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BISMARCK 1941 - 1/200 by Trumpeter & Pontos


2 | 20. July 2015, 08:48
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Holger Kranich
Moin Micha!
Sieht gut aus aber was für Bohrungen sind das auf der Backbordseite am Bug?
20. July 2015, 09:41
Michael Franz
.... für das GHG (Gruppenhorchgerät) - sind beidseitig zu finden 🙂
20. July 2015, 09:45
Holger Kranich
AAaahhhh... KlatschmitderHandandieStirn😄
Hast Du
Dir die Schablone selbstgeätzt?
20. July 2015, 09:49
Michael Franz
Nee... war bei dem Pontos-Set dabei 🙂
20. July 2015, 10:12
Christian Bruer
Wow, impressive work. I much like all the small details like portholes, step iron etc. Good idea to portrait the GHG! By the way, the bow has a big sink mark or do I misinterpret it in photo no. 5?!
Cheers, Christian
20. July 2015, 18:21
Michael Franz
Thank you very much Christian! 🙂
No worry - (if you mean the black shadow at the very front of the bow?) - this is a little bit of black oil color wash... no sinkmark 🙂 (I hope that you mean that - anything else would worry me a little more 🙂 )
Cheers Michael
21. July 2015, 06:39
Burkhard D
Looks great, very effective shading. 👍👍👍
21. July 2015, 13:55
Christian Bruer
Hi Micha, sorry I pick one of the pics to show what I'm talking about. The scratch noticeable in the red circle.
Micha's Bismarck | Album by Christian Bruer

Please gimme a note than I will delete it immediately.

Cheers, Christian
21. July 2015, 19:27
Michael Franz
Ah ok.... hmm.. good question - I just looked at the painted one and there is (luckily) nothing visible 🙂 Cheers 🙂
21. July 2015, 20:15
uncle chop chop
Wow looks awsome wondering what a ectcht kits like thats worth i dnt like ships but thats bloody awsome
10. August 2015, 10:49
Holger Kranich
Dammit! What a pe battle! But it Looks absolute superb to me!!! Are the "Otter-Geräte" turned parts?
10. August 2015, 11:11
Christian Bruer
Holy Moly this is much close to the original! Pontos set a new level for details, and you build is so nice and sharp. Very well done so far and I'm curiously looking forward to your progress!

Cheers, Christian
10. August 2015, 17:48
Michael Franz
Thanks a lot guys! the Otter's cosist of a turned brass part plus 13 etched parts each.... and these are really damn small.... too small nearly 🙂 (But luckily still ready to go without any glasses as help 🙂 )
Cheers Michael
12. August 2015, 18:19
Choppa Nutta
wow, that really is some heavy duty PE work right there ! 🙂
good going and very tidily done !
12. August 2015, 21:39
Hanno Kleinecke
More bloody brass than plastic ! Unbelievably accurate !
14. August 2015, 22:04
Christian Bruer
Speedy, clean and sharp work Michael. I become jealous looking to all your work and progress. Nearly no time and patience for modelmaking at the moment due to too much real work at the moment🙁
17. August 2015, 18:57
Holger Kranich
Same here, Christian... Too much work to do this season... I´m only motivated to go to bed😢
18. August 2015, 06:12
Michael Franz
Same here too now. Today last day of 2 1/2 week holiday. Tomorrow back to work. Due to a knee accident done days ago we decided to cancel this year's vacation and stay at home... Relaxing and recovering at home in our garden and terrace... Was also good holiday 🙂
18. August 2015, 06:52
Aghis Barberopoulos
Really big and impressive build! The wooden deck looks great. I am also impressed with the anchor chain: it is the first one I see that resembles the real thing in any scale.
18. August 2015, 18:20
Michael Franz
Thanks a lot 🙂 The anchor chain is fantastic quality... 3d print..... from USA .... 🙂
19. August 2015, 12:41
Holger Kranich
The chain is indeed remarkable!
19. August 2015, 13:15
Choppa Nutta

the resolution on that 3D print looks incredible !!
can't be much more than a single millimeter across !!

who or where did you get it from ?

I imagine that aint a filament extrusion, more likely laser sintering, probably 🙂
19. August 2015, 13:30
Paolo Marcucci
How did you do the camo on the turrets? I guess masking and airbrush would be out because of all the fine details...
19. August 2015, 17:54
Wim van der Luijt
Looking very good, count me in for the finale
19. August 2015, 21:27
Michael Franz
The anchor chain is from floating dry dock (http://floatingdrydock.com/) in USA.... a great item! 🙂
The camo is made with the airbrush.... lot of masking.... lot of "repairing" with the paintbrush afterwards.... but all made with the airbrush 🙂
20. August 2015, 06:38
Gerald Willing
Schöne Arbeit 👍
20. August 2015, 11:55
Mary Lawton
Hands down the best 200 scale Bismarck I've seen so far in the expanse of the Internet loving it Micha.
20. August 2015, 21:07
Michael Franz
Thanks a lot Mary 🙂 It means a lot hearing that from your side.... with your great ship models! 🙂
21. August 2015, 06:30
Christian Bruer
Brilliant details all along. The Pontos PE and brass set shows amazing details ynd you build it so nice and sharp. Camouflage painting on ship models is really challenging, because of a lot of small details and a lot of masking!
23. August 2015, 17:43
Michael Franz
Thanks a lot Christian 🙂
23. August 2015, 17:44
Aghis Barberopoulos
What a lovely funnel detail!
24. August 2015, 16:03
Christian W
Wow! You are done with your 2nd Bismark already? Awesome!
7. September 2015, 08:08
Michael Franz
Not yet done... but working on the 2nd one 🙂
7. September 2015, 08:37
Holger Kranich
Geil! Einfach nur geil!!! (Aber sag mal, kann es sein das der Steven unten etwas weit nach hinten gezogen ist? Ist ein subjektiver Eindruck bei mir...)
7. September 2015, 09:42
Michael Franz
Was meinst Du? *grübel* ... 🙂

7. September 2015, 15:25
Holger Kranich
Na die untere Seite des Vorderstevens sieht so kurz aus, also in Richtung der Bilge...
7. September 2015, 15:55
Christian Bruer
Hi, guess Holy is talking about the bow contour below the waterline. Take a look to photo no. 12 may than you'll know. But as Holy mentioned I guess it is just subjective because of the light bulbous bow.

Just my 2cent🙂
7. September 2015, 17:21
Michael Franz
Ah ok .... now I understand 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂
7. September 2015, 17:35
Christian Bruer
you're welcome🙂
7. September 2015, 17:37
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job! Really interesting! I wish there was an object in the pictures for size comparison too.
7. September 2015, 23:22
Holger Kranich
Ahh, thank you Christian, thats what i wanted to say😢
8. September 2015, 06:27
Christian Bruer
No problem Holger😉
8. September 2015, 07:54
Calvin Gifford
Breathtaking work!
27. September 2015, 22:05
Christian Bruer
Slow but most impressive!
5. October 2015, 18:38
Christian Bruer
Nice progress Micha! Just wondering how nice the wooden deck look in that scale!
11. October 2015, 17:47
Michael Franz
THanks ... yes, the wooden deck looks good... but the MK.1 Design deck was a little bit better I think... I prefered their one ... 🙂
11. October 2015, 17:53
Thomas Bischoff
Wow - these Arado's are tiny - but how do you paint them?
8. December 2015, 21:35
Gustavo Antonelli
🙂 The Arados are better than my old 1/72 Airfix!
8. December 2015, 21:50
Udo Browarczik
Impressive! It is a pleasure to watch how it is going on....

"Hmmmm calm you must keep,
on, you must carry... hmmmmm"
9. December 2015, 07:43
Michael Franz
Painting with the airbrush in the first color upside, airbrush downside.... painting with the brush for the 2nd paint upside and cockpit ... 🙂
9. December 2015, 07:49
Thomas Bischoff
... easy - how could I have asked!😉
9. December 2015, 20:22
Donald Dickson II
There is NO WAY I could deal with that much small PE at once. My eyes would explode. Great work!
14. January 2016, 00:38
Burkhard D
It's a pleasure to see your project progress. Better than any magazine. Faszinating, great work! 👍👍👍
17. January 2016, 11:19
Michael Franz
Thanks a lot @ all! 🙂
8. February 2016, 12:36
Christian Bruer
This comes out better and better. I much like photo no. 170, what shows the massive but elegant starboard side of the beast. Must have been an impressive view to come closer in a motor boat to board the ship.
8. February 2016, 18:18
Michael Franz
Thanks Christian. Pictures of the finished ship follow these days 🙂
9. February 2016, 08:12
Thomas Bischoff
just amazing - all these tiny details
9. February 2016, 20:53
Michael Franz
12. February 2016, 17:50
Soeren .
Awesome work!
12. February 2016, 17:53
Choppa Nutta
Awesome work!
12. February 2016, 17:58
This makes me sad! I will never be able to create something that impressive, I guess... But this Bismark is breathtaking! Chapeaux!
12. February 2016, 19:40
Holger Kranich
10/10 what you created here is absolutely awesome !
12. February 2016, 21:33
Very impressive.
12. February 2016, 23:16
Anthony Flanagan
A museum piece!
13. February 2016, 03:53
Michael Franz
Thank you so much @ all !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
17. February 2016, 09:20
COULON Quentin
OO , amazing, where do you find pe for porthole please ?
9. October, 10:04


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