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Greg Baker (strobez)

Studio Ghibli Scratchbuild Family Photo Album

A few shots of the whole shebang!

Album image #1

Album image #2

Album image #3

Album image #4



4 | 3. October 2017, 14:03
Greg Baker
To celebrate the completion of the submarine, I decided to take a few group shots... and promptly knocked the Laputa Flapter off the edge. Luckily a bit of CA glue put the wing and one seatbelt back on in a jiffy. Whew!
3. October 2017, 14:05
Love it ! 👍
3. October 2017, 14:08
Greg Baker
Thanks! Haven't quite got the Lupin Fiat done yet, but your awesome build has inspired me to get it finished next.
3. October 2017, 15:27
John Thomas
Greg, very nice collection
7. October 2017, 13:05
Choppa Nutta
..... an utterly charming collection Greg !! 🙂
7. October 2017, 13:09
Greg Baker
Thanks gents. You were both instrumental to its creation. John helped me unlock an undiscovered interest in scratchbuilding as an alternative to resin/photo etched parts detailing... and Choppa for pushing me just enough to keep me from being satisfied with sub-par work. Without that bit of help, I doubt I would've been able to achieve even this modicum of success. 🙂
8. October 2017, 23:50
John Thomas
Thanks you Greg
9. October 2017, 12:52
Choppa Nutta
Your openness to input does you much credit Greg 👍 🙂
9. October 2017, 13:54
Tim Heimer
Greg your imagination is amazing, as well as your work!
23. January, 14:32
Greg Baker
Hah! Thanks Tim! I actually forgot about this album. The Ghibli project family has grown since the last update here... and continues to grow!
23. January, 15:34
Guillaume Blanchet
Nice collection!
23. January, 15:42

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