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a little idea


3 4 February 2015, 21:40
Stefan Schacht
I have a idea for a little diorama with some fantasy figures. So i start with the lone hero.
4 February 2015, 21:46
Stefan Schacht
Hi Mates, here is a update of my project. I build a box of plywood and use Styrodur to create a scene with a cave. Cheers Stefan
21 December 2015, 22:14
Stefan Schacht
the basic paintjob is done. I use Vallejo acrylics for the rocks and pigments for the earth and sand. Now i create some bushes and details for the base. Cheers Stefan
25 December 2015, 22:56
Christian Bruer
Hi Stefan, wow that looks fantastic. I much like the two point of views in your small diorama. Figure is painted with acrylics or oils? Looks amazing!

By the way, I have ordered some tufts of grass for my little WWI vignette:

Excellent stuff for terrain modeling. I bought some Germania US civil war figures and a Napoleon gun in scale 1/72 – very nicely detailed gun and figures made of resin. I'll post some photos soon.

Cheers, Christian
26 December 2015, 09:19
Stefan Schacht
Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words. I had the idea of the cave, as I built the plywood box. So I have more space for the opponent figures. The figure is painted with acrylicsan and Achims workshop on the ISSC was very helpful. Next, I build two small bushes and further details. Cheers Stefan
26 December 2015, 17:20
Stefan Schacht
Here is a small update. The new images show the fence, which I have built for the diorama. Cheers Stefan
31 December 2015, 18:59
Stefan Schacht
Hi Mates, here is the next update. I create the water and complete the trees. Cheers Stefan
9 April 2016, 21:39
Ray Seppala
Looks great Stefan 👍 base work is very realistic
9 April 2016, 23:44
Stefan Schacht
Thanks, Ray
10 April 2016, 06:05
Stephan Ryll
Tolles Dio 👍
10 April 2016, 06:11
Great idea with the cave.
10 April 2016, 08:53
Stefan Schacht
Thanks, Stephan and Acki
10 April 2016, 19:11
Thomas Bischoff
looks good and thanks for sharing how you did it
10 April 2016, 19:29
Stefan Schacht
Thx Thomas, i am glad you like it.
11 April 2016, 07:49
Stefan Schacht
Hi Mates, here is the next little progress. I have decorated the meadow with plants. Cheers Stefan
16 April 2016, 19:54
Bernhard Schrock
Das ist Modellbau wie es im Buche steht. Was oder wer wohnt denn in der Höhle?🙂
17 April 2016, 05:44
Dirk Scheffler
Where are the Goblins?
17 April 2016, 08:07
Bin auch gespannt, was aus der Höhle kommt. Sieht super aus!
17 April 2016, 08:48
Christian Bruer
Convincing work Stefan 👍, just looking forward who or what will come out of the cave😄
17 April 2016, 11:17
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here are the goblins who live in the cave. Now I will prepare them for painting 🙂, Cheers Stefan
17 April 2016, 19:30
Choppa Nutta
This looking good !! 🙂

How did you do the grass ?
17 April 2016, 19:59
Dirk Scheffler
Super Dio Stefan, may be its better to display not so may Goblins. Give the Hero with no name a Chance.
17 April 2016, 20:57
Stefan Schacht
Hi Choppa, I used the 6mm long wild grass and the flock applicator from Noch. You can see that in this promotional video. Youtube Video

Hi Dirk, it's like in the pc game gothic, you never know, hit and run 🙂 Cheers Stefan
18 April 2016, 17:46
Choppa Nutta
Ah it looks very different from what I expected !
it looks like it's just being squeezed out like a talcum powder bottle and not the electro static grass ?
You've managed to get it nice and dense, I wonder how you made it stand up like that ?
I take it there is a mesh on the nozzle ?

I had a go at making an electro static grass from a bug zapper using 2mm and 10mm grass,
the 2mm went down ok ( I guess ) but the 10 mm was more difficult to get to work.
in both cases though I couldn't get it anything like dense enough 🙁

Would like to know how your applicator works please 🙂

Cheers 🙂
18 April 2016, 18:06
Stefan Schacht
Hi Choppa, first I apply the glue. Then I have the bottle used, as shown in the movie. The bottle has 5 small holes in the lid.
But I have applied the grass in several steps. After the every Step I turn around the diorama and shaken off loose Grass. In the first step the grass is pushed down and in the last step the grass stand up, because only the vertically falling straws sticking. Cheers Stefan
18 April 2016, 18:51
Choppa Nutta
ah I see, neat trick at the end there !! 🙂

Thank you for explaining it to me Stefan 👍
I have had a couple of ideas to help improve my gizmo,
smaller metal sieve and a flat bottom instead of curved, fresh should help as well 😄
But your technique, whilst it might end up using more grass, really does look very effective and it's simple too, going to have to try it out 🙂
18 April 2016, 19:00
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates here is the next update. The cave guardian is ready painted, but his friends are still on the workbench. Cheers Stefan
26 May 2016, 20:45
Christian Bruer
looking good so far Stefan. Thought the rest of the gang is in the cave and not on the bench😄
27 May 2016, 17:48
Stefan Schacht
Thx Chris, first i have to paint some details at the goblins 🙂. Cheers Stefan
27 May 2016, 20:48
Bill Davis
That is so cool!
27 May 2016, 23:31
Stefan Schacht
Thank you Bill.
28 May 2016, 06:20
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here are the first pictures of the finished diorama. Only a goblin had bad luck and fell down from the Diorama 🙂.
Next, I make pictures during daylight. Cheers Stefan
31 May 2016, 20:31
👍 Wirklich klasse! Der Goblin, der am Abgrund hängt ist das Sahnehäubchen! 😄
31 May 2016, 20:44
Stefan Schacht
danke Acki.
1 June 2016, 09:59
Choppa Nutta
a most charming diorama, I do like it 👍 🙂
1 June 2016, 10:09
Urban Gardini
I love it! As for the Hero I'd say "That will break out a sweat!". There's only one thing that stands out as wrong and that is the sword that is scuptured the wrong way in his hand, it looks odd. But that's not your fault. One question though, the threes! The fiber that you've applied as the finer twigs for the leaves. What is it that you've used for that?
1 June 2016, 10:22
Stefan Schacht
Thx mates, i use "Filterwatte", sorry i don`t know the english word. This is the material for the filter system of a aquarium. For example shop.vitakraft.de/fi..bShs0CFUlmGwodWjAHHA
Cheers Stefan
1 June 2016, 10:47
Urban Gardini
Thanks mate! Me neither but the Swedish word for it is really close "Filtervadd"... 😉
1 June 2016, 11:20
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the article modellversium.de/gal..e-goblinhoehle-.html Cheers Stefan
19 August 2016, 09:59
Christian Bruer
Nice article Stefan and a well done diorama👍
19 August 2016, 12:12
Stefan Schacht
Thank you Chris
19 August 2016, 16:38
Sven Schönyan
Very nice idea and realistic realization! The way you create the trees is very inspiring!
19 August 2016, 16:48
Stefan Schacht
Thx Sven
20 August 2016, 12:42
Zsolt Czegle
29 September 2016, 18:34

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