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23. December 2013, 20:06
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Hunter Cummins
A beautiful piece of art
Verywell done sir🙂😄
23. December 2013, 20:29
23. December 2013, 21:03
Thanks guys - I love NMF!!!! Good apprentice pieces for my 1/48 Airfix Lightning which hopefully I will start soon - just got to get loads more Alclad II, doesnt seem to go far.
24. December 2013, 08:19
Gordon Sørensen
My favorite jet! Great job!
24. December 2013, 11:47
Es-haq Khosravi
Great Job!
24. December 2013, 12:33
John Thomas
Nice NMF
24. December 2013, 12:52
Barry Lloyd
A fine piece of work Mick, nice clean finish.
24. December 2013, 20:53
Again - thank you Gentleman for you kind words.
24. December 2013, 21:51
Vorya hidaryan
Well Done!
25. December 2013, 15:46
Bill Spargo
It looks fantastic, How easy were the decals to apply, you've done a great job
30. March 2014, 10:06
Hi Bill - Hasegawa decals very good on this kit - I also built an Academy version as well and decals absolutly shocking and had to replace where I could.
There are alot of them and you need to keep track of were you are - the large bands require plenty of Microsol to settle them- I now always scan/copy the original decal sheet before I start because once it gets chopped up its mayhem! Anyway nice to be aboard!
30. March 2014, 12:04
Alexander Perov
beautiful Sabre.which paint you use
30. March 2014, 12:45
Clifford Keesler
Truly a work of art, Great job.
30. March 2014, 14:29
Thanks Clifford - its a nice subject anyway and more colourful than most to model so that helps. Alexander - hello again - I used Alclad 2 paints, Duraluminium (ALC 102) and Polished Aluminium (ALC 105). On my Academy F86-F I did the same except whilst removing masking for Yellow Banding pulled a load of the Alclad off - argh! So then did a a Metalskin overlay on sides - you can see it fairly clearly but was my first use of this medium and will probably do so again on my EE Lightning F2A in selected areas.
30. March 2014, 15:36
30. March 2014, 16:54
Jermaine Hoskin
Stunning appearance, What technique did you use for the different shades of aluminum on the body?
30. March 2014, 18:59
Wim van der Luijt
Excellent NMF! love the different shades and the decals look as good as the rest
30. March 2014, 19:04
Cheers Jen and Wim - Jermaine thanks as well and I used the Duraluminium for the inner wing panels, top and bottom and also the odd side panel although this was not necessarily accurate but added contrast. Gun port panels I think I used Gunmetal as they always appear much darker on photos and everywhere else Polished Aluminium. As mentioned by me earlier I will never mask again on this kind of finish with anything but Tamiya tape - other stuff just pulls!
30. March 2014, 20:06
Jermaine Hoskin
Thanks Michael, I completely missed your previous post.
30. March 2014, 20:57
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great job !!! Cheers.
2. August 2015, 09:59
Clifford Keesler
I have never tried the Alcads,guess I should. I saw a video on AK interactive new metalizer acrylics, was thinking of giving them a try.
4. August 2015, 23:30
Thanks Pierre. Clifford - Alclads are brill but you need to know how to use them properly - I am no expert and I probably tend to spray more on than is necassary - it seems two maybe three coats is all it takes - after that you lose the benefit of your black gloss base coat.
5. August 2015, 16:32
Clifford Keesler
I will remember that and give them a try. I have an F-84E and F-86D that need to be finished in NMF. What colors do you recommend?.
5. August 2015, 16:58
Roberto Rocat
Classic aircraft, nice models!
5. August 2015, 18:12
Nicely done. Excellent paintjob.
5. August 2015, 18:48
Thanks Roberto and thanks Marko - Clifford, The above colours I used were the best I thought for Korean War Service albeit on the 'smart' side. My Prime Reference Source was a book 'Inside The Great Jet Fighters' by Robert F. Dorr ISBN 0-7603-0306-1 , its an absolute little gem and covers the F-84E but not the F-86D. The thing about these jets were the colourful schemes so go for something bright and beautiful!
6. August 2015, 18:58
Clifford Keesler
Both of the kits I have, have very colorful markings. I will do my best.
7. August 2015, 22:56


1:48 F-86F-30 Sabre 'U.S. Air Force' (Hasegawa 07213)

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