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Derek Jordan (theplasticadvocate)

Tamiya P-47D Razorback "Hun Hunter XIV"


Kresten Schleemann
Looking good so far mate. Have this kit myself so will be watching how it goes.
29 September 2015, 07:25
Derek Jordan
This is the second Tamiya Thunderbolt I've built in the last 6 months, third Thunderbolt all together in that time ( I built the Monogram Razorback too). This kit is fantastic. No seams. No issues. You'll love it.
29 September 2015, 16:39
Christian Ristits
Looks very good, eager to see more of it!
29 September 2015, 16:39
Derek Jordan
I'm really just building this as a test bed for Alclad paints. I used them on my Mustang and had some peculiar issues. This is in preparation for an ambitious p-38 build I'll be starting in November.
29 September 2015, 17:42
Kresten Schleemann
Well It certainly looks good. How is the fit of the P.E. parts? I have the same set for it.
30 September 2015, 06:09
Derek Jordan
Everything is spot on, as per usual with Eduard's PE. I don't know how I ever built a kit without it.
30 September 2015, 06:24
Kresten Schleemann
Good to know. Thanks mate. The alclad looks to have gone down well. Nice work.
30 September 2015, 12:30
Jim Collins
Holy crap! Just stumbled on this. What a beaut!!
30 September 2015, 23:51
Kerry COX
Derek, A masterful build my friend, and as the P-47 is the centre of attention here, I am wondering if you have seen this video. ? 🙂
Youtube Video

30 September 2015, 23:55
Derek Jordan
Kerry, I thought I had watched every P-47 video on Youtube. I'll need to give that a watch later tonight. Thank you.
1 October 2015, 02:22
Derek Jordan
Thanks for the compliments, everyone. This build is coming along rather nicely. The kit, while it does have some frustrating and atypical (for Tamiya) sink marks on multiple parts of the kit, it goes together far too well for me to take the credit for the build. I'm just slapping paint on the model and playing with enamel over alclad over future.
1 October 2015, 02:24
Kerry COX
Oh God, you make it sound all so simple. 🙂 LOL.
Though I do agree that most Tamiya kits can just fall together, but it is just a medium that you give the life too in the way you 'see' it.
Detail is everything and I see bundles of it. 🙂 👍
BTW, "Hun Hunter" is actually seen in the very first few frames if the intro Derek, so be ready for it. !!! 🙂
1 October 2015, 03:20
Derek Jordan
Interesting video. It's like building a 1:1 model, and I want one. I saw those images of "Hun Hunter" you referenced. I think those came from the documentary "Thunderbolt". If you haven't seen it, you can find it on Amazon in its entirety, or on YouTube (might have to search for "Thunderbolts over Corsica" or similar).
1 October 2015, 15:16
Kerry COX
Sweet. 🙂 I will do that, and I have seen a lot of the Thunderbolt's gun camera footage too. Heavy hitters mate. !!!
1 October 2015, 15:29
Roberto Rocat
Nice work. I'm following 👍
1 October 2015, 16:05
Derek Jordan
Kerry, 8 x .50 was a knockout punch. I've seen interviews with P-47 pilots who said that when you squeezed the trigger you could feel the aircraft slow down, even in a dive. Amazing. It's just a monster of a plane. Another great quote I saw was from a British pilot who said that it was so big that if you ever started taking fire, you could just run around in the cockpit to hide.
1 October 2015, 16:21
Derek Jordan
Roberto, thanks. I should have more pictures this evening. I'm working on the decals as we speak.
1 October 2015, 16:22
Derek Jordan
1 October 2015, 18:48
Erik Leijdens
Looking very good Derek, what a beast 👍
1 October 2015, 19:08
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
2 October 2015, 02:44
Roberto Rocat
Nice progress.
7 October 2015, 19:06
Derek Jordan
Thanks all. I'm close, and ready for this one to be over.
7 October 2015, 19:55
Kerry COX
Wonderful result you have here Derek, and the overall appearance is bright and clean.🙂
Are you intending to do any "been in use for some time" work ?
Cheers and thanks for the 'look see'.👍
7 October 2015, 19:59
Derek Jordan
Kerry, It's a shame but the camera doesn't pick up the streaking on the aluminum finish from the pin wash. In person, there are some subtle but visible streaks that give the airframe a bit of a weathered look. This is my first time trying oil pin washes. The new picture shows that I just added some Tamiya "smoke" around the cowling. Again, the camera and lighting has an odd effect on it, making it appear actually *darker* than it is. I still have to apply another set of decals on the cowling, coat that in future, then give it the same pin wash treatment. Then, all that is left are the landing gear, prop, and maybe a few other odds and ends. I'm probably not going to put any bombs or drop tanks on it, preferring the "just finished a mission" look.
7 October 2015, 21:41
Urban Gardini
Now this is a wonderful build of my favourite P-47 model. I like the "Razorback" better than the later versions. I've got parts sitting around waiting for me to build my own with this Tammy kit but mine will be complete as it's gonna have a pin-up on the side... 😉
7 October 2015, 21:48
Derek Jordan
Urban, I too prefer the Razorback P-47, just like I prefer the birdcage corsair. That configuration just looks more aggressive than the later bubble top versions. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. As I'm sure you know, the kit is great and has been a pleasure to build. But, it's almost done. That's good, because I'm over it. I've built three P-47s since May.
8 October 2015, 06:55
Soeren .
A really nice and clean build!
And I agree that the Razorback is the more beautiful P-47!
8 October 2015, 07:16
Kerry COX
Hi Derek, I was reading with interest, the weathering you had done, but unfortunately, this digital age and the way these cameras reacts with different forms of light, I missed the pin wash effect, but if I may suggest, placing the model on a darker surface/background, as all the silver from the box it was photographed on has 'overpowered' everything and that detail just didn't come through.
I did see that exhaust stain, but the finer stuff, I would really like to see it all. 🙂
lol, I now await the "New version" of your splendid P-47 mate. 🙂
8 October 2015, 07:56
Thomas Bischoff
this looks very nice 👍
12 October 2015, 20:08
Derek Jordan
Thanks Thomas. I'm glad it is off the bench and in good hands. It was a fun build, and now I move on to a much more involved project.
12 October 2015, 20:13
Derek Jordan
Kerry, I tried to take some pictures of the completed model against a darker background to aid in seeing the effect of the pin wash and streaking effects. It is still very subtle on camera. The way to see how pronounced it actually is, is to compare the just painted alclad pictures against the finished product. You can see how muted it is, and the streaks are a bit more apparent.
12 October 2015, 20:14
Kerry COX
Derek, I am so pleased with the photography you have done from image 28 onwards mate.
All the subtlety of the weathering and exhaust stains are now in perspective and I applaud such a fantastic effort. 🙂
And I wonder, just how many times you bumped that little crosshair gun sight forward of the wind shield. ? 🙂:-/
There is not much left to the imagination here Derek, as you have addressed it all. 🙂
Maj Gilbert O Wymond would be most happy with your rendition of his 'Jug'. 🙂
Salute. 👍 🙂
12 October 2015, 20:39
Derek Jordan
Thank you! I actually never bumped the site outside of the windshield. I did bump the crosshairs that attach to the gun sight in the cockpit, and they are now forever lost. That makes me very sad. And, actually, I believe this was the aircraft of Lt. Col. Wymond.
12 October 2015, 20:40
Kerry COX
I did correct my self with the pilots name Derek, :-!
Sorry about that !........................missed it by \ / much, LOL 🙂 👍
12 October 2015, 20:50
Derek Jordan
Hey, it's no problem. I'm still basking in all of your compliments. I really appreciate them, and they mean volumes to me. I can't get too upset about getting a name wrong because I'll probably forget his name next week anyway (I'm very bad with names).
12 October 2015, 21:05
Hanno Kleinecke
That's the way it has to look, excellent work. I like the subtle weathering a lot !
12 October 2015, 21:09
Derek Jordan
Hanno, thank you! Honestly, it was my first time weathering and I am very happy with how it turned out.
12 October 2015, 21:37
Kerry COX
Take a deep bow Derek. 🙂
You have made a big impression on all of us. 🙂
12 October 2015, 21:48
Derek Jordan
Go easy on me gents. I just found out I passed the bar exam and too much praise might make my head and ego explode. This is a great kit. So good in fact that I think most could achieve the same or better results.
12 October 2015, 21:57
Kerry COX
Oh, Is THAT all.? LOL
Super congrats on your passing the bar, and I wish you well in your future. 🙂 👍 👍 👍
12 October 2015, 22:00
Derek Jordan
Thanks Kerry. Some day I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up. lol
Guido, thanks to you as well. It's a great kit, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a Jug fan (like myself). The Thunderbolt reminds me of me as it's big, beefy, maybe a bit slow, less attractive, and not as nimble as newer models, but versatile and robust.
13 October 2015, 02:49
Clifford Keesler
Looks awesome sir.
13 October 2015, 03:31
Kerry COX
All growd up.?
ha !, as long as there is a tube of glue in one hand and a paint brush in the other, that ain't ever gona' happen, LOL 🙂
13 October 2015, 04:30
Kresten Schleemann
Great work mate. Looks awesome. Congrats also on passing your bar exam.
13 October 2015, 07:23
Derek Jordan
Thanks on both accounts Kresten!
13 October 2015, 17:48
Urban Gardini
Ouch Guido! That's quite a bit of work ahead of you. My planned Razorback build will be a bit different as it pull all difficulties down to just one build. No I'm not insane, I'm a modeller!

Sweetie | Project by McCoy (1:48)
13 October 2015, 18:38
Derek Jordan
Ambitious project Guido. Urban, I like that livery. Keep me updated on both.
13 October 2015, 19:30
Urban Gardini
Yes, one or two extras or something like that... 😉
14 October 2015, 17:36
Gareth Windsor
Very nice. You have done an amazing job.
14 October 2015, 19:44
Derek Jordan
Thanks Gareth. This kit is a great foundation to really do work on the finish and detailing.
14 October 2015, 22:22
Soeren .
Awesome result!
14 August 2016, 20:28
Kerry COX
I really enjoyed each and every one of these images Derek. 🙂
A most spectacular result in my opinion. That's for sure.👍 👍 👍 🙂
15 August 2016, 03:00
Clifford Keesler
I'm drooling again.
15 August 2016, 22:08
Derek Jordan
Thanks everyone. You are too kind.
16 August 2016, 00:59
Excellent work
10 June, 16:58


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