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43 5 August 2023, 15:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
The "Simoun" seems to have been a highly exciting aircraft; Dora Wing's edition reproduces the interior at least adequately and in quite good quality. You can see the first shell here, next up is primer and paint!
5 August 2023, 15:38
Robert Podkoński
Taking a first row seat, of course 😉
5 August 2023, 16:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm pleased as always!
5 August 2023, 16:15
Alex K
I hope Robert wouldn't mind if I join him... And, Roland, what a treat, the Simoun, after your Comet! 👍
5 August 2023, 16:26
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm glad, Alex! Well, I plan to stick to the theme - and build the Paris-Saigon competition machine, a very special beauty in spite of or perhaps because of all the inscriptions.
5 August 2023, 16:36
Juergen Klinglhuber
5 August 2023, 20:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hallo Jürgen! Dein Interesse freut mich!
6 August 2023, 09:12
Thomas Bischoff
I'm in too! Have this kit also in my stash.
6 August 2023, 12:15
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thomas, you are of course very welcome! The interior has been laid out once, now I'll see what else I can get out of it. Perhaps the somewhat rustic charm of the parts and my construction method can be refined a little more.
Fitting the windows into the frames will be an interesting topic. Throughout, the beautifully clear parts are too large to be fitted flat into the frames unfinished. But I already have an idea.... ! 🙂
6 August 2023, 17:31
Michael Kohl
Having started St. Exyperys machine in 1:72 I have to follow that one for sure.
6 August 2023, 22:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
Very good - I would have liked to have the Exupery machine in 48, but unfortunately it's not available at the moment.
7 August 2023, 09:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Still some rough shapes at the Simoun! But after the filling comes the sanding....
I think the Caudron shows interestingly varied proportions for once!
9 August 2023, 05:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
Do you see the small hole on the left side of the fuselage in the first two of the new pictures? Behind it is a rescue mission that, dare I say it, succeeded: in the middle of the happiest grinding there is an audible and tangible "crack" under my fingertip - and the right foremost window was pressed inwards.
Now it was always clear to me that the fit of the windows is a highly precarious one - but after that had been proven: how would I be able to "suck" the window out again? That's where the hole comes in! Through this I passed a stiff wire with which I could push the window out again- whew!
The yellow substructure was sanded down -also in the sense of pre-shading - and smoothed, now it is ready for the final red.
17 August 2023, 15:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
he Simoun is about to be rolled out. However, there are still a few small things to be fixed: the white frames of the side windows - shown as decals in the model - must be repaired and straightened. This will be done with white paint and a brush. In addition to cleaning the windows thoroughly, I will use a toothpick to straighten the edges of the glass.
All in all, however, you can already see what a sleek image the "Simoun" presents!
20 August 2023, 16:36
Alex K
Coming along nicely... Re the "rescue mission" - I always admire the accomplished modellers' ingenuity and sang-froid in dealing with eventual mishaps 👍
21 August 2023, 14:13
Juergen Klinglhuber
What a nice result already! TOP
21 August 2023, 17:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
Alex, Jürgen: I am delighted! Thank you for your comments!
22 August 2023, 05:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Now the beautiful, elegant and in the best sense distinctive Caudron C.632 Simoun is finished! i am really happy about Dora Wings selection of models!
The construction itself presents the modeller with one or two challenges. I am mainly referring to the installation of the glazing - see the description of the building steps! Other than that, though, this is a comfortable, fit-and-finish, nicely featured builder's delight.
I'm glad to have been able to use my new GPM hangar here for the first time with this model.
And why the Simoun in front of Palms? This aircraft was used for a long distance record flight Paris-Madagascar in 1934. A year later, the same aircraft was to meet an unfortunate end with the legendary Caudron test pilot Japy on a Paris-Tokyo record attempt- but that's another story!
Thank you for your motivating feedback and your interest, mates!
22 August 2023, 05:43
Robert Podkoński
Beautiful work! (And I am so happy that you lately focus on civilian planes, Roland 😉 )
22 August 2023, 05:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Robert!
Yes, in times like these the new Focus is easy It is a real revelation to me what exciting aircraft and fascinating stories this field has to offer.
22 August 2023, 05:51
Christoph Schnarr
Very nice model! TOP👍
22 August 2023, 07:23
Very beautiful build and photography!
22 August 2023, 07:37
Alex K
Beautiful end result / model of a beautiful and iconic plane... congrats! 👍 PS. I second Robert's comment and I appreciate Roland's reply!
22 August 2023, 14:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your words, mates- a wonderful motivation! I am delighted to find resonance with the choice of topics.
22 August 2023, 16:27
Thomas Bischoff
Well done 👍 and what an eyecatching result!
26 August 2023, 11:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your comment, Thomas!
27 August 2023, 16:25
Lochsa River
27 August 2023, 19:05
Guy Rump
Very impressive! 👍
27 August 2023, 19:37
Very nice work.
28 August 2023, 06:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello mates! My cheeks almost become.... red - thank you for your comments!
28 August 2023, 15:55
Marcel Klemmer
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry would have flown immediately, even if it's not blue 😉👍
9 September 2023, 19:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
What a beautiful compliment. Thank you Marcel!
10 September 2023, 09:49
Really really nice model, I like it 👍
25 October 2023, 06:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your positive feedback makes me very happy - thank you!
25 October 2023, 08:44

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