:38
Robert W Martel owns this item
11. May, 03:20
Robert W Martel owns this item
11. May, 03:19

April 8, 2020

Robert W Martel added a new project.
1:16 Wells Fargo Overland Stagecoach (Lindberg 351)
8. April, 02:34

April 6, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
6. April, 19:02
Robert W Martel
Well, now that I'm finally getting back to modeling I'll start posting things as I go along. It's been a good year and a half since I posted anything. Can't believe it took so long to get going again.
I guess I also need to update my stash big time. I haven't been modeling for a while, but that hasn't kept be from buying kits. My stash has increased considerably and I've updated a lot to new tool kits. I have another project car almost finished and will be posting more soon.
Hope you are all keeping safe out there!!!
3. April, 02:35
Bill Newcomer
Welcome back.
4. April, 17:42
Robert W Martel
Thanks Bill !! Good to be back. I'm trying to get my stash updated, more than I thought. lol
4. April, 21:00
Bill Newcomer
Well I have just seen your stash. If you build 10 per year, you will be done in 40 years. If not, can I be in your will? lol
4. April, 23:54
Robert W Martel
LOL !!! you're right!! I'm hoping for 2-4 per month [wishful thinking I'm sure] Maybe 20 years?? lol If I could do 2 a month it will cut that in half! I also just added a whole bunch more!!
5. April, 01:41
Bob Hall
I was wondering where the Bobster had been ! Good to see ya back comrade !
5. April, 01:52
Robert W Martel
LOL!! Thanks Bob! Glad somebody missed me! I missed being here!
6. April, 01:20

April 5, 2020

Robert W Martel owns this item
5. April, 00:57
Robert W Martel owns this item
5. April, 00:54
Robert W Martel owns this item
5. April, 00:54


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