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Bryn Crandell (bcrandell)

Fujimi A-4M and OA-4M


4. May 2017, 23:51
Michael Phillips
Lookin' good man! Lot's of A-4M love going on around here lately 😉 Looking forward to seeing this and your OA-4M progress!
5. May 2017, 01:20
Bryn Crandell
Thanks Michael. Started decaling the OA-4M last night. Working the two together is nice since they are the same kit aside from the cockpit and spinal hump.
5. May 2017, 11:25
5. May 2017, 17:14
Stephan Ryll
Lookin good 👍
5. May 2017, 18:49
Bryn Crandell
OA-4M declas applied. I don't like the decals since the shadowing doesn't line up with the paint work you apply based on the instructions. They are okay, but I would've gone with some aftermarket if I had some. Didn't know so I did the best I could with them.
9. May 2017, 13:39
John Thomas
Nice A-4
15. July 2017, 17:26
Very good!
15. July 2017, 17:27
Martin Oostrom
Don't know why, but i like those camelbacks.
Well done
15. July 2017, 17:35
Bryn Crandell
Thank you Ekki and Martin. Scooters are quite a nice little plane. I got hooked on them when I saw the Blue Angels fly back in the 80s before I joined the Air Force.
21. July 2017, 14:43


1:72 OA-4M Skyhawk (Fujimi F-23)1:72 A-4M Skyhawk (Fujimi F-22)
Douglas A-4M Skyhawk
US Military US Marine Corps Aviation (1912-now)
VMA-311 Tomcats WL-10 | 160028
1978 - MCAS Iwakuni JP
FS16440 FS17875

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