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Tim Heimer (gearhd)

55 Nomad build

This is my 2nd time building this kit but this time a complete build, hopefully without crushing it! LOL! This will be with some modifications such as updated steering wheel, and sllight front seat mod. A newer 350 engine with custom headers and dual exhaust. Slotted mag wheels with fronts slightly turned and a few others. Warning: This can be a jigsaw puzzle. PM me if you need info on this.


Bob Hall
13 February 2021, 18:16
Tim Heimer
LOL! Right now with the weather we are in the great white north!!!
14 February 2021, 06:03
Kerry COX
For a moment, I thought I was looking at a "Wheeler dealers" revival masterpiece. !
Looking super good Tim. 👍.
14 February 2021, 06:37
Tim Heimer
Thank you Kerry, I'm trying , and so is this kit! LOL! Hoping to complete by next weekend as long as it will let me! Hope you and yours are doing well!
15 February 2021, 05:51
Tim Heimer
So in the beginning of this it looked like a decent kit only lacking in detail decals. Well so much for that! 1st my fault for not test fitting the doors before installing, then after hours of trying to get the front of the dash to fit and After installing the completed interior tub into the body the doors won't close! Come to find out the lower part of the dash as well as the upper door mold on the body prevented the closure of the doors, to which I had to file to fit. Then I went to test fit the lower chassis only to find the rear tires didn't fit right in the fender wells. Also for some reason the engine didn't fit right! Come to find out that the single pin mount for the engine was off by about 5mm which you could see by where they had the steer linkage bent to accommodate the oil pan. I assumed that this had been figured out! My bad again! So as close as I thought I'd have this done by now, everything is ripped up so it can be assembled correctly! As anything with these old kits Round2 puts out, be prepared to build a puzzle not a model kit! Pictures will follow shortly.
19 February 2021, 06:06
Bill Newcomer
Following. Fitting after painting is always a bummer.
22 February 2021, 06:10
Tim Heimer
You know it Bill!! This kit is one of those one thing leads to another! I've had to redo the top half of the engine from handling it as well as other things! I have all sorts of filing dust inside the interior I have to some how get out as well! UGH!
22 February 2021, 18:58
Bob Hall
License plate stand for Jill Taylor 2 ?
1 March 2021, 00:08
Tim Heimer
Yea Mr.Bob! Yes , since this is the 2nd Nomad I've built and her 1st one got crushed I decided that this would be Tim's replacement car for her.
1 March 2021, 00:44
Bob Hall
Thought there was a tie in between the two ! Looks great, love that Blue !
1 March 2021, 01:00
Tim Heimer
Testors lacquer named De Ja Blue.
1 March 2021, 02:16
Bob Hall
Nice !
1 March 2021, 02:36


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1:16 '55 Chevrolet Nomad (AMT 1005)

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