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Michał Karczewski (Mikemc)

Baltic Dragon


I would like to introduce my latest project. It is called the Baltic Dragon in 1:72 scale. The main resin figure is a product of the Karolrudykart company. The main inspiration for diorama is one of the films on YT. 


1 | 22. July 2019, 12:28
Holger Kranich
This is dammit cool and well done!
22. July 2019, 12:40
Ingo F
Looks awesome! 👍
22. July 2019, 13:04
Bart Goesaert
Looking very cool... more pics would be appreciated... can you elaborate a bit more on the painting stages and seascape?
22. July 2019, 13:31
Slavo Hazucha
Oh my... baby dragon is getting some serious scolding by big Mama... 😄

Magnificent - rock, water and Dragon... I go with Bart, pics & know-how about the paint & sea jobs would be highly welcome.
22. July 2019, 14:04
Urban Gardini
22. July 2019, 16:27
Paul Juliano
holy smokes! fantastic! the saliva strings are a great detail.
22. July 2019, 16:35
Michał Karczewski

The main inspiration for my diorama was film from bellow. The dragon was mainly painted with an airbrush. I tried to paint the dragon as "realistically" as I can. The main reference was the dinosaurs from Juraisic Park (apparently the entire Juraisic park is wrong because the dinosaurs were wearing feathers). That's why I avoided shiny, bold colors such as purple and red. The main part of the base (rock) is part of the kit. I just made the rocks a little bigger using woodland scenic forms. Water is a combination of different techniques. I follow the steps presented in the film. Water is epoxy resin, as well as the main wave hitting the rock. Then I made the waves in the same way as in the movie Luke Towan. To add some spontanius to the waves I used a transparent silicone like in the movie Lukes aps.


Youtube Video


Youtube Video


Youtube Video

22. July 2019, 18:46
Urban Gardini
Please give us more photos to marvel at. Close ups wouldn't hurt...
22. July 2019, 18:50


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