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Amfibiebil 101 WIP


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Daniel Mysak
First round of airbrushing is done, some dark green for th interior. Next will be some detail painting and weathering.
9. January, 14:41
Mirko Römer
Sieht schon richtig gut aus, scheint Spaß zu machen!
9. January, 16:31
Daniel Mysak
Danke, naja Spaß ist relativ, die 60 Teile der Wanne und des Fahrwerks waren eine ziemliche Qual, alles mit massiven Fischhäuten und teils groben Angüssen. ...aber jetzt läufts.😉
9. January, 16:59
Mirko Römer
Ich habe schon ein paar Mal überlegt, ob ich das Ding erwerbe, denn meine zwei Unimog-Bausätze von ACE schauen prima aus, wenn auch etwas umständlich aufgeteilt. Sollte ich die schaffen, kommt der Stalwart. 🙂
9. January, 17:50
David Taylor
Nice Stolly so far Daniel.
9. January, 19:31
Daniel Mysak
@Mirko, schön zu hören, dass der Unimog besser aussieht, der reizt mich irgendwie auch noch.
10. January, 11:39
Daniel Mysak
@David thanks
10. January, 11:39
Daniel Mysak
Weathering on the chassis and in the cabin is done, maybe I add some dust later.
10. January, 11:39
Daniel Mysak
Started with the windows today, first time for me with this type of film, but it works really fine.
17. January, 15:33
Łukasz Gliński
That's one of the coolest trucks ever. Following 👍
17. January, 15:39
Daniel Mysak
@Lukasz you're absolutely right👍
30. January, 17:16
Daniel Mysak
Got the cabin closed, starts to look like a Stalwart now.
30. January, 17:17
Daniel Mysak
Finished the crane and the rims, the tires still need a flat coat and some weathering. The Stalwart is nearly ready for paint, only some little bits are missing.
8. February, 14:48
Łukasz Gliński
The crane looks like aftermarket resin to say the least 👍
8. February, 15:10
Excellent work on one of my favourite military vehicles.
Only last week I bemoaning the lack of affordable Stalwart kits in 1/35. You might temp me to get one in 1/72 instead.
8. February, 15:33
Daniel Mysak
Thanks Lukasz, I´m glad it turned out well.
@gorbygould indeedit´s a shame that there are only the expensive resin kits in 1/35, but Stalwarts are rare in all scales. Neither Airfix did one of this iconic british trucks.
10. February, 19:40
David Taylor
lots of variants of this truck.AA do them in 35th but are not cheap.
11. February, 10:34
Łukasz Gliński
I started to wonder on which side the steering wheel is, but I see the Stalwart's designers were smarter 😄
11. February, 12:35
The 1/35 Accurate Armour models look fantastic, but £110 is well past my budget. 🙁
The Alvis factory used to be quite close to where I lived, so we would see these amazing things trundling around the streets quite frequently in Coventry. Which is probably why I've got a bit of a thing for them.
11. February, 13:51
Dave Flitton
Looking real good. I have one of these in the stash, hope it builds as well as yours
12. February, 03:06
Daniel Mysak
@Dave Flitton, I´m sure it will, at the end it´s a nice little kit. Of course it needs some special attention in a few areas but it´s not bad at all.
13. February, 22:33
Daniel Mysak
Started the final painting today, first was a layer of Gunze H58 for the bright green parts.
13. February, 22:34
Daniel Mysak
Camouflage is finished, next steps will be clear coat and weathering.
15. February, 17:57
Zsolt Czegle
Gute Arbeit! Ich bin neugierig, wie es am Ende aussehen wird!
15. February, 18:49
David Taylor
Looks so different in four tone rather than BA green and black.
15. February, 20:56
Daniel Mysak
@Zsolt Czegle, danke, ja, bin auch schon gespannt wie der Stalwart am Ende wirkt, muß mir noch Gedanken über eine passende Base machen.
16. February, 17:23
Daniel Mysak
@David Taylor, you're absolutely right, it´s a completely different look for the Stalwart. I also like the british camouflage pattern, may I build my second one in black and green.
16. February, 17:25
Daniel Mysak
Some progress with the weathering, I added some more dust useing Tamiya xf-52.
8. March, 17:53
David Taylor
If its running you will have to have the exhaust glowing hot.Magnet for missiles.
8. March, 19:31
Daniel Mysak
Interesting fact. Let's pretend, mine was just started a minute before. 😉
9. March, 17:21
Mirko Römer
Great paintwork!!
9. March, 20:29
Daniel Mysak
Thanks Mirko, I´m glad it turned out that well. Was my first time with such heavy weathering on a modell.
11. March, 20:07
Daniel Mysak
The Amfibiebil is done, the base alos is ready for the last step, casting the water.
14. March, 13:57
Łukasz Gliński
That's a dirty one😉
14. March, 15:22
14. March, 17:59


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