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Mike Grant (Migrant)

Tamiya GMC 'Deuce'

This project sort of developed as it went along; it started off as a straightforward build of the truck until it became a 'bounty hunter/souvenir collector' vignette. Lots of aftermarket and spares box items, the 109 rudder was from a scrapped Revell 1/32 kit.


27. April 2015, 14:14
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Matthias Weiss
Oh man... this is fantastic.... amazing!
27. April 2015, 14:32
Tony Gough
Nice job mate love it, this is a great kit to build and so many extras to go with it
27. April 2015, 14:58
Aghis Barberopoulos
Wooow, Mike you are full of surprises! What a great looking truck, so you do more than just wingy things 🙂
I just love this one!
27. April 2015, 15:30
Mike Grant
Thanks guys! @Aghis I haven't done much armour, I think this was the third or fourth I built, but I'm getting into it again. Just working on a Tamiya Gama Goat right now, it's great fun 👍
27. April 2015, 15:40
Gerald Willing
👍 Nice work
27. April 2015, 17:47
Francisco Abad
I like it very much. Good work.
27. April 2015, 18:54
Es-haq Khosravi
Excellent job!
27. April 2015, 19:33
Rui S
Smooth weathering, looks beautiful, Mike 👍
27. April 2015, 21:06
Jonns Pfeiffenberger
one of my favorite truck, painted absolutely amazing and great weathering
27. April 2015, 21:57
Choppa Nutta
👍 Nice work
27. April 2015, 22:34
Matthias Weiss
Can't stop looking at it....
How did you make these fantastic shades and color modulation??
And those rims!
My apologies in advance, I will have to copy you for my White Scout Car even though I know it won't be like this truck.... 🙁
28. April 2015, 00:38
Brilliant work.
28. April 2015, 04:45
Ulf Petersen
Amazing, Mike! The finish is just superb!!!👍
Convincing in every single detail - and there are lots of details!!!
28. April 2015, 05:43
Harry Eder
Looks really great! 👍
28. April 2015, 06:28
Soeren .
I think you can call this a masterpiece
28. April 2015, 06:30
Matthias Weiss
And I like that doggy... 🙂
28. April 2015, 07:04
Arne Greve
Nice building Mike, and the idea with the tail end of a plane looks good. But why don´t you give the GI a patch on his arm?
28. April 2015, 08:05
Hanno Kleinecke
Masterly, a joy to look at . 👍
28. April 2015, 08:08
Adie Roberts
Great build Mike some sweet weathering there
28. April 2015, 09:31
Mike Grant
Thanks again guys! @Arne That's a good idea, where would I find info on such things?
28. April 2015, 14:06
Arne Greve
Hi Mike, you can look at Archer Dry Transfers. There you can find a lot of rank insignias. I would say, the GI is a Master Sergeant or Technical Sergeant. Look at this, for example: https://www.michtoy.com/item-FER-G35017-US_Rank_Insignia_World_War_II_Vietnam_Lower_Ranks.html
28. April 2015, 19:31
28. April 2015, 19:32
Mike Grant
Awesome, thanks for that info Arne 🙂
28. April 2015, 23:27
Arne Greve
No pleasure, Mike
29. April 2015, 06:31
Arne Greve
I mean My pleasure.... It is early in the morning....
29. April 2015, 06:36
Vorya hidaryan
Excellent 👍
29. April 2015, 22:16


1:35 2 1/2 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)1:35 2 1/2ton 6x6 Cargo Truck Accessory Parts Set (Tamiya 35231)1:35 Cal .50 HMG Set (2 Each) (Legend Productions LF1037)1+

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