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When you don't even realise your building it.


10 | 29. April, 12:35
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice 👍 Sounds like shake'n bake ?
29. April, 18:18
James C
Oooh I like that! 👍
29. April, 18:29
Thanks Roland, pretty much shake n bake, a little something for the Mojo.
Thanks James 🙂 its doing ok.
29. April, 18:33
Slavo Hazucha
Just dug this up - nice work & topic - these colorful bulb-nose MiGs have something in them that just brings up a smile on one's face 🙂

Nice job with the metal & all - kit detail does not look all too bad too 👍
7. August, 18:49
Hi Slavo,

🙂 Thanks M'amigo, you should see the B-29.

Its actually a really nice kit from HB, does have some inaccuracies, but at the end of the day built, it looks like a MiG-19PF and builds a lot nicer than Smer's offerings.
7. August, 19:47
Slavo Hazucha
I'm back after an inglorious break, will need some time to look at all the good stuff! 😉

PS: I'm a secret fan of HB kits, had 4 so far, happy with every single one of them, never pulled the ruler out to take measures 😄
7. August, 19:52
Welcome back then 🙂

Yeah I too am a fan of HB kits, started with the Varks.
7. August, 20:37
Robert Podkoński
What a cool MiG!
8. August, 06:54
🙂 thanks Robert
8. August, 09:16


1:48 MiG-17 PF "Fresco D" (HobbyBoss 80336)

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