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Ingo F (Igi87)


T-72M1 - Iraq - Desert Storm

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This album is attached to project T-72M1 - Iraq - Desert Storm.

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1:35 T-72M1 (Tamiya 35160)1:35 T-72 Track links [Workable] (Trumpeter 02050)4+


2. February at 22:37:52 Share
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Scott Dutton Looking forward to this one
3. February at 13:25:55
3. February at 13:27:20
Ingo F Welcome on board guys. :)
Finished the hull yesterday and moving to the turret now. I decided not to add the barrels on the back but will load a few ammo crates, tarps and so on the back.
3. February at 14:28:59
James C Looking good mate. Following ;)
What tracks have you used? They look bloody nice as well.
3. February at 17:45:47
Ingo F Welcome on board mate. :)
The tracks are from Trumpeter: T-72 Track links [Workable] (Trumpeter 02050, 1:35)
Just forgot to add them to the project.
Very nice tracks, easy to clean (2 attachment points per link) and you just need to click them together.

1:35 T-72 Track links [Workable] (Trumpeter 02050)
3. February at 17:57:29
Cortex Very cool build, did you like the Trumpeter tracks ?
3. February at 17:59:32
Ingo F Thanks Cortex. Yeah, they are very nice and fit the Tamiya kit very well.
3. February at 18:00:36
James C Cool and cheers for the info re the tracks. I think I have a set of them laying around here somewhere.
3. February at 18:03:55
Cortex Great! thanks for the feedback Ingo!
3. February at 19:08:21
Ingo F You are welcome.
3. February at 19:19:58
Jan Raska Watching!
4. February at 06:23:29
Ingo F Welcome on board. :)
4. February at 07:14:26
Ingo F Small update on this one. Working on the turret right now. Decided not to use PE parts everywhere as it is a little bit too unstable and i am afraid that some parts will fall of or breake if i add tarps and stowage. :)
14. February at 19:58:47
James C Looks to be progressing nicely mate

I'm still undecided whether to do mine in a traditional Russian Army overall green per the box art or a Middle Eastern desert scheme.
In saying that, I'd also love to get one of the Trumpeter T-72's with upgraded armour etc, but just too pricey for me at present. :(
14. February at 20:11:49
Ingo F The problem with the Tamiya kit is that you can only build the russian version if you do not care about the accuracy. Russian/soviet army never had the T-72M or M1 version as it was only made for the export. If you want to go with the overall green and be accurate, go with the german NVA vehicle. :)
14. February at 20:25:41
Ingo F Sorry mate. Got it wrong. You only spoke about the color, not the vehicle itself. :)
14. February at 20:35:37
James C LOL! I didn't know that mate so cheers for the info! I guess an "exported" unit it will have to be then. ;)
14. February at 21:46:01
Ingo F Hehe, you are welcome mate. If i am not wrong, the Tamiya T-72 represent a rare east german T-72 that came from Czechoslovakia and had the M1 hull and M turret. Unfortunately i am not sure if the information is right as read about it years ago.
14. February at 22:10:50
Cortex Hi, just wanted to draw your attention to this idea:
Iraq had its own version of T-72M1 called 'Lion of Babylon' or 'Asad Babil'. It had basically the same desert as other Iraqi T-72s but side skirts were deserts yellow and had the name 'Lion of Babylon' printed on them in white color. You can do some search to find more facts and pics.

You might want to check that subject before starting to paint, it's very cool and I had it planned as future build.
15. February at 04:51:39
Jan Raska James, do the Czechoslovak one! :D Ingo, the precision and cleanness of your build is astonishing!!
15. February at 05:16:09
Ingo F Thank you Cortex and Jan! :)
@Cortext - This one will be the Lion and the side skirts will be same color as the tank. :) I am thinking of painting the tank first russian green then a coat of chipping fluid and then desert yellow. Will do some chipping, mainly on the side skirts and edges.
15. February at 07:10:09
Scott Dutton Good plan
15. February at 08:47:49
Cortex @Ingo, you are correct. The tanks were based pasinted with Russian Green. Btw Zvezda's T-72A kit has the decals for the Lion, they appeared in parades with the name printed on side skirts and some of them saw combat. Check here
17. February at 07:30:09
Ingo F I have had build the Zvezda T-72A years ago. Therefore i should have the decals somewhere in my sparebox. Thanks for the info.
17. February at 08:38:47
Ingo F Build is finished. Can move to the painting stage now.
20. February at 20:36:52
Nathan Dempsey Coming along nicely.
20. February at 21:42:44
Ingo F Thanks.
20. February at 22:23:24
Ingo F Base painting and chipping are done. The color is a little bit dull on the pictures because of the light. Its more yellowish and will be richer after a coat of varnish and weathering.
I used the heavy chipping fluid for the first time and i am really happy with the outcome. Definitely will use it in the furure.
24. February at 13:54:14
Nathan Dempsey Chipping came out great!
24. February at 17:22:51
Jan Raska This chipping is super-yummy!
24. February at 18:30:36
James C Very cool.
24. February at 18:30:41
Ingo F Thank you Nathan, Jan and James. :)
24. February at 18:56:35
Scott Dutton That chipping is fantastic, less is more applied brilliantly. Just a discussion point, I've always thought that the cover on the gun mantlet being either a canvas or a vulcanised rubber if painted would give cracking of the paint rather than chipping as it moved. Your cover picture doesn't support my theory, but what do you think. Either way great work.
25. February at 07:53:53
Ingo F Scott, thank you for you kind word mate.
Thanks for pointing out the mistake i made. I have checked the picures again and you are right about the cracking and not chipping. The canvas looking almost intact without any signs of chipping. Guess i have to redo the canvas and use fine brush to paint small cracks.
25. February at 08:42:20
Ingo F Here we go guys. Finished this one last week and finally today is a day with proper sun. :D
31. March at 15:28:22
Neuling Ein Prachtstück!
31. March at 15:42:44
Ingo F Danke. :)
31. March at 15:53:35
James C Well done mate, I like that a lot!
31. March at 17:30:33
Ingo F Thank you James. :)
31. March at 18:38:09
Scott Dutton Great job, just the right amount of weathering
1. April at 10:37:53
Ingo F Thank you mate. :)
1. April at 10:59:36
Murad ÖZER me too me too, looking very cool!
1. April at 14:03:47
Ingo F Hehe :-D, thanks mate. :)
1. April at 14:25:28
Jan Raska AMAZING!!!
1. April at 19:14:15
Ingo F Thank you Jan. :)
1. April at 19:39:37
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