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Vietnam Vreck


11 | 10. May 2020, 12:27
Chaz Gordon
Wow, there's a lot going on there. would love to hear the narative behind the scene
10. May 2020, 13:08
Martin R.
Thanks! I have some back story in mind (that's how it got started) 😉
10. May 2020, 13:33
A Schlefaz movie set of private TV?
10. May 2020, 16:18
11. May 2020, 04:55
Ok...I can't keep passing up your post without leaving a comment any longer....it's just not right! Umm, It's pretty awesome man...
11. May 2020, 06:36
Chris Greathouse
That is a super well done and fun dio! Great job!
11. May 2020, 06:44
Martin R.
thanks guys!
11. May 2020, 12:16
Choppa Nutta
Cool diorama Martin,
I do like the overall idea of it all, derelict plane in the jungle with giant animals and a hot babe ! 😄
it's like a scene out of a James Bond movie 🙂
11. May 2020, 13:13
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Excellent Great job.
18. May, 18:59
Alex Rodionov
Excellent again.
18. May, 19:04
Dominik Weitzer
awesome! great built!
21. May, 10:11
Martin R.
Thanks guys!
21. May, 15:12
Alexander Grivonev
This diorama is so right and so wrong on so many levels, I love it! Especially Miso Horny with a G36. Love the realism😄
21. May, 17:20


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1:35 Vietnamese Rice Farmer - Woman #1 (MAiM MAIM35030)1:35 South East Asian Elephant with Children (Verlinden Productions 1543)1:35 '60-'70 Southern Vietnamese (Diopark DP35012)4+

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