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Bogicevic Vladimir (Bogi)

Fieseler Fi 156 C-3/Trop Storch


15 | 29. July 2020, 19:17
Rui S
Beautifuly done 👍
30. July 2020, 01:05
Logan Eden
Good Morning, Vladimir Spectacular finish & build on a very cool looking kit!! The paint job is spot on. Have appreciation of the small details like the open fuel door (B22) that gives a greater interest to the overall completion. Catch Ya, Logan
30. July 2020, 12:40
Bogicevic Vladimir
Logan, thank's a lot for comment. All the best...
30. July 2020, 15:02
Clean and careful work!
30. July 2020, 16:42
Alec K
Very well done 👍
31. July 2020, 13:41
Angel Yovtshev
Very nice job, Vladimir!
3. August 2020, 13:03
I hope you an add some figures for scale being 1:35 and all. 🙂
3. August 2020, 13:17
Bogicevic Vladimir
Neuling, Alec, Angel,, Treehugger, thank you. No figures for now. Soon, hopefully...
3. August 2020, 13:33
Tini Hendriks
Beautiful, very nice paint job. What brand of paint you used? Memories, one of my first planes ever build, in 1/72 of course...
28. March, 22:10
Bogicevic Vladimir
Thank's Tini, I use Revell Aqua colors diluted with floor polish.
29. March, 04:59
I am impressed by the canopy. So clear...
29. March, 16:58
Bogicevic Vladimir
They cleaned it for propaganda photo session...
29. March, 18:22
Tini Hendriks
Onkel Hermann with a bottle of Glassex 😜
29. March, 20:32
Dimitri V.
perfect painting
29. March, 20:40
Bogicevic Vladimir
Thank you Dimitri. You have quite a collection... As I scrolled thru your wall I was surprised by how many of those models I actually build. Nice feeling, brings lots of memories.
29. March, 21:24
Bogicevic Vladimir
Tini, good one! 👍
29. March, 21:25
Tini Hendriks
Didn't we all started with an spitfire from Airfix with a ordinary kitchenknife and a common tube with glue? 😂
29. March, 21:32
Tini Hendriks
...and troubles came with fixing the biplane wing of the Sopwith Camel?
29. March, 21:32
Bogicevic Vladimir
Hahaha! No Tini, some of us started with hi quality models from communist east Europe. I had my hands on tits before I held my first Hasegawa kit in them.
30. March, 04:52
Bogicevic Vladimir
From modelers point of view, I had a hard childhood.
30. March, 05:13
Tini Hendriks
Oh, ok 🤔... I would have swapped places with you 😎😜
(Considering the Hasegawa, ofcourse😐)
30. March, 08:31


1:35 Fieseler Fi 156 C-3/Trop Storch (Tristar 35049)1:35 Fieseler Storch markings for Fieldmarshall Rommel's plane (Peddinghaus-Decals 2220)

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