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Choppa Nutta
Choppa Nutta

Douglas Bader Quarter Scale Figure Sculpt


4 | 21. December 2020, 12:53
nice job on that base. looking forward the rest 🙂
21. December 2020, 14:19
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Spanjaard, I am beginning to realise that making the base was the easy bit ! 🙂
The eyeballs were a challenge though ...

Made from 6mm BB gun pellets with holes drilled for the pupils and the iris were counter sunk with a 2.5mm drill bit, sprayed white, red veins with another ghost coat of white to knock the red back, puplis black, iris dark blue with a light blue painted radially leaving the edges darker and then half a drop of epoxy resin for the lenses to get the eyeballs back to spherical ...
they look better in real life but hopefully you get the idea 🙂

Anyhow, on to the hard part, sculpting a likeness of Douglas Bader
and then painting it .... a bit of a daunting challenge but with a little luck I hope to do a reasonable job of it 🙂
21. December 2020, 14:44
sculpting a face is a great skill to master. i tried year an a half ago with a famous sculptor in Veldhoven... total disaster 😄 😄 . will need to give it another try in the future. i am sure yours will be much better
21. December 2020, 17:03
Choppa Nutta
Here's hoping but I've never attempted sculpting an actual person before so I feel a little uncertain about the results will be like but worth a punt I guess 🙂

This is a pumpkin carving I sculpted a few years bac, ended up looking like Davros from Dr Who ..

21. December 2020, 18:44
Choppa Nutta
Btw you should definitely give it another go though Spanjaard, but I would say one thing I have found useful is studying human anatomy as it helps you to understand what you see etc.
I really like George Bridgman's books, especially Constructive Anatomy for the Artist 🙂
21. December 2020, 18:46
great work on that pumpkin 🙂
i will certainly give it another try.... eventually 🙂
21. December 2020, 20:35
Choppa Nutta
Cheers 🙂

Get some good old fashioned plasticine, it's cheap and reusable ........
........ and fun too, think of it as sketching in 3D 😄
21. December 2020, 22:04
Well this a rare treat indeed when Choppa Nutta comes out of nowhere and makes something.. this will be Epic!😉
22. December 2020, 03:41
Donald Dickson II
OK, this is different. And very cool!
22. December 2020, 04:24
Es-haq Khosravi
Yes yes! I'm in!!!
22. December 2020, 05:27
Choppa Nutta
Thanks for your interest chaps, hopefully I can do a half decent job 🙂
First pass with the clay, next up is to get the overall proportions correct and smooth out the surface etc.
I'm going to try and do as much as I can before I stick the eyeballs in to avoid scratching them.
Once I get the face sorted then I will work on the remaining details of the head before going on to the rest.
27. December 2020, 21:28
Ingo F
I will take a seat, looks like it will be very interesting. 🙂
4. February, 19:23

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