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My modeling room

Photos of were the magic happens



29. January 2014, 19:16
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Christian Meyerhoff
Awaysome! Looks like work :)
29. January 2014, 19:29
Christian, a labor of love so far
29. January 2014, 19:53
Hunter Cummins
I am liking your modellingroom alot lol
And that stack of kits is amazing hahaah
29. January 2014, 20:05
See what you have to look forward to. My stash is 24 years in the making. What you see here is only a small fraction.
29. January 2014, 20:13
Hunter Cummins
Holy crap thats a lot of kits :o
I cant wait to see what mine looks like in the future lol
29. January 2014, 20:17
Be careful. You can spend way too much money on kits. I did many times. I would go to a contest and spend $500 dollars in a heart beat. I have cut back a lot now days but still spend too much at contest.
29. January 2014, 20:33
Steve Wilson
And in amongst god knows how many plane kits...
One lonely F1 kit..... And it's not a FERRARI!!!
Shock--horror--probe!!! :o
Lol!!!((( :D )))
29. January 2014, 20:43
Hunter Cummins
I spent only 100 dollars last year lol

29. January 2014, 21:03
Steve, sorry If I could find one at the right price I would buy it. The large F1 kit just to hard to find. I looked for years before I found the Tyrrell and paid $80 dollars for it. Just cant spend over $100 dollars for a F1 kit. I would like to get some 1:20 scale F1 cars Do you know were I can look? but I love those big kits. And you are right, more planes an I can count.
29. January 2014, 21:07
Wim van der Luijt
awesome! small but everything you need is there....I started to organise my workspace the other day: Tyding up the man cave | Album by Loftinsulator
29. January 2014, 21:29
Wim, yes I saw it. It gave me the idea to post mine work area too.
29. January 2014, 21:38
Vorya hidaryan
Nice cozy place :)
29. January 2014, 21:41
Vorya, thanks
29. January 2014, 21:44
OK Mates, Show us your work area. The more the better. Lets see where the magic happens.
29. January 2014, 21:47
Hunter Cummins
I cant yet lol
I still have to build mine ahah
29. January 2014, 22:14
Hunter, look at others modelers work benches. You can find all kinds of ideas. You can go online too, to see others layouts You may see something you could use.
29. January 2014, 22:21
Hunter Cummins
I know :D :D :D im enjoying it very much :D :D :D :D
29. January 2014, 22:51
Hunter Cummins
Can we see the "hidden" part of the stash
29. January 2014, 22:54
29. January 2014, 22:55
Ok, I will add some more photos of the stash in the morning
30. January 2014, 01:02
Hunter Cummins
Ok cool :D :D
Once I have my "temperary" modelling room up and running I will post pics
Then I will also post update pictures of the building of my modelling room :)
30. January 2014, 01:37
Kim Branders
Cool your stash is everywhere. .
30. January 2014, 07:17
Burkhard D
I can spot some corners where still another handful of kits could be shoehorned in :D
30. January 2014, 08:45
Steve Wilson
Dead right Burkhard...
I'd move that Copier Paper into the Wifes closet for a start...((( :D ))) Lol!!!
30. January 2014, 08:59
Manfred D.S.
Don't worry. There will be more. Then also in adult scale ;)
30. January 2014, 09:40
Just wait, more hidden stash to come shortly. All the boxes you see in the my model room are full of 1:72 scale kits
30. January 2014, 12:51
You are right Kim, my stash is everywhere. In my bed room, my garage and even in my sister garage. Will post a few photos for all to see. More kit than I could build in 3 or 4 life times. Hope to put a dent in it this year with my Jolly Rogers Project. Dont worry Burkhard I am trying real hard to fill every square inch I can
30. January 2014, 13:09
I have see some really nice work areas from other Scalemates modelers from tight to spacious but one thing that I noticed was that no matter how much space there was the actual working area in use is those little green cutting mats something like 12"X16" or so. I find that odd. The rest of the work space and even the whole model room is just to support those little green mats. Even our stash be it small or large and our reference materials and modeling supplies and our computers and the room it takes up is all in support of our little green mats. OK then, come on Mates more Work Rooms and Stashes. Lets see were the magic happens.
16. February 2014, 17:21
I think I'm the only one without the green
16. February 2014, 17:23
Brandon, even without the mat I bet you only work in a small area on your desk.
16. February 2014, 17:38
Nope,I use the whole desk. As of now,I have a half of the desk dedicated to the Seahawk and another half to the Lancaster,
16. February 2014, 17:41
Yes our Lancaster is a big puppy
16. February 2014, 17:45
Yay! lol,are those mats needed? My desks getting beaten up from cutting decals out with my knife.
16. February 2014, 17:45
The mats are nice for protecting your work surface. It gives you a smooth surface to work on and is self healing. For PE and Decals I use a piece of Ceramic tile for cutting. A harder surface works best.
16. February 2014, 17:52
Hunter Cummins
The green blue or what ever color mat is for cutting on as john said
It keeps your blade sharper longer
And its good for measurimg :D
Highly recomend getting one
16. February 2014, 18:48
Wim van der Luijt
I use two desks over 10 of your feet wide in all but you' re right John.... A lot of the work goes on on top of that mat...I was actually contemplating getting a second to double my work area that really proves you are right
16. February 2014, 20:11
I guest the more mats the better. I am looking for a larger mat to increase my work area.
16. February 2014, 21:56
John Hoffmann
I know this thread is older, but it made me smile. I have a corner desk and 3 or 4 tables in my basement hobby space, and my cutting mat is something like 30" x 36" but I still almost always end up doing all the work on about a 16" x 16" area at the front of the mat. All other flat surfaces are just places to place things I was just using, will get to soon, or might need again on one of the several ongoing projects.
23. April 2018, 18:58
Hey John, you are right about the cutting mat. I cleaned my work area a few weeks ago and added a Fold Up Spray booth and move some of my plastic storage bins around. I still need to do something about all my kits to make some more room. I have a 1/32 scale A-4E/F I need room to work on it.
24. April 2018, 00:18
I have cleaned up my modeling room some and moved things around and added a fold up spray booth. I will take some new photos and post them in a few days.
24. April 2018, 00:26
Siegfried Mühlnikel
That looks somehow familiar.
24. April 2018, 09:58
Tim Heimer
Please don't clean it up! I have seen posts to where they are so organized it makes me sick! Hate to say it John but...I thought my area was bad! LOL
24. April 2018, 12:26
Hey Siegfried and Timothy, I did a little cleaning to make room for a new fold up spray booth and moved some plastic storage bins around. I added some new photos of today's 2018 work bench. I also show my new 1/32 scale A-4, will it fit, stay tuned.
24. April 2018, 12:33
BTW guy's, my modeling room is just 7 feet x 7 feet or around 35 square feet
24. April 2018, 16:36

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