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P-43 Lancer


22 8 November 2020, 07:41
Björn Svedberg
Nice to see a Lancer, I'm in! 👍
8 November 2020, 09:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
That´s great, feel welcome!
8 November 2020, 10:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Some impressions of the Lancer. The next steps are the application of glossy black as basis for the following Alclad.
11 November 2020, 13:04
Erik Leijdens
Looks great! Any problems with it?
11 November 2020, 13:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks Erik, no problems! The fitting accuracy is really very good, the details are worked out quite well -and the parts are well constructed.
A hint: don't be put off by the very complicated appearing construction of the engine mount and the part- intensive rear engine side: the engine block has to be glued into the engine fairing anyway. The complex rear side therefore does not need to be installed.
The enclosed masks for the transparent parts fit perfectly and further accelerate the already rapid construction process!
12 November 2020, 08:20
Roland Sachsenhofer
Next stop: attaching the decals! The new pictures show besides the Lancers glossy finsh over several layers of Alclad a comparison to its mighty descendant
21 November 2020, 17:39
Bernd Korte
Lookint great! Here's still hope that Dora Wings will actually produce that announced Fairey Delta FD.2.
21 November 2020, 20:29
Maciej Bellos
21 November 2020, 21:42
Daniel Klink
Very cool subject and great progress Roland! Watching
21 November 2020, 22:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Bernd, Maciej and Daniel! Indeed, Dora Wings has some very interesting promises- and is promising!
22 November 2020, 08:29
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful 👍
27 November 2020, 12:46
Roland Sachsenhofer
That was a very beautiful and interesting build and now it is done: finished! I can highly recommend this Dora Wing kit. The only criticism is for the etched part cowling flaps: a really clean assembly was beyond my possibilities 🙂
Otherwise: thanks DW for the opportunity to build this interesting fighter!
27 November 2020, 12:49
Bernd Korte
Very nice outcome!
27 November 2020, 17:44
Hanno Kleinecke
Masterly executed NMF, very pretty pre war livery ! Like the artwork on the fuselage a lot 👍
27 November 2020, 21:12
Björn Svedberg
An excellent build, Roland! 👍 I'll keep my eyes out for one of these kits, as I want to build a Lancer too. 🙂
28 November 2020, 08:25
Maciej Bellos
Beautiful as always Roland. Well done mate!
28 November 2020, 08:56
I agree with Maciej.
28 November 2020, 10:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you all for these inspiring words, mates ! Makes me quite a kind of proud.
28 November 2020, 12:07


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1:48 Republic P-43 Lancer (Dora Wings DW48029)

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