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Echo 8
Stefan Schacht (Echo 8)

The post-apocalyptic walker


Stefan Schacht
Hello mates, in the last few days I had the time to paint a figure again. Here is the result. Cheers Stefan
5 April 2021, 20:34
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the next stalker. I had a lot of fun painting the figure 🙂 Cheers Stefan
18 April 2021, 23:19
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work Stefan.
18 April 2021, 23:24
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Nathan
19 April 2021, 09:26
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, the third figure is almost ready. Cheers Stefan
25 April 2021, 22:11
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the next update. I start to build a little base with plasticsheet. For inspiration i have searched for industrial lost places on the internet. Cheers Stefan
30 April 2021, 23:00
This looks interesting, I'll follow this, well paint figure btw
1 May 2021, 06:34
Stefan Schacht
thx TWN for the kind words.
1 May 2021, 17:33
Ralf Topeters
Very wonderful smallscalejob. A set I already thought of buying. They were too cinematic for my cause but they are quite good and beautifully painted. Well done!! 👍
2 May 2021, 00:49
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice 👍
2 May 2021, 21:37
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Ralf and Roland for your kind comments. The Dark Alliance figure nice and good for SF or Fantasy dioramas. Today I have built the water pipes and brackets. Cheers Stefan
2 May 2021, 21:44
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is a little up-date. I start to paint the base. Cheers Stefan
8 May 2021, 21:31
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, I continue to paint the base. I have used oilpaint for the wall and acrylics for the concrete. To get the rust effect on the beams I used hairspray. Cheers Stefan
10 May 2021, 19:28
Ooh yes! More Sci-fi and Fantasy dioramas for me please!
10 May 2021, 23:59
Stefan Schacht
Thanks JD for the interest. I still have some nice ideas for fantasy dioramas a lot of fun building them 🙂 Cheers Stefan
11 May 2021, 09:57
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the next up-date. I have set some effects on the wall and the concrete with oil paint. Cheers Stefan
12 May 2021, 20:37
Looks great 😎
13 May 2021, 06:52
Stefan Schacht
Thanks TWN
13 May 2021, 18:35
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, today I have worked a little bit more on the base. Cheers Stefan
13 May 2021, 23:25
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here the next pic´s. I add some effects to the concret and create a fire barrel. Cheers Stefan
15 May 2021, 00:36
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, the figures are placed, the dio is done 🙂. Cheers Stefan
15 May 2021, 17:02
Well done!
15 May 2021, 20:44
Looks nice 👍
16 May 2021, 07:41
Stefan Schacht
Thanks JD and TWN for the nice words and the others for the likes. Cheers Stefan
16 May 2021, 15:16
Roland Gunslinger
Lovely Dio 👍 Great painting work with these tiny figures!
16 May 2021, 15:20
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Roland for your kind words. Cheers Stefan
16 May 2021, 19:11
Ralf Topeters
Not only that the figures are really well done, the dio has such an outstanding high grade on detail especially for that scale. Looks like a prize winner!!!

👍 👍 👍
17 May 2021, 06:38
excellent result Stefan!
17 May 2021, 12:39
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Ralf and Spanjaard for your very kind comments. Cheers Stefan
17 May 2021, 19:09
Simon Nagorsnik
Really nice small dio!
The stalkers are superb- all in all very good work😁
14 January, 21:32


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