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The Butcher
Bobby Thumbs (The Butcher)

Girl Fight

After making the forest diorama - I then needed some figures to complete it. This is the end result.


10 28 December 2021, 09:30
Mathias Decommere
Very well done! Nice update on the forest!
28 December 2021, 12:24
Ben M
I love the mossy trees
29 December 2021, 04:56
Bobby Thumbs
Thanks for the love everyone. As usual one thing leads to another. I'm going to have a go at making a tree next.

@Ben M - woodland scenics course turf and glue worked a treat as regrowth on the trees.
29 December 2021, 23:20
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice scene!
Very authentic forest, also like your figure painting👍👍
23 January, 09:46
Rui S
I agree with Simon. Very well done 👍
23 January, 18:00
Lena Schneider
23 January, 18:41
Bobby Thumbs
Thanks for the love everyone.
23 January, 22:27


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