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H8K "Emily"/ Hasegawa

Hello folks,
besides the B-24 a second 72-scale model has been on my workbench.
I am working on this one for several months, putting it aside whenever my patience with these clumsy, quite oversized parts is endangered...

The kits proportions are quite ok, but fit of the parts proofed soon to be awful, the surfaces have been peepered with kingsized rivets and the clear parts had the transparency of ashtrays... Despite that all does not really sound great, the build is quite a fun- just a little bit different from the usual stuff. And, last but not least, it´s the only H8K you can get your hands on!


16 | 24. February 2012, 08:33
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Holger Kranich
Hi Roland! I´m quite exited how this model will turn out! Good luck with it!
24. February 2012, 08:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
By now, the Alclad "White Aluminum" surface is prepared with Maskol liquid masking solution, this should lead to a neatly chipped surface. Next I will spray the yellow leading edges, followed by shades of Grey and Green for the under- and upperside.
24. February 2012, 08:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Holger, hello Michael,
oh yes, measurement and topic are definitly thrilling... Pleasing to see this build is of interest for you!
25. February 2012, 06:05
Philip De Keyser
I'm tunes, greetz Phil
25. February 2012, 07:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello folks, have updated some pictures.
I think, I will rework the extend of the chipping a little bit per airbrush- final decision about that will be made after having applied the decals. Washing and dusting was done with pastell colours.
28. February 2012, 06:24
Holger Kranich
Yeah, Roland, it rocks!🙂
28. February 2012, 07:36
Philip De Keyser
Hi Roland, great result with your chipping, i'm looking forward to the next pic's, greetz Phil
28. February 2012, 08:00
Wilfried Bogaerts
This is really really good, very convincing. I like it!
28. February 2012, 17:42
Aghis Barberopoulos
This is one aircraft I would love to make! The weathering is very realistic. I believe it will look great once finished. Good job rubbing down the unrealistic surface detail.
28. February 2012, 18:55
Urban Gardini
She's gonna be a beauty. Look at those rivets you've sanded down, they would make good ol' Airfix proud...
28. February 2012, 19:00
Holger Kranich
Oh Urban, i´m laughing my guts out!!!!!!Haha🙂
28. February 2012, 19:03
28. February 2012, 19:08
Holger Kranich
But you are right, Airfix´s rivets where sometimes as big as an horse´s ass😢!
28. February 2012, 19:16
Urban Gardini
I'd say even bigger like an Mammoth's ass...
28. February 2012, 19:30
Holger Kranich
But fortunately not so hairy...😢
28. February 2012, 19:34
28. February 2012, 20:24
Dave Flitton
You are brave. I have this one, I started by replacing the missing rivets where the decals go. I also plan on buying a few brass cannons to go where the lumps of plastic, that are supposed to be guns, are placed.
29. February 2012, 16:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Dave,
you did right... in general I have erased all the rivets, but on some areas I just tried to reduce their extent to conserve a certain kind of texture. All the visible panel lines are masked and painted on.
Good luck with your Emily!
2. March 2012, 06:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
I have added some pictures of the recent building status: decals are added and the surfaces have found there final finish; all that is left are the wiring of the antennas and finsh touches to the guns, gears... and so on. The radar-complex and the watering gear have been scratched in wide parts. I think, the building is finally coming to an end!
15. March 2012, 19:15
Holger Kranich
Its looking great, so far! Well done!
15. March 2012, 19:21
Christian Meyerhoff
Hello Roland!
As all the models i have seen build by you, this one is no exception. Clean built, perfect paintjob and weathering. Outstanding work!
Did you ever decide to do an amor vehicle? Up to your skills it would be worth to do something different. And would be nice as well 🙂
15. March 2012, 19:54
Christian Lehmann
Hi Roland,
looks impressive. Will you place it on a base (water)?
15. March 2012, 19:59
Holger Kranich
I totally agree with Christian! Woul be a very nice to see a nice weathered Jagdpanther, f.e.! I can imgine, it could be a nice try for you?
15. March 2012, 20:05
Philip De Keyser
Great job Roland, Greetz Phil
16. March 2012, 06:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello folks,
many thanks for your kind and encouraging appreciation! Christian, I am not planning to build a dio around my H8K yet. It´s a suggestion well worth thinking it over, but I have not found a method for me to obtain realistic and coherent surfaces of other nature than the skins of aircraft. But I am working on it?.
The suggestion on making armour will be realized the near future. Not with a weathered Jagdpanther, but with a characteristic tank of British origin, a Churchill Mk III from AFV Club. Will be my first piece of armour- so look out 😮)))

The H8K is finished by now. Considering this ancient giant originates from the dawn of modeling, it was not all too bad to build. Further detailing and correcting some time-specific features (operations code-name: ?rivets?) is obligatory, on the other hand you have a well dimensioned representation of a really rare and seldom seen aircraft. If you would like to see the original kit parts and the working process, have a look at the JAM forum: http://www.razyboard.com/system/morethread-h8k-emily-hasegawa-raidenjack-793655-5788773-0.html
After nearly three years of building and putting it beside, a lot of workspace will be free on my workbench!
I have put in some pictures of the finished model. Thanks for watching and your interest!
18. March 2012, 06:31
Holger Kranich
Hey Roland, it was a pleasure to have a look over your shoulder! I´m looking forward to see some armour from your bench and all your next projects!
Greetz to Austria!
18. March 2012, 06:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Lieber Holger, da sag´ich dankesehr... Deine Worte freuen mich sehr- das mit dem Panzergerät wird wahr gemacht, zwar parallel aber hintangestellt zu zwei "großen" Ar-196 von Revell, die als nächstes auf die Werkbank kommen.
Greetings from Austria to your beautiful island!
18. March 2012, 12:30
Holger Kranich
Ar-196? Na des hört sich doch ganz guad on!😢 In beiden, im Kit vorliegenden Versionen? Oder welche Markierungen möchtest Du verwenden?
18. March 2012, 14:48
Bill Gilman
Roland, this looks amazing! Great job on a subject that you don't see too often. I think you have the paint chipping technique down to a science - very nice!!
18. March 2012, 14:57
Aghis Barberopoulos
Very nice job reviving this old kit! End result is very satisfying.
18. March 2012, 16:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hallo Holger, ich werde ein Exemplar in den fränzösischen Marinefliegerfarben versuchen, welche die Arado des Hilfskreuzers "Widder" im Jahr 1940 kurzfristig einmal gezeigt hat. Das bedeutet "Silber" über alles... Die wenigen dafür erforderlichen Decals werde ich mir selber drucken. Die zweite bekommt die üblicheren Farben einer in der Ägais stationierten Ar 196- diesmal ist das eine im Bausatz vorgeschlagene Variante.
In diesem Sinne... bis bald!
20. March 2012, 18:31
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Bill, hello Aghis! Thank you for these words... I´m quite happy, this long and endurance-straining build has come to a rather good end. Nothing for the exalted rivet counter, but it had given me quite a good modeling time 😮)
20. March 2012, 18:42
Holger Kranich
Hallo Roland,

möchtest Du die Arado´s in 1:32 bauen?
20. March 2012, 20:01
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hallo Holger, genau- zweimal die Arado in 1:32. Vielleicht lege ich eine 48er Ausgabe von Italeri auf den Werktisch dazu, wäre ein interessanter Vergleich. Diese würde dann in den "japanischen" Farben des Aufklärers an Bord der "Thor" aus dem Frühjahr 1942 gestaltet werden. Allerdings haben die beiden 32er Arados Vorrang, übernehmen möchte ich mich ja auch nicht... 😮)
21. March 2012, 06:57
Holger Kranich
Moin Roland, ich glaube ich würde mich schon mit einer Arado übernehmen...😉
21. March 2012, 07:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
Lieber Holger,
habe ja auch nur gesagt, dass ich mich nicht übernehmen MÖCHTE... was dann wirklich geschieht, kannst Du ja sozusagen live miterleben 😮)))
21. March 2012, 09:11
Holger Kranich
Oh, das werde ich, Roland, das werde ich!😢
21. March 2012, 09:18
The result of heavy weather is impressive. Pity the images are not bigger.
9. July, 09:28
David Januska
Nice job, especially the weathering is impressive?.
9. July, 10:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
It's been quite a while since the building - nine years! - so I'm all the more pleased with your words! Thanks to you!
10. July, 15:40
Excellent work on that ancient Hasegawa kit. Late war IJN/IJA aircraft weathering is challenging enough on a fighter, but a 4 engine sea plane...wow.
10. July, 15:48
Miro Herold
Also lieber Roland, wie du die Lackieung gemeistert hast ist schon wahnsinn.
10. July, 19:24
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello John, hallo Miro, I am very pleased and quite honoured that the old building has received such kind praise. Thank you!
10. July, 19:32


1:72 Kawanishi H8K2 (Emily) Type 2 Flying Boat (Hasegawa 51825)

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