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Yak 11 Egyptian


16 31 December 2020, 08:31
Roland Sachsenhofer
With these two pictures I start the construction of this project. The Yak-11 will be built in the colours of the Egyptian Air Force of the 60s.
31 December 2020, 08:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Some further steps; that´s a really nice kit so far!
2 January 2021, 11:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
According to the kit, the components of the tailplane/rudder should be glued butt to butt. Since I wanted to saw out the elevator rudder anyway for a little more "life", I immediately made a small pin using a brass tube. You can see the result here in the new pictures. Now the filling and sanding can start!
3 January 2021, 08:04
Maciej Bellos
A very rare subject. Good looking cockpit!

Happy New Year by the way!
3 January 2021, 08:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
I say thank you, that makes me happy! Happy New Year to you!
3 January 2021, 12:27
Sebastian Meyner
Interesting subject Roland! Following 👍
3 January 2021, 12:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
That´s really fine!
3 January 2021, 12:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few steps further. Still all surfaces are un-sanded and raw, but I managed to get the engine in place, including the front-gill made of one etched part.
6 January 2021, 07:08
Nathan Dempsey
Nice subject. Looking good so far.
9 January 2021, 19:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Nathan!
9 January 2021, 20:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few new pictures showing the Yak-11 preparing for the "bright-olive" of the Egyptian Air Force
10 January 2021, 17:02
Bart Goesaert
Looking great so far.
11 January 2021, 03:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Bart!
11 January 2021, 19:24
Roland Sachsenhofer
The pulpit parts are filled in at the very end - Now a few wear and tear is applied to the model.
18 January 2021, 17:00
Bart Goesaert
Looking good, how did you reduce the chipping? Spraying over locally?
18 January 2021, 18:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Exactly! I have partially covered with thinned paint
18 January 2021, 19:42
Roland Sachsenhofer
The Yak-11 is now completed. A little unimpressive, perhaps, compared to the Mirage IV, but I like such careful, focused projects in between.
The story of the prototype, on the other hand, is spectacular enough; this Yak-11 was used by an Egyptian pilot to escape to Egypt in the mid-60s.
20 January 2021, 17:20
Maciej Bellos
Great result and nice story! He went to Israel though. And it was a big risk I suppose.
20 January 2021, 18:56
Nathan Dempsey
Yes a great result for sure Roland. Love the faded color.
20 January 2021, 20:58
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Maciej and Nathan for your comments and the correction! Indeed, my excuse, it was Israel of course- and he had to be a brave man for this!
21 January 2021, 07:45
Beautiful color! And a very quick (and not at all dirty) build. Sehr schön!
21 January 2021, 09:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
I really appreciate your words of praise, thank you!
23 January 2021, 04:01
Alex Rodionov
Nice Yak, Nice the Company of "Trainers".
23 January 2021, 07:32
23 January 2021, 07:37
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your appreciated comments!
23 January 2021, 12:52
Guy Rump
Lovely modelling 🙂
23 January 2021, 14:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Guy!
24 January 2021, 09:44
Gordon Sørensen
Another great looking model, Roland! Any idea what the 'can' above the front windscreen is?
24 January 2021, 13:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Gordon, I really appreciate your words! The structure on the windscreen is the casing of a camera. The Yak-11 was also used for weapons training.
24 January 2021, 14:58


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