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Dirk Fries (Warlock)

Finished Model

Hi @all,

thought was time for a real Quicky, but it looks like this project run a little out of the rudder.
So this kit got some aftermarket extras (Bags by Tamiya, cal. 30 by Academy, ammo box and projectile by Skif, Ammo belt by Eduard) and some minor scratchbuilding (sand bags with Milliput and ammo box from styrene).

The diorama base is the half of a carboard easter egg. Meant for putting sweaties in it. I took one half, filled it with plaster and put basically dried coffee pulver and hemp ( the hemp plumpers use for sealing - not the other stuff 😉 ) on it.

It took be about 3 weeks for this - Long enough for a fun built 😉


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Soeren .
😄 Really great work and idea Dirk!
1. April 2018, 08:48
Dirk Fries
Thanks a lot Sören 🙂
1. April 2018, 08:59
Henrik Stormer
Nice and very cartoonish
1. April 2018, 09:07
Dirk Fries
Thanks Henrik 🙂
1. April 2018, 19:10
Scott Dutton
Soooooo Cuteeeeee
1. April 2018, 23:14
Michael Hickey
2. April 2018, 00:14
Murad ÖZER
cuteness overload!😎
2. April 2018, 00:25
Scott Hastings
Great little dio for the egg tank....well done!!!
2. April 2018, 03:43
Peter Hardy
Eggcellent! Never mind the cartoon presentation Dirk, there are some serious skills at work there! Love the weathering, the shell and blast and the dio base. All in sync with the Sherman. Well done Mate, LOVE it!
2. April 2018, 05:12
Tim Heimer
Looks great! A+ for imagination and execution!
2. April 2018, 12:03
Daniel Klink
Just love it!!! 👍
2. April 2018, 12:12
John Thomas
Very cool
2. April 2018, 12:37
Dirk Fries
Thanks a lot guys ! I really appreciate your feedback 🙂
3. April 2018, 17:35


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