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Martin R. (MooseMeister)

Diesel vs. Steampunk


20 | 16. May, 11:51
Nice build, nice idea, that's 😎
16. May, 12:43
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Excellent! Well thought off and very well executed.
16. May, 14:25
I love it!
16. May, 16:43
Awesome concept and great work! What's the story here? Are they having an argument?
16. May, 17:48
Martin R.
Thanks, mates. The idea was that they meet at the narrow spot of the dirt road, the steampunky engineer wants to go to the local aerodrome port (to meet his mates, I s'pose) while the more advanced engineers want to take their car to the local fuel cell workshop (yeah, there is a nerdy idea behind that, you call it Hydropunk or whatever, where the invention of the fuel cell by William Grove in 1842 sparked some early adoption (given that there was significantly less demand for transportation compared to, let's say, today, a much easier task compared to, let's say, today 🙂
17. May, 05:16
Nice story and dio! 👍
17. May, 09:00
Rui S
Beautifull 👍
17. May, 21:43
Alex Rodionov
Outstanding idea and realisation. ?
18. May, 03:47
Martin R.
Thanks, mates!
18. May, 09:36
Stefan Schacht
well done 👍
18. May, 18:55
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Awesome I love it very well done congratulations ? ? ?
18. May, 18:57


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