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Dan M (StarForce)

Is this how insanity starts?


22. January 2017, 10:38
Moritz Fentzahn
No but it seems to be a good start for a hobby shop😉 Otherwise you will not be bored in the next years. Cheers
22. January 2017, 10:50
i think is may be the solution for insanity, or as Moritz says, the start of a hobby shop 😄
22. January 2017, 10:50
Burkhard D
It's a good start. Next phase is hiding the kits away in big boxes so that they are out of sight. It will help to lower your resistance towards buying more. 😄
22. January 2017, 10:53
Dan M
Yeah, I'm really starting to wonder how many years it will take me to finish them 🙂
And Burkhard, I would have thought I should hide them from the wife, not me 😄
22. January 2017, 11:05
Dale Marston
Small kit collection LOL.
22. January 2017, 11:07
Dale Marston
Yes Tim it does, what is scaring me is mine is worse and I never wanted to be a collector.
22. January 2017, 11:09
Dale Marston
I know the feeling Tim, my problem is people keep releasing great kits. I have many, but I still want more eg. Engineers Scammel and a bergepanther. A really nice Whirlwind , martin baker MB5 etc..
22. January 2017, 11:19
Moritz Fentzahn
I often think that my wishlist is nearly completed too, but then I discover some new photos, I like to rebuild, or I see some really cheap kits on eBay and I need to win them. So my wishlist becomes rather endless. I'm a little bit afraid how this will end.😉
22. January 2017, 11:22
Dale Marston
Which one Tim? You are Australian but where? I live near the Point Cook base. I am getting very excited as the Mustang will be flying again soon.
22. January 2017, 11:45
Dale Marston
Tim we have an RAAF Museum but you cannot touch at all. They have a Mirage, F-4, F-111, Canberra, Walrus.A-20, P-51, Catalina, Boomerang, Choppers etc.. to name a few. But my favourite is in the Maintenance hangar getting a new engine.
22. January 2017, 11:59
Dale Marston
Good Idea. Will be taking my Son for his first time. Did you finnish your Hornet?
22. January 2017, 12:30
22. January 2017, 13:51
Glenn .
NO! you have a LONG way to go before your Nucking Futs! TRUST ME! 🙂
22. January 2017, 16:24
Hitting over 550 kits and still have not been committed to the asylum
The modeling 'Office' | Album by robbd01 (1:1)
Stash Overflow | Album by robbd01

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22. January 2017, 16:37
Glenn .
Robbie You have nothing to worry about yet! I was once in 5th position on the "Largest Stash" list glad I'm now down to 12th place! It's the crazy ones above me that have to start looking over there shoulder! Gotta run i see a unmarked van outside! 🙂

Youtube Video

22. January 2017, 17:05
Dan M
Wow, I didn't realize there's a way to see a top of the largest shashes, but now I've found it and I'm amazed by what I've seen 😄
22. January 2017, 17:56
Hehe the stash list is a wonderful way to re-assure yourself that your stash is small.
22. January 2017, 18:28

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