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Eduard F6F-3 Profipack


23 March 2016, 20:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
Well done Derek! Perfect and clean painting !
I love that kit since I build it once...
23 March 2016, 21:02
Bryce Nicely
Looking like a good start. Hopefully the fit is as good here as the Spit...
24 March 2016, 01:42
Derek Jordan
It's not bad. It's an older offering of theirs and there is a noticeable lack of location pins. The fuselage had zero locating pins, for instance. The wings had 1.
24 March 2016, 03:12
Derek Jordan
Thanks Roland!
25 March 2016, 17:03
Wim van der Luijt
Looking good! i have the dual combo in the stash and will watch you closely
25 March 2016, 18:24
Donald Dickson II
I dont know what it is, but I cant muster a great deal of enthusiasm for WWII and earlier planes. They are neat and all, but just kind of there for me. That aside, great work so far. 🙂
27 March 2016, 04:42
Derek Jordan
Donald, that's funny because I feel similarly for modern aircraft. In fact, the beginning of 'Nam is about where I begin to lose interest. There is something compelling, to me, about the lines of aircraft like the P-38, F-86, F-104.
27 March 2016, 15:27
Donald Dickson II
And that is where my interest really begins. The 50s jets. The 86 is my number 3 behind the 4 and 15.
27 March 2016, 18:30
Gareth Windsor
Looking like another great build. And I love a Naval aircraft regardless of which time period.
31 March 2016, 02:26
Bryce Nicely
Looks like this is coming along really well. That cowling is a huge improvement
5 April 2016, 01:50
Colin Grace
looking good, nice start.
6 April 2016, 18:54
Kerry COX
Derek, the Hobby Boss 1/48 of this bird is a really nice build too. Yours is certainly looking a prize winner mate. 🙂 👍
7 April 2016, 04:01
Derek Jordan
Thanks Kerry and Colin. Bryce, it is coming along. I'm using vallejo model air for the first time, and I'm not sure what I think so far.
7 April 2016, 06:39
Colin Grace
Hey... Try using Hataka Paints!!! Vallejo are a joy compared!!
7 April 2016, 07:46
Wim van der Luijt
I use vallejo modelair too. I have found they do need some thinning and also a drop or two of flow improver. I use Vallejo's own thinner and flow improver and have not had any problems since.....
7 April 2016, 11:04
Bryce Nicely
I'm not a fan of any water-based acrylics anymore, at least out of my airbrush. I just can't get past the tip dry. I love being able to set my brush down for a minute or two, then picking it up and it still sprays perfectly.
7 April 2016, 12:50
Derek Jordan
Of all the complaints I have with vallejo, tip dry isn't one since I've started using their proprietary thinner.
8 April 2016, 01:18
Colin Grace
Just a Quick question Derek, where did you get the cool acrylic 3 point stand?, might have to invest.
8 April 2016, 08:31
Derek Jordan
Bryce Nicely recommended those to me, and they are great. Look for "Flight Pose."
8 April 2016, 14:00
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Derek. I am plodding away one the F-15E. I have it primed,and is ready for pre-shading. I should put some pictures up I guess. LOL.
8 April 2016, 15:12
Derek Jordan
Cliff, for some reason I lost all steam on my F-15E. I put it back in the box temporarily. I think after that F-4, I needed something with a prop. I'd like to see pictures of yours, though.
8 April 2016, 17:33
Donald Dickson II
Cliff, definitely post some pics man!

Derek, great job on the paint! The shading/fading in the blue is damn near perfect.

And I get the needing a break from one type thing. Doing the C-54 and the AC-47 before that were kind of the same thing. Usually though, my break is I jum back to the 50s jets to get away from all the grey and camo. LOL

And to you both. If either of you builds your 15E with the cockpit closed, I could use the actuator arm for the open position. I managed to knock the canopy off mine and broke half the arm off and lost it. I would gladly pay a couple bucks and the postage.
8 April 2016, 19:51
Colin Grace
Thanks Derek will do.
8 April 2016, 20:49
Derek Jordan
Donald, that's quite a compliment. *So far* everything on this build seems to be going unusually smooth. It really is quite a good kit.
9 April 2016, 03:35
Stephan Ryll
Look's very good 👍
9 April 2016, 07:50
Soeren .
Looking really good.
9 April 2016, 08:50
Clifford Keesler
My canopy will be open, especially after I forked out the $ for the PE set and resin seats. If you go to Revell's web site, you can look up the kit number and part number, then they have a online parts request. You can send for a replacement. Their customer service is excellent, second to none. I guess that is part of why I am so loyal to them. I had to order a new nose gear actuator for mine, as the carpet monster ate it.
9 April 2016, 19:59
Clifford Keesler
Oh P.S. Mine is pre-shaded and ready for paint. I will take some pictures before I paint it.
9 April 2016, 20:01
Bryce Nicely
It's looking great, Derek. You killed that exhaust staining.
10 April 2016, 01:17
Derek Jordan
Thanks everyone. She's quickly coming to an end.
10 April 2016, 04:26
John Thomas
Very nice work
10 April 2016, 14:13
Clifford Keesler
Awesome as always Derek.
10 April 2016, 23:25
Derek Jordan
Thanks Clifford and John!
11 April 2016, 02:14
Ricardo Gonzalez Ramos
Nice work.
11 April 2016, 20:55
Derek Jordan
Thanks Ricardo. I'm relatively proud of this one. Glad it's off the bench but look forward to taking it to a few upcoming shows.
11 April 2016, 21:27
Bryce Nicely
Too clean for me, of course, but it looks stellar. Well done, buddy.
12 April 2016, 03:33
Derek Jordan
Bryce, thanks for the great compliment! This is the most weathering I've ever done, and made me a bit uncomfortable even going that far. It was done to replicate the general effects I could see given dozens of period photographs. I feel like it I had gone much farther and the model would be a derelict. But, I pushed my limits and I'm happy with how it came out. I love the paint recommendations you gave, especially mr finishing surfacer and leveling thinner. Thanks again.
12 April 2016, 04:06
Donald Dickson II
While many Pacific theater planes were a lot more faded and dirtier, I think you managed just the right amount. Awesome job!
12 April 2016, 04:24
Derek Jordan
Thanks Donald. If you couldn't tell, heavy weathering is outside of my comfort zone.
12 April 2016, 14:24
Donald Dickson II
I am not big on it either. Dirty and a bit faded, cool. Looking like a monster truck after a mud run, not so much.
13 April 2016, 03:02
Derek Jordan
lol. True. Plus, most of what I see of weathering is just an excuse to cover up mistakes. There are people who are great at it (B. Nicely is one), but for the remainder of us it just seems like the lazy man's way to cover up bad modeling. My perception will likely evolve, but that is how I feel about it now (or maybe that is just how I explain away my fear of over-doing it).
13 April 2016, 03:31
Gareth Windsor
Nice job Derek. And the weathering debate. As with most art, you like what you like! Having worked on aircraft, they tend to be clean, although towards the end of WWII there were some tatty birds around. Weathering has it's place, but too much is, well, too much. I went over the top with my Cobra as I was playing with new techneques (oil paints and powders). Reference pictures and subtle layers seems to be best results for it, as you have done here for the exhaust and it works.
13 April 2016, 14:40
Derek Jordan
Gareth, We agree completely. Thanks for the compliments everyone!
13 April 2016, 14:56


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