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Robert W Martel (bobster)

Revell Pt-17 Stearman

Thought I'd do something a bit different this time. I need something small to fill a space. It is small!, Looks to have good detail, so it should look pretty cool. The rigging will be a pain, but I've done one so far, that may help.
It's a neat old plane!!


1 | 6. November 2016, 07:03
Thomas Bischoff
I will follow - have this on my wishlist. Nice start!
13. November 2016, 20:43
Robert W Martel
Thanks Thomas.
It's a pretty decent "little" kit, everything fits together well. A simple easy one for a change. I did paint it last night but my yellow is way off. Gotta go to HL tomorrow and get some good MM yellow! The "fun" part will be the rigging. I pre-drilled holes for the wires, can't just glue them to nothing!
14. November 2016, 00:52
Lex Jassies
I also will peek over your shoulder. Good luck with the rigging!
15. November 2016, 08:48
I have this kit in waiting mode. Will stay tuned. Gary
15. November 2016, 12:40
Robert W Martel
Well, the rigging will be a bit fiddly but hopefully not too bad. Pre-drilling holes should help a lot. I did that on the Goose and it made a big difference. I have some .020 steel wire, that should work fine. I have some .016 brass also, but it just bends too easy.
The rest of the kit was very easy, and fun to put together. My yellow didn't quite turn out as I wanted, but it's gonna have to do! I'm putting the decals on it today! It should be done soon. I'm thinking to get another one for my grandson. Without rigging it would be an easy & fun kit for him to build. Cheers guys.
15. November 2016, 19:03
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
En voilà un qui me semble bien parti. Joli travail.
15. November 2016, 19:59
Robert W Martel
bonjour Jean Pierre!
15. November 2016, 20:58
Robert W Martel
Well... as I was getting things ready to put the decals on I decided it really needed another coat of paint, it just wasn't covered well enough> so I mixed up another little batch of Canary Yellow and hit it again. Looks MUCH better. Decals tomorrow!
15. November 2016, 21:15
Really nice!! Glad to see the engine compartment is removable. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
29. May 2020, 19:35
Robert W Martel
Hi Gary,
Yea, it actually is a real nice little model. easy & fun to build. the hardest part being the wires.
29. May 2020, 19:59
looks very nice
29. May 2020, 20:10


1:48 Stearman PT-17 (Revell 85-5264)
Boeing-Stearman N2S-2 Kaydet
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