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Mike Grant (Migrant)

Airfix Sopwith Pup

Probably Airfix's best 1/72 biplane kit, tiny like the real thing but pretty accurate in outline. It was converted to a Naval version by cutting the opening in the upper wing and mounting the Lewis gun forward of the cockpit. Fuselage was re-skinned with .005" styrene sheet, and the overscale ribs/fabric texture was sanded down and new rib tapes added.


10 | 22. June 2015, 23:50
Looks great Mike, nice and clean build
23. June 2015, 00:14
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great model, I love it ! cheers
23. June 2015, 05:18
Ulf Petersen
Just brilliant, Mike!👍
Your models are pure eye-candy.
23. June 2015, 05:45
Martien Lourens
Another outstanding piece of work
23. June 2015, 06:31
Cristian Bordina
There are no more adjectives to use for your models😉😉😉 Great job WizardMike !!!
23. June 2015, 06:37
Hanno Kleinecke
So pretty ! You never cease to stun us with these amazing builds of yours ! Outstanding !
23. June 2015, 07:11
WOW 👍 Great model 👍 👍 👍
23. June 2015, 07:15
Vegard Øksenholt
Anoter eyecandy from you, Mike 👍 You post finished models quite often, makes me wonder, do you build this fast? Or is it pictures of older builds you've done? 🙂
23. June 2015, 13:11
Francisco Colaço
Very nice Pup.👍
23. June 2015, 13:15
23. June 2015, 14:56
Mike Grant
Thanks so much guys! 👍
@Vegard I build painfully slowly😉 Most of the Airfix builds I've posted lately were from a series I did in SAMI magazine a few years ago, in which I built one a month for two years. Almost burnt me out completely. Under 'normal' circumstances I usually average 7/8 completions a year.
24. June 2015, 12:56
Vegard Øksenholt
@Mike Thanks for the reply. Me and my gf was super curious about how the h*ck you were able to produce so many good-looking airplanes at that pace 😄 Anyways, thanks for sharing your work, it's very inspiring to us.
24. June 2015, 14:15
Łukasz Gliński
Unbelievable, how much can be squeezed out from such an old and basic set of sprues... 🙂
25. June 2015, 07:14
Glauco Antunes
Wow!!!! <3
14. September 2020, 09:32
Jiri Vybihal
very nice
14. September 2020, 10:26
Dave Flitton
14. September 2020, 11:15
Predrag Ivanovic
Beautiful build! Not a single detail that said this is not 1/48 or even 1/32. Amazing.
14. September 2020, 11:46
Daniel Mysak
Fantastic job, hard to believe this is 1/72 scale when looking on the riggings.
14. September 2020, 11:52
I agree with Daniel!
14. September 2020, 15:36
David Taylor
not really 1/72 is it,really.
14. September 2020, 18:21


1:72 Sopwith Pup (Airfix 01082)

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