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Adriano Saad
Adriano Saad

Pagani Huayra


6 28 June 2020, 21:12
Alexander Grivonev
That's a vey nice blue, sweet build 👍 How was the kit overall? Any fitting issues? Have it on my wishlist too
28 June 2020, 22:50
Adriano Saad
Hi Alexander! Thank you for your comments!

This kit is a challenge for any modeler.
Too many pieces and too many problems.
My first conclusion was that Aoshima designed this kit to remain open. There are a lot of holes in its alignment. The front cover doesn't fit with the front doors. The rear cover doesn't fit with the rear bumper.
The pieces are very fragile. Take care with their manipulation. Its structural joints are fragile. Reinforce them. The front suspension with the cockpit must be well joined. Use a pair of screws. Reinforce all joints of the rear bumper and with the rear bumper with the chassis.

Definitively, this kit was not designed for beginners.
29 June 2020, 13:29
Alexander Grivonev
Wow, ok. A bit overengineered I see. Thanks for the great explanation! 👍
29 June 2020, 13:32
Adriano Saad
But a beautiful kit wen done! All open, of course.
29 June 2020, 17:21
Christian W
This kit is amazing in details. I'd never build it I think. Your built is great. I like the details and painting, you've done. But it'd deserve another layer of clear coat. To late now😉
31 March 2021, 07:31
Adriano Saad
Hi Christian! I always use an acrylic clear. Unlike the 2k clears, acrylics doesn't have a ultra shine results. But yes! It could be more shinny!
31 March 2021, 20:52
Christian W
This kit is awesome and everybody has built it, has my respect. I think the kit is over the top.
31 March 2021, 22:29
Adriano Saad
Thank you, Christian! About the clear coat, I prefer the results less "love apple" shining. I think that represents better a vehicle in a day by day basis than one ultra shining, that you only saw in a show saloon or in a sales room. Thats why I use a smooth finishing.
1 April 2021, 13:14
Bill Newcomer
That kit has some very nice looking wheels.
2 April 2021, 03:38

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Pagani Huayra
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