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Kos Bar (kwstasb)

F/A-18E VFA-137




22. July 2016, 09:35
Mike Kryza
Absolute terrific camo.
22. July 2016, 11:14
Maciej Bellos
Niiiiiiiice Kosta! It mush have been a pain to get all these decals on the plane but the result is well worth it.
22. July 2016, 11:44
Lex Jassies
It's a beauty! Love the camouflage.
22. July 2016, 12:00
Kos Bar
Thank you all for your kind words. Really glad you like it!
22. July 2016, 16:29
Scott Dutton
Great job. Good work in getting the resin so well integrated and that finish is amazing. Can't begin to guess what would be harder decalling or trying to mask that scheme
22. July 2016, 22:14
Very cool
23. July 2016, 01:33
Kos Bar
Thank you Scott and John! Believe me with a good coat of gloss varnish and the Microscale decal setter and softer solutions, decalling was a piece of cake! Of course the excellent quality of the DXM decal set played a major part in the ease of the decals application.
23. July 2016, 14:24
fantastic result. nightmare of decalling! even if they a good quality, i am not sure if i would dare such a camo. well done!
1. August 2016, 14:43
Kos Bar
thank you my friend! Believe me you should try the digital camo especially by decaling! It is much easier than masking and painting and you get to have a very special model sitting in your display case.
5. August 2016, 00:24
I may give it a try eventually. it certainly makes a different type of camo. that is for sure. i like airbrush and masking, but this one, better by decals, that si for sure :)
5. August 2016, 13:22
7. August 2016, 07:08

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