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Greg Baker (strobez)

The Hangman (Spad XIII)


18 | 2. February, 06:11
Greg Baker
Hans von Hammer, the Enemy Ace in his Fokker Dr. I faces off against his greatest foe... flying the coal black Spad XIII with the gallows insignia... the French pilot known as The Hangman!

I'm thinking of swapping in a few random pictures from one of bughunter's albums... will anyone notice?😉
2. February, 06:52
Łukasz Gliński
Will watch as I plan to build a rebox of that SPAD one day 👍
2. February, 11:46
Uwe Kaeding
Looking forward to this one Greg - I built this one too back in the day, and there are definitely better options out there (Eduard!). It'll be interesting to see what you do with it but it looks like a good start on the interior.
2. February, 11:50
i am in 🙂
2. February, 11:55
Erik De Smet
A very rough kit with oversized ribs, but certainly easier to rig than the Eduard offering which has very thin = weak wing struts.
2. February, 12:14
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. I know there are better options out there, but after looking at the Eduard one I decided to just go with this one. As I said, I'm going to stuff a pilot into the cockpit, and the entire plane will basically be painted black... so going with the finer detail Eduard one seems like a bit of a waste - especially when I have two of these sitting in the stash.

Also I've heard about the ribs and plan to give them a bit of a sanding down, but I'm thinking about what to do with the struts. I might scratch build some "better" ones.
2. February, 14:52
Greg Baker
Now I remember some of the challenges this kit presents. I hauled my old kit off the shelf for both inspiration and as a cautionary tale of what NOT to do.😉
3. February, 07:03
6. February, 19:06
Is the second SPAD in the background or finished already? Even it not. impressive speed with the new bird 👍
7. February, 12:04
Greg Baker
The second Spad is an earlier model I built. I was using it as reference (mostly reminding myself what NOT to do).😉

I used some really thin wire for something to tie the eventual rigging to. I hope this works.
8. February, 03:23
Donald Dickson II
More motors!
8. February, 03:26
8. February, 09:05
if i may give you a suggestion, use something like Ushi or similar. it is actually easier (you can strech it to make sure it remains tense), and it does look better. i did some rigging with metal in my Chato (1/48) and used rigging thread when doing the Gloster Seagladiator (1/144) and Gladiator was easier and looks better
8. February, 14:36
Cool, looks like the prop will be recieve a working engine. 😄 👍
8. February, 14:47
Greg Baker
Spanjard- that's more or less exactly what I'm going to do. 🙂

A few touch ups, but the first coat of white paint (for the roundels) is on.
9. February, 07:07
ah, I misread, i see that now 🙂
9. February, 08:49
Greg Baker
Ok... back in black!
10. February, 07:22
Erik De Smet
Greg, is the hangman French or American ? If he is French, the red should be at the back side of the tail : blue -white -red not red-white -blue
13. February, 12:15
Greg Baker
Oh for... that's what you get for using American comic books from the 1960s as a reference. Tell me the roundels are okay at least!
14. February, 02:02
Erik De Smet
That was a quick repaint ! The roundels are certainly french .
14. February, 07:56
Greg Baker
The tail colours in the comic are wrong, but because it specifically says the Hangman is French, I'm going with the correct colouring. Also added a small homemade decal for the gallows marking. You can't see much because the pilot is all in black too, but he's in the cockpit. Just the rigging and mounting left now.

15. February, 07:30
Vittorio Gentili
Nice, I'm in. I want to see the final frame of the cartoon!😉
15. February, 07:31
SPAD on SPEED. I that time I think about a detail Greg builds and paint a model completely.
16. February, 13:49


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