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Donald Dickson II (smokeriderdon)


H-34 Choctaw

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1:48 H-34 US NAVY RESCUE (Gallery Models 64102)


07. July 2018 at 22:33:51 Share
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Donald Dickson II Got started on this one. The cockpit is done though still in two units. I wont put it all the way together until I get to the point of bringing everything together. I am going to attempt to detail the engne a little further, though it has good detail all on its own.
07. July 2018 at 22:36:22
Martin Oostrom It does look like it got a punch on the nose :D
Will follow this till the end!
07. July 2018 at 23:44:00
08. July 2018 at 02:27:02
Clifford Keesler Nice I'm in.
15. July 2018 at 00:24:30
Donald Dickson II I did a little detailing on the engine. Added the black gasket and some wiring. First time I have tried this. i am sure its not in scale, but it added a nice touch I think.
15. July 2018 at 01:26:22
Clifford Keesler Livened it up real nice. I wonder why none of these H-34 models have collective levers. I will have and try to scratch some.
16. July 2018 at 19:31:40
Donald Dickson II OK, so a bulkier update. Let me start with this. If you build this kit, the instructions are NOT good. Placement of parts is vague as to exactly how they should go (I had to break the exhausts off and reattach them. Not fun with the extra stuff on there) and their suggested order of assembly is REALLY a suggestion. A bad one IMO. The worst culprit is pictured.

So, the red arrows are the way the instructions would have you do it. The blue is the way that makes sense. You cant get the cockpit on there right without the walls being on. Just not gonna happen. Not sure what they were thinking there. Again I say, this one is for experienced builders for this reason alone. Also, if you look, you will see the directions would have you place the supports on the rotor trans first, then attach it. Well, you are NOT going to get the angle right on the legs if you do that. Unless you are lucky. I put some blue tack on the bottom, stuck it to the flooring part and used good old Testors glue to attach them. That way I had plenty of time to adjust them and still get a good join when the glue set.

Once set, I pulled it, painted it and super glued it in. Heres hoping I got it straight enough.

Got everything set, then put the windows in and joined the main fuselage halves. Had to go back and sand a lot as the gaps were unacceptable. Another case of not sure if that was my bad or the kit. Either way, its together.

22. July 2018 at 21:12:53
Calvin Gifford Thanks for sharing!
22. July 2018 at 23:05:58
Clifford Keesler Yes thanks as several of these are on my wish list.
23. July 2018 at 00:35:44
Gareth Windsor Another good build coming on. You have the skills my good man despite the frustrating instructions. Deep breath, you got this.
23. July 2018 at 02:33:44
Gordon Sørensen Looks great so far, Donald! The engine looks really good, can the front cowling be left open so you can see it? Or is it one of those "I know its there" situations...
23. July 2018 at 12:55:41
Donald Dickson II Oh, I am going to have it open. I would not have done that stuff otherwise. LOL I am just going to have to make the open/close arms as there are none. Another quirk of this kit. They make it so you can display it open, but do not give that choice in the instructions, nor all the parts to do it properly.
23. July 2018 at 17:40:54
Donald Dickson II And thank you all for the kind words. :)

Cliff, its a good kit detail wise. Well worth the extra effort.
23. July 2018 at 17:42:02
23. July 2018 at 19:51:16
Donald Dickson II OK, so got a lot done since last update. All the PE on (and it makes a huge difference IMO), navy blue on then red/orange. That turned out to be spot on directly out of the bottle, though it took several applications to cover the dark paint under it. Did some weathering and port side decals done. Will do a little more weathering over the decals, then hit the rotors and small assorted stuff. Hopefully be done soon.
08. August 2018 at 23:25:32
Donald Dickson II Oh, and my attempts to get pics of the interior. *snort*
08. August 2018 at 23:28:01
Clifford Keesler Very nice.
09. August 2018 at 16:29:41
Choppa Nutta What a great kit !
Nice one Don ! :)
09. August 2018 at 16:54:54
Donald Dickson II Thank you Choppa and Clifford. :)

OK, its done but for the rotors and bit more weathering. While I was finishing up the decals I noticed the top of the tail was shown as blue. So out with the French Blue and some masking and there we go. A bit more color. Next post should be me saying all done. :)
11. August 2018 at 03:14:00
Clifford Keesler Agree with Choppa well done sir. @Choppa nice to see you are still around sir.
11. August 2018 at 16:22:02
Choppa Nutta Cheers Clifford, nearly wasn't for a while there after a recent accident but I'm recovering ok it seems but life has it's funny turns :)
11. August 2018 at 18:19:10
Donald Dickson II I was wondering as well. I am glad you are relatively OK Choppa!
11. August 2018 at 21:53:46
Choppa Nutta Cheers Don :)
12. August 2018 at 00:18:41
Donald Dickson II Well, she is done!

This is a quirky kit. Its a new tool from 2012, so the detail is pretty good. The thing is, in a lot of cases the fit is just a hair off. Even with dry fitting, its not hard to get something wonky. This is totally a be very careful with what you do kit. As I noted earlier, the instructions are not always the best. If you have some experience, you can figure out the right way to do it.

But here is my biggest gripe. They give you the clam shell doors for the engine compartment in two pieces. And a decently detailed engine. Yet, the instructions only give you the choice of closing it up. And if you should decide to pose it open, as I did, you are on your own. There are no parts for the closing arms. You have to make them yourself. Mine are kind of crude, but better than nothing. Otherwise, the doors will look as if they were opened by magic. Also, they give you the option of folding the tail, but absolutely no way to fold the main rotor. And that makes ZERO sense to me.

Those things aside, it IS a very good kit. I do recommend it, but with the caveat of pay attention!!!!
13. August 2018 at 06:40:28
Calvin Gifford Awesome! And thanks!!
13. August 2018 at 07:01:11
Gareth Windsor She ended up looking sweet. It does seem silly to have all that detail and not the option in the instructions to display it. And I hear what you are saying about fold options. Being a helo man I would love kits to have this option for the main rotor head, but none do. Ensign Models offer after market detail for the Wessex and Lynx though.
13. August 2018 at 12:20:55
Bryn Crandell Very nice looking Choctaw! Engine detail is awesome.
13. August 2018 at 16:02:35
Donald Dickson II Thank you gentlemen. :)
13. August 2018 at 17:14:13
Donald Dickson II Gareth, I have seen plenty of H-3 and H-53 builds with the rotors folded. Are they relying on after market as well? I have never done one with the rotors folded. Likely never will.
13. August 2018 at 17:15:28
Konrad Limmer Very cool Chopper!! It looks really great.
13. August 2018 at 17:42:35
Choppa Nutta .......... er.... it's not my model Konrad, it's all Don's work !! :D :D :D
b'dum tish ... haha :D
13. August 2018 at 19:05:56
David Thor Beautiful! Great results. And thanks for the info on the quirks of this kit, i still have the polar version in my stash.
13. August 2018 at 19:25:13
Clifford Keesler Awesome result Donald, well done.@Gareth,, I am getting ready to start the Academy Sea Dragon and it has the option to build the rotors and tail boom folded.
13. August 2018 at 19:41:57
Gareth Windsor Nice Clifford, look forward to that. Generally speaking, most of the kits I've seen of Sea King don't have blade fold as an option (I've built the Fujimi kit and have the Airfix RN Search & Rescue and the Revell RN Tiger Meet Sea kings) which is why they don't look right sometimes when people do it. #1 blade down the spine and blades 2 & 5 either side of #1 straight back. It's #3 & #4 that are tricky as they rotate around 45° as they fold. The hinge would be quite flimsy too in a small scale. The Wessex (and I'm guessing the Choctaw as same airframes) needed extra support equipment fitted when they folded.
13. August 2018 at 21:19:41
Donald Dickson II Wow, Choppa is so popular he gets credit for other peoples builds. ;) LMAO But thank you Konrad! :) And David and Clifford as well. :)

Gareth, I have seen builds where they included the braces for the folded rotors. Evidently it was either good after market, or incredible scratch building.
13. August 2018 at 22:28:05
Choppa Nutta Haha, sorry I just couldn't resist a cheap joke lol :D
13. August 2018 at 23:46:48
Konrad Limmer Oh man...!
Of course it is Donalds one! Anyhow it is a great build :)
14. August 2018 at 05:04:41
Choppa Nutta Yeah man, it is a great build :D
14. August 2018 at 09:41:23
Donald Dickson II Thanks guys. And thanks for the laugh as well! :D
14. August 2018 at 19:53:13
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