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Tammy Jerrett (Tamstar)

Bell OH-13S Sioux


4 20 September 2013, 08:26
Hello tammy, a Good Start, Jeep it up. 👍
20 September 2013, 08:40
Holger Kranich
Nice start Tammy, but be careful with the clearpart! Its literally a magnet for scratches!

I´m exited how this will turn out!😄
20 September 2013, 11:30
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Guys. Not sure about this one though. I think I will stick to planes.....
21 September 2013, 12:35
Xenia V.
Looking great! I've built a couple of helicopters and plan on finishing two more (just to have a "complete set" of RCAF, RCN, Cdn Army and CF helis), but I agree with you, I much prefer building airplanes!
21 September 2013, 12:39
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Xenia. This Bell will be in the Aussie 161 Reece Squadron markings . I think one Possum will be enough for me....
21 September 2013, 12:56
Nice start😉
21 September 2013, 12:57
Tammy Jerrett
Its ok the Alclad Aluminium just looks like its frosted...Tis all good love..
22 September 2013, 07:28
Tammy Jerrett
Making Good progress on the Bell ... not much to do.
29 September 2013, 10:14
Urban Gardini
Lookin' great! But I must say that the kit looks just like an upscaled version of the Bell that I built in 1:72. The breakdown of the parts n' such is more or less the same.
29 September 2013, 17:52
Adam Carter
Hey Tammy, stick with it! I very nearly gave up on this one but loved it when it was finished. I've got pics on here if you wanna look. Looking good so far!
29 September 2013, 18:43
Frank Krause
Great progress, Tammy! I love the wiring of the instrument panel. May I "steel" this for my 1:35 Sioux?
29 September 2013, 18:45
Christian Meyerhoff
Very nice chopper! Good Luck with this build!
29 September 2013, 18:50
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks all, nearly done....
30 September 2013, 11:46
Tammy Jerrett
Getting closer to the finish.😎
4 October 2013, 13:42
Es-haq Khosravi
Well done!
4 October 2013, 15:25
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Es-haq 🙂
5 October 2013, 10:26
Tammy Jerrett
Finally finished the bell. Easy to build, but hard to keep it together the delicate little flower. Over and out Possum 404.....
11 October 2013, 07:14
Christian Meyerhoff
Like this one! Very nice firefly!
11 October 2013, 07:33
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Mikey and Christian !
11 October 2013, 07:36
Frank Krause
Wow! 👍 Top result, Tammy! Still beginner...?😉😉😉
11 October 2013, 07:52
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Frank - yes well that is my second now the tester is to come. The Tornado I am attempting next might test me..😉
11 October 2013, 10:16
Es-haq Khosravi
Nice Job!
11 October 2013, 10:58
You have done a good job for your (second?) build! 👍
11 October 2013, 14:21
Dirk Heyer
Hi Tammy,
I'm really impressed!
If you are doing so on in the future, I will hide me in the outback!!
Well done model.
11 October 2013, 16:13
Bill Spargo
Can i borrow the head set
12 October 2013, 01:30
Bill Spargo
I can borrow the seat belts as well, Pllllease
12 October 2013, 01:32
Bill Spargo
Hey Possum, great job. Now you can build mine for Me. Pllllease
12 October 2013, 01:34
Bill Spargo
OK Tammy, what about a B58 HUSTLER next, now that's a real plane.
12 October 2013, 01:39
Bill Spargo
Beautiful job, I cant believe this is your second model. Can't you put some glue all over the canopy to make me feel better! Whats next?
12 October 2013, 01:43
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Top Job,Tammy .Youre on the right way.
12 October 2013, 04:07
Urban Gardini
Love your work n' I really like your headsets.
12 October 2013, 10:39
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks all

@bill. That was my first attempt at making the seat belts..uggh and the headsets you can have them they were a headache. No it was a fun build just frustrating when the bits kept breaking off and had to be glued 4 or 5 times. It is on the shelf and staying there until I decide to complete the diorama
12 October 2013, 10:42
Bill Spargo
"Frustrating" that's a word modellers know well as well as "bits breaking off". We all do it, thats part of modelling. Where possible build modules for later assesmbly and paint modules separately if it reduces handling.
12 October 2013, 23:05
Hunter Cummins
Hey tammy this is a superb build 🙂 iwish I could build aricraft and helicopters as well as you but ill juststick to armor 🙂🙂
19 October 2013, 13:11
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks Hunter. This is my second build, I have enjoyed the variety and learning new skills on both my first builds, I am now back to a plane. Who knows I might try a tank one day.😉
19 October 2013, 13:16
Urban Gardini
Oh please come join the dark side, we've got cookies you know...
19 October 2013, 13:34
Tammy Jerrett
Need more than cookies to take away from the birds.....
19 October 2013, 13:41
Hunter Cummins
How about cookies and you can do bith dirds and armod 🙂🙂🙂
19 October 2013, 13:43
Tammy Jerrett
one day ...🙂
19 October 2013, 13:49
Urban Gardini
But, but we've got mud as well...
19 October 2013, 14:04
Urban Gardini
And more importantly the fact that in the battle between good n' evil, evil have more fun...
19 October 2013, 14:04
Urban Gardini
n' don't forget the magic word RUST...
19 October 2013, 14:05
Hunter Cummins
Yes itotally forgot abour that
19 October 2013, 14:20
🙂 Nice work
19 October 2013, 21:31
Dirk Heyer
Nice Chopper!
Like it!
19 October 2013, 21:45
Tammy Jerrett
Thanks all!!
20 October 2013, 02:01
arron parry
Cracking job!!!
15 July 2020, 09:49
David Taylor
nice one
15 July 2020, 10:19


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1:48 Bell OH-13S Sioux (Italeri 0857S)

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