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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

My personal Kingdom and other Hobbies

This is the place for me to work and play 🙂


36 | 14. March 2018, 12:12
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Nice space, very neat and clean - mine has a lot more paint splatter and general chaos. Is that display cabinet where you store your completed models?
14. March 2018, 15:25
Daniel Klink
It is so clean because its quiet new 🙂 Yap the display Cabinet is used therefore. But i soon need a bigger one because some of my finished Models are still packed in cardboxes sinde the refurbishing of the room, nearly one year ago....
Cheers Daniel
14. March 2018, 18:04
Rui S
Nice place, Daniel. 👍
Where do you use the airbrush?
14. March 2018, 21:59
Daniel Klink
Hi Rui, thank you! I've built myself a mobile cabin of acrylic glass, wood an aluminium-profiles.
The Ventilation is done by an outranged fume destraction unit of a solderingstation from my work.
Cheers Daniel
14. March 2018, 22:13
Rui S
Hi Daniel, can we see it?
14. March 2018, 22:38
Daniel Klink
Yap, i will built it up Friday because i have several days "holiday" and my wife is on a short trip for the Weekend🙂
She dont like the sound of the compressor thoug it is not very loud in my opinion and loads not very often.
I will take a shot then.
Unless my Guard you see on pic 4 budges from his spot🙂
14. March 2018, 22:48
Rui S
Hehehe, Ok Thanks
14. March 2018, 22:56
very nice room! i am jealous, i use the living room😉
does your furry friend stay in the room when you use the airbrush?
15. March 2018, 06:37
Daniel Klink
Thank you spanjaard. The price for my own Hobby room in the flat was to refurbish the whole Flat🙂 incl. bathroom etc.
No the Furby friend would stay but he must not. When i work with the Airbrush or Spray can, the room must be free of hair, dust and other little things that he carries in his fur. When he was younger he recorded more confirmed kills than most of the allied aces 🙂
15. March 2018, 10:53
Ha ha ha 🙂
You paid a high price but sure you are happy about it.
I certainly miss my dear old furry friend
15. March 2018, 12:08
Alec K
Very nice room Daniel. And I can relate to "the price of my own hobby room"😉
15. March 2018, 12:31
Good to see your man cave is finished 👍 Your productivity will increase for sure😉
5. October 2018, 16:20
Daniel Klink
Hi Frank, i hope so.. Signs for it are good by now🙂 Added the pics of the cave before the refurbishment.
Holy mo. I miss my vintage Hifi Gear in my hobby room. They got their own room now together with my vintage vehicles 🙂 My wife did not want to have them in the Living room 😠
5. October 2018, 17:25
Your stereo gear collection took me back a few decades. I was sort of unsettled when you labeled them Vintage HiFi. My early gear had vacuum tubes (remember McIntosh amps anyone). Oh nice modeling station - so whatcha building ?
5. October 2018, 21:48
Daniel Klink
Hi Robbie, of course i remember.. McIntosh, HHScott, Fisher McIntosh was always unaffordable for me
But all these pieces are 30 years and over nevertheless.
Thank for your kind words. Too much at the same time i am building but 1/72 japanese WWII planes are my main interest. Cheers Daniel
5. October 2018, 22:02
And the T-bird is yours too? Quite a huge kit ...
5. October 2018, 22:07
Daniel Klink
Hi Olly,
It was only a few days the overall state of the car looked better than it was!but vintage cars are also a hobby of mine, also Scottish single Malt.
Too many hobbies too little time, money and space 🙂
5. October 2018, 22:11
ha ha ha, you are not the only one 😛
5. October 2018, 22:21
I see we share quite a few interests in life...
6. October 2018, 08:45
Daniel Klink
@spanjaard luckily if i were the only one i would need professional help 🙂
But welcome to the club mate 👍
@Olly: so we are both on the rather nostalgic side🙂
6. October 2018, 12:12
I guess one could say that indeed.
8. October 2018, 19:33
Roberto Rocat
Cars, scale models, hi-fi gear and...a Cat...This looks like a good place to me!
23. October 2018, 15:27
Bob Hall
I feel ya ! Between The Models.Mustangs,Baseball Cards and Guns, I have Hobbies stacked to the roof too ! And that is one mighty fine looking Thunderbird you have there Sir ! TWO THUMBS UP !!!!
24. October 2018, 02:10
Greg Baker
What scale are the stereos?😉
24. October 2018, 02:24
Daniel Klink
Hi Guys,
@Roberto Thanks a lot! It is a good place with a very understanding, great wife 🙂
there is not much to complain about or missing despite no one who will once benefit of it, when i face Manitou😉

@Robbie yeah I saw your great mancave here too. The T-Bird was only a few days mine. I sold it immediately cause it would have cost me too much bucks. The technical and chassis Condition was nearly not as good as the shiny outside😉 So i got the 15CV from 1951 for it 👍

@Greg 🙂 I wish i could shrink them temporarily to store them in my room 🙂
24. October 2018, 09:09
Roberto Rocat
@Daniel We will let Manitou wait :)
24. October 2018, 13:42
Daniel Klink
I hope he'll be very very patient😉
26. October 2018, 23:19
Andreas Koziol
Ein Königreich für diesen Hobbyraum! Love it!😉
27. October 2018, 07:43
Daniel Klink
Thank you Andreas... 👍 In fact it nearly costed me a little Kingdom 🙂
4. November 2018, 12:11
John Thomas
Very nice studio
4. November 2018, 14:38
Daniel Klink
Thanky you very much John 👍
26. November 2018, 16:34
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Huuummmmm Oban ... one of my favourites ....
23. December 2018, 20:07
Daniel Klink
Good choice Julian 👍
24. December 2018, 14:05
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Sipping whisky and modelling ... hummmm ,,,, good combination
24. December 2018, 18:44
Bob Hall
Yeah ! just don't get blitzed and glue your head to the table ... hummmm,,,,bad combination ! LOL !
24. December 2018, 21:33
Stephan Ryll
Oban good choise, on of the finest Place to be :) but my favorite Single malt is Blair Athol ;)
24. December 2018, 21:38
Daniel Klink
@Robert don't worry.. only one tumbler a week..
Ah mor enthusiasts her...fine.
Slainthé and Nollaig Chridheil Mates!
24. December 2018, 22:38
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
In fact my favorite is Caol Ila ,,,, delicious stuff ,,,,,,
25. December 2018, 05:39
Daniel Klink
Very fine taste Julian... Mine of course is Springbank😉
25. December 2018, 11:56
Konrad Limmer
Ah Gentlemen I see some very fine spirits are on the modeling desks ;)!
I'll prefer Bunnahabain and Glenfarclas :)!
By the way ver nice man cave and hobbies!
25. December 2018, 12:04
Daniel Klink
@Stephan, Robert and Konrad also very good choices 👍
And the perfect Soundtrack for sipping Malt and scale modelling...
Youtube Video

25. December 2018, 13:40
Konrad Limmer
That's cool ;)!
25. December 2018, 18:07
Michael Valentan
A good choice for a fine drink!!! Cheers!! But i would not recommend drinking and thinning paint...so there could be danger of missusing thwe wrong bottle after a few drinks...
25. December 2018, 18:21
Daniel Klink
@Konrad yes they are really great 👍
@Michael don't worry.. Just one tumbler a day😢
27. December 2018, 23:15
Daniel Klink
No scale today...😉
11. January 2019, 19:29
11. January 2019, 23:08
16. January 2019, 20:20
Thomas Bischoff
I go for the Oban :)
16. January 2019, 20:32
Daniel Klink
Good Choice 👍
16. January 2019, 23:04
5. February 2019, 22:48
Daniel Klink
5. February 2019, 22:48
Holger Kranich
Oh, ein Bremen Fan! Sehr gut!
6. February 2019, 11:05
Daniel Klink
Logo.. Jever und Werder 👍
6. February 2019, 12:49
Greg Baker
I was a Werder Bremen fan... but only as long as Paul Stalteri played...😉
6. February 2019, 19:46
Daniel Klink
Hi Greg, yes Paul had a good time with Werder.. So you are canadian ?
6. February 2019, 20:47
Greg Baker
Yes... and one of the rarest kinds too. There are many Canadian footballl fans, but only few fans of Canadian football. My national team scarf is over 20kg because of all my tears. But my local team, FC Edmonton is just about to be revived in the new Canadian Premier League, so hope is eternal.

Since I live in Seoul, a short bike ride from the stadium, my son and I are also FC Seoul fans, but I very recently started cheering for Bayern Munich though...😉
7. February 2019, 01:08
Daniel Klink
Bayern Munich, HSV and Schalke are a No Go for Werder Bremen supporters😉
STalteri was 8 years with Werder wow.. and was a main part of one of the most succesful peroids of the club. Be sure he has a place in the Hall of fame of many Werder supporters. 👍
7. February 2019, 07:32
Arne Greve
Bayern Munich....*vomit*.
What is green and smells like fish? Werder Bremen!! ;-D
7. February 2019, 08:32
Arne Greve
Ich mag Deine Modelle und das was Du baust, Daniel, aber bei Fußball hast Du leider keine Ahnung. ;-DD
7. February 2019, 08:33
Holger Kranich
Nein, Daniel weiß was schmeckt und wie der Ball laufen soll!😉
7. February 2019, 09:41
Greg Baker
Sorry guys, but Alphonso Davies is from my hometown...😉
7. February 2019, 09:44
Maybe you should all stick to modelling and avoid football...
7. February 2019, 09:50
Arne Greve
@Holger Du weißt, was ich von dem Essigwasser Jever halte. ;-DD
7. February 2019, 09:52
Daniel Klink
Opened Pandoras Box😉
@Olivier it is a perfect combination Modelling and football, not at the same time of course😉
@Greg ok i thought of that already.. But he will not play that often in this club..
7. February 2019, 10:28
Greg Baker
It seems positive so far. Honestly though I'm more interested in what he can do to help the National team. One of the great challenges for Canadian football (among several) is that as a country of immigrants, nearly everyone has some grandparents that give them an opportunity to play for some other country. We're lost many of our best players because of that. But Davies is committed to Canada and I hope his success leads the way for other younger players to follow.
7. February 2019, 20:08
Daniel Klink
It again .... Delay of construction and painting again😭
11. February 2019, 12:26
Great car that Rover, Daniel. The V8 ?
24. April 2020, 21:34
Daniel Klink
Hi Oli,glad to see you safe and i hope everything is ok..
Yap it is the 3500S V8. a really superb car with great driving comfort, well engineered and of high manufacturing quality...
24. April 2020, 21:53
Haven't seen you around for a while. Keep safe!
24. April 2020, 22:16
Daniel Klink
Thank you, yes was a hard 2019 and 2020 doesn't seem to be much better.
But personal, i recovered well and i am nearly back to 100% 🙂
25. April 2020, 10:41
Chaz Gordon
V8 Rover P6, So Jealous
25. April 2020, 11:25
Classic cars, vintage hi-fi & plastic models........ I think that's called heaven ;)
That P6 is gorgeous! Manual? I worked on them as a kid doing my apprenticeship at an Austin Rover dealership in the early 80's. Great cars & make the perfect classic daily driver 👍
I drag raced so many of those engines I've lost count!
25. April 2020, 11:40
Convenient place you have, Daniel! Are you left hander (light only from right hand side)?
25. April 2020, 13:33
Daniel Klink
Thanks Mates
@chaz bought it 3,5 years ago and i was really luxky to get such a perfect preserved unit of this type! I am really proud of it!
@munky yes it is a manual and yes it is a perfect classic daily driver! Engineered ahead of its time!
Love to move it even long Distance!
There was a time when british manufacturers made
Very good cars for the masses.
@ neuling
No that pic does not show the big led panel on the ceiling.🙂

25. April 2020, 14:19
Chaz Gordon
The P6 was in most ways superior to the SD1 replacement. If they'd kept the cutting edge features in the new model, it would have been difficult to compete with. Only the Vitesse engine and Aero was really a step forward in the SD1
25. April 2020, 14:40
I would not really call the P6 a car for the masses. But I agree with your statement. It was before Mrs. Thatcher.
25. April 2020, 14:58
True Chaz, the twin plenum Vitesse was a remarkably good fast road car.
25. April 2020, 14:59
I seem to remember that the Motorway police drove some of these SD1 Vitesse.
25. April 2020, 15:00
I put Rover V8's in to Stags, MGBGT's, Escorts, Capri's, Pops, Minor 1000's, they were the engine of choice for the back yard hot rodder in the 70's & 80's.
25. April 2020, 15:03
Are those other classics in the pics yours Daniel?
25. April 2020, 15:04
Daniel Klink
Yap the Buick v8 block was legendary ande versatile!
@ Olly you are right the 3500 V8 was more on the
the luxury segment side!
As an opponent for MB or the Big Opels that time!
Many classic car drivers i met at shows or exhibitions first lifted their eyebrow but were titally surprised when i took them for a ride!
Especially when you look at the prices for the p6
Comparing to a MB 350 or Opel Diplomat from that ers!🙂
25. April 2020, 15:14
Daniel Klink
@ munkyslut yep only the Traction Avant is no longer mine! Had to sell it last autumn! 🙁
Needed the money
25. April 2020, 15:55
Dein Tandberg-Receiver war echt Kult!
25. April 2020, 16:06
Daniel, over here in the UK they were badged as Light 15's, amazing cars!
Tne Celica looks very cool too, you have good taste😎
25. April 2020, 16:35
Daniel Klink
Thank you Munkyslut....🙂 And mine was a CV 15 of 1952!🙂
It was hard to give it away but i made a good profit and i still got my Charleston, which is in now the most worthy car in my portfolio. And i will never sell it because it was my first selfbought car and infected me with the classic car Virus.
The TA 22 Celica was my second catch, and is the complete opposite to the P6 in terms of comfort, relaxed driving etc..
You hear everything you smell everything...but anyway i like it that way.
The restauration of the Celica (it is a 1600Gt btw) was very complex and expensive.

25. April 2020, 17:13
Daniel Klink
@neuling. ooh thanks mate.. it is a tank of a reciever and it is cult till today perhaps mo than ever .
Because they were all handmade in Norway.
Glad you like it... it is still working perfectly btw.
25. April 2020, 17:29
Daniel Klink
Hi there, i can fully recommend this 4 armed Led Lights as a cheap soluition for your workbench..
1. September 2020, 17:02
4 armed Led Lights looks well. Where do you bought it?
1. September 2020, 19:31
Chaz Gordon
Please do tell, very nice
1. September 2020, 20:26
Chaz Gordon
Ah, found some of those on the UK version too. I was hoping the nice long arm anglepoise was included in the "cheap"
2. September 2020, 11:47
is this really 6000 lumen???
well, for that price, i can certainly get one to hang it in my room, even if just a fraction of that power 😛
2. September 2020, 12:28
Daniel Klink
It is very strong. and i believe the 6000Lm ok even if it is just 4000lm it is well enough🙂
The best feature that comes with it that there is no shadow working under it.
So it does not matter if you are a right or lefthander
2. September 2020, 17:20
Interesting... And cheap. Thank you, Daniel!! 👍
2. September 2020, 19:23
thanks Daniel!
2. September 2020, 20:27
Thomas Espe
Oh, that receiver brings back childhood memories, my dad has one of those. And nice lamp, thanks for sharing the link.

On another note, I have that Douglas World Cruiser kit in my stash. Is it any good? Any specific issues to be aware of?
2. September 2020, 21:29
Daniel Klink
@Cuajete and spanjard.. de nada amigos.

@Thomas yes the Tandberg is a real good receiver and you see and har that it was handmade.
Hm the World Cruiser Kit is the only game in Town. It is difficult to compare with others.
I would say it is not that bad for its age, but it is quite challenging, not only because it is a Biplane with rigging etc. Though the general fit is ok.
4. September 2020, 17:54
Thomas Espe
Yes, it's a work of art that receiver.

I have realized that this is the only kit of the DT-2. I'm planning on not building it as a world cruiser though. The Norwegian Naval Air Service used it as torpedo bomber from 1924 to 1940, so I'm planing on a version in that livery. But not quite yet, I think I'll practice my skills on some easier build before that.
Looking forward to follow your build.
4. September 2020, 18:05
today I got the light Daniel, it is simply spectacular!!! it is hanging it in the ceiling, and it looks like is midday in august 🙂 thanks a lot for the tip
i may need to look for a cheap lamp to have it in my desk, but maybe it is better just in the ceiling 🙂
5. October 2020, 15:31
Daniel Klink
Very cool mate
Thank you and i am happy that it Works for you👍
10. October 2020, 15:59
Daniel Klink
From Osaka - With love🙂
23. November 2020, 10:09
nice package!
23. November 2020, 12:58
Daniel Klink
Yap and thank you, most of it is double in stash, but it was such a good offer..
And now it is unpacked 🙂
23. November 2020, 17:13
Guillaume Blanchet
Nice looking 1:1 scale benz ! I'll take picture of my W201 this spring, when I get it out of storage.
23. November 2020, 17:25
Nice treasure chest. Enjoy it! 👍
25. November 2020, 18:53
Daniel Klink
Cool Guillaume!
The new Owner is very happy with it👍
@cuajete surely i will 👍
1. December 2020, 13:16
Daniel Klink
Improved my hobby room a bit needed more sockets and wanted to get rid of that ugly Cabel Canal ..
16. January, 17:48
That's pretty neat work! Did the cat do anything to help? 😄
17. January, 00:59
help? he was supervising that the job was properly done....😉
17. January, 19:42
Daniel Klink
Thats the point Spanjaard.... Thank you Munkyslut..
So it is done do not really know why i started this now.. But both rooms painted new and this week new panels for the desnks and another Vitrine arriving
25. January, 18:02
Very nice putty and sanding job😉
I like the vitrine and mini vitrines. Did you change the table or is this another table?
25. January, 18:46
Daniel Klink
Hi mate thanky you..just changed the setup a bit to gain space for another Vitrine.
And both tables get new panels the pc tabe. 1,30m x 70 and the Working bench 2meter x 80cm
25. January, 19:22
Daniel Klink
So the new Home office man cave is nearly finished.
The Cardboardbox is the cats home... It loves it.. I hope not for that long
31. January, 14:11
Roland Gunslinger
Thats a nice place to be 👍
31. January, 14:18
Alec K
Yep, cats LOVE boxes 🙂. Very nice play space 👍
31. January, 15:18
Nice place, Daniel 👍
31. January, 21:10
Well done - and now also more day light on the bench 👍
31. January, 21:27
Everton vs Arsenal?
31. January, 21:29
Hey, if you are going to have a Kingdom...make it Personal
1. February, 01:14
Neil Patrick
Very nice set up Daniel. Wish my model room was half as tidy and well organised as yours!
3. February, 22:20
Erik Leijdens
Great place and hobbies you have Daniel 👍
3. February, 22:41
Donald Dickson II
I LIKE the stereo system!
3. February, 22:48
Daniel Klink
Thank youso much guys for your nice comments!👍
@Frank yap but lousy cold at the same time with window open when spraying.
@Mark no that was Leicester vs United
@Donald thanky and yes that old gear is still great, but i wish i had a big house just for it to place them all. 🙂
1. March, 21:06
Iggy Pants
Beautiful modelling space! How do you keep the cat from bothering the models?
3. March, 20:18
I envy that room with all those fantastic built models 🙂
4. March, 18:58
Very nice and cozy looking space 🙂 I also would like to know, how you protect your projects from the cat?
4. March, 21:01
Daniel Klink
Hey mates thank you a all so much 👍
@sm the old fury guy is not able to jump or climb anymore🙂
13. March, 20:43
Daniel Klink
Found another toy btw
A very rare Ford Cortina deluxe Mk.2 from 1970 as left hand drive🙂
13. March, 20:46
Ein Cortina sogar ?
13. March, 21:07
Daniel Klink
Hi Olivier picked it up from Goslar.. It was a real bargain and was already modified for a authorization for german streets 🙂 Added some bigegr Pics.
A cool Car looking like a bastard between a Opel Ascona A and a Ford Taunus
13. March, 21:41
Never saw one in France. What was its original country ?
13. March, 21:50
Daniel Klink
Uk, Dagenham, Essex... It has been rebuilt to german standards for a british Officer who was based at Wouldham Camp nearby Hameln.
13. March, 22:07
Very good find !
13. March, 22:09
Daniel Klink
Thank you Mate, yap it has quite a interesting history and only two prewoners..
13. March, 22:21
Alec K
Very cool car Daniel 👍
14. March, 01:01
akira kita
It's a dream base.😃
14. March, 01:11
I grew up with them here in the U.K., they were the typical everyday family saloon for 3 decades 👍
14. March, 11:14
Chaz Gordon
Weren't the Mk2 Tinas produced for Europe too?
14. March, 17:38
Daniel Klink
@Chaz...I guess so but this one was definetly modified in 1978. It was one of the last Mk.II
left Dagenham Feb. 1970.
What i know is that the successor was built in the Netherlands
14. March, 18:17
Daniel Klink
The last shot in your territory enjoying the morning sun!
So long dear old furry friend!
I will miss you though i know it was for your best and time!
Sugar 2005-4th April 2021
4. April, 08:32
Alec K
I am sorry to hear that Daniel. It's tough to loose a good modeling buddy.
4. April, 12:26
Daniel Klink
Thank you Alec! Yes there is a big gap opening now, and
Iam really single!
But for him it was time and knew it well before me i guess! The last weeks he hardly got off my side and enjoyed my attention more than before!
Perhaps only my imagination who knows!
But it really feels like losing a good old buddy!
4. April, 13:16
Sorry for your loss.
4. April, 13:24
Daniel Klink
Thank you Olivier
It really is though it was a very demanding character from time to time or
either because of that 🙁
4. April, 13:32
Chaz Gordon
It's tough to lose them, but it'd be tougher not having known them.
4. April, 13:51
Daniel Klink
Well said Chaz, and so true👍
4. April, 14:00
Greg Baker
That's a tough situation. We all know the words to say, but they don't really fill the gap. That gap is really the inverse of how much joy and love he brought into the world. So that's something quite incredible.
4. April, 14:30
really sorry for your loss. it is very hard even when you know is the time to say goodbye
4. April, 14:41
Rui S
Yap, very sad to anyone who loves animals, a real pain 🙁
They say, you better get another friend to ease the pain.
4. April, 15:15
Daniel Klink
Thank you so much Greg, Spanjaard and Rui for your condolence, though for some people this will still sound and read funny associated to a cat or a dog or any other animal...
I appreciate those words very much because as Rui mentioned if you got a relationship it also collaborates with trust and responsibility you take for the other.
Either human or animal. An that is what will cause the gap. One loses not only a companion further one loses also a piece of his daily tasks and missions.
@Greg jap that phrase is on spot.
I really have to admit that i am feeling more than sad by now.
More than i expected because it did not happened out of nowhere..
But things will and must go on..
4. April, 17:26
I'm very sorry to read those words, Daniel. I know very well what it's like to lose a furry modeling buddy. I have lost 3 felines and 1 canine. Most of them were with me for many years.
I hope you don't take long to get over it, even if you never forget about it.
Cheer up, friend!
4. April, 18:12
Daniel Klink
Thank you mate, it i sall about time 🙂
4. April, 20:11
akira kita
So sorry you lost your beloved friend 😿...
5. April, 01:24
Daniel, das tut mir leid!
And this cat was part of the story with the note on the kitchen table, you know ...
5. April, 11:40
Sebastian Meyner
Tut mir mir sehr leid das zu hören Daniel! Ich hab zwar keine Katze aber zwei Hunde....vierbeinige carpet monsters.
5. April, 12:15
Daniel Klink
@Akira thank you, indeed he was and for a specific short period of my life even more..
@Frank Danke Dir Kumpel, ja ist wirklich hart obwohl ich weiß das ich es ihm letztlich schuldig war ihn gehen zu lassen
the note on the table yes and its aftemath - let me burst in tears again but it was all worth it
keep all the money and stuff, the cat stays with me...
@sebastian Danke Dir👍
5. April, 13:02
Chaz Gordon
Wy wife and I don't and can't have children, so our Cats and Dogs are our children. We have lost 10 of our fur babies over the last 20 years. It's real hard, but we remember each one, and they were all rescues, so we know we gave them a better life. We had 8 cats when we got married, 6 of mine two of hers. We lost the last of those 8 last year at the age of 20. When a stray cat started hanging out in our Yard, I built him a chalet to sleep in. After a couple of months living in there, he asked to come in the house, and stayed for 13 years. When my mother-in-law in California passed away, there was no question, her elderly dog was coming home with us to the UK. Then later, we heard about a streetdog rescue shelter in Bulgaria, and we have 2 dogs and 3 cats from there now.
5. April, 13:34
Daniel Klink
Deepest respect Chaz 👍👍👍
Keep it up
I donated all the food and stuff left to a organisation which cares about straying cats and give them foster home until they find a new home.
A women who has got 9 cats to care for just pickes it up few hours ago and was happy.
5. April, 14:36
Łukasz Gliński
Very sorry to read that Danni, my condolences. On the other side that also means another buddy can get a safe and loving refuge and I'm almost certain it will go this way. Almost two years ago me&wife we managed to stay for about a week alone at home and we had to adopt another dog 👍
5. April, 15:17
those who do not understand why we give condolences, have not gone through the pain of losing such a dear companion....my respect to those how have gone through it, and specially if done it multiple times.
5. April, 22:30
Ben M
He was fortunate to have someone who cared about him so deeply.
5. April, 23:37
Bob Hall
6. April, 00:50
Bob Hall
I've lost 3 in the last 2 years, I'm right there with you Mr Klink !
6. April, 00:51
Brandon H
So sorry to hear that Daniel. I know how tough it is; our four legged friends are truly members of our families.
6. April, 20:19
Chaz Gordon
He was such a majestic kitty. Love picture 42, you can see the miniature Lion right there.
7. April, 06:43
David Taylor
Very much a cat person.I had my ginger tom for 20yrs,very big miss my condolences.
7. April, 08:25
Daniel Klink
Hey Mates, thank you all so much for your condolendes and for sharing your memories and personal stories with me..
reall very much appreciated gentlemen 👍
And it is true and every fucking time on goes through this after 2-3 days the loss become truely aware and you realize that he is not just
a little longer away sightseeing the neighborhood, it is getting worse and one get into the state where Everything is Everything.
Even modelling could hardly help distracting myself, because he sat nearby most of the time .
But i did a little pogress yesterday with my dio...
8. April, 20:26
I don't know what to tell you, Daniel... I'm not good at this.
I just hope that time and hobby can mend the void that Sugar has left.
We are all with you😉
9. April, 19:56
Donald Dickson II
I had to put down 2 of mine in the last year, and a third up and died suddenly, so I can relate. My condolences sir.
9. April, 22:35
David Taylor
Mine was a big bunch of ginger fur but called spot from st ng.
9. April, 22:45
Daniel Klink
Thank you Cuajete, Donald and David once again 👍
@Donald and so sorry for your losses.
Well 4 weeks past now...still griefing, but the hobby, work and the neverending input this community here gives, helped a lot. Thanks again all of you 👍
2. May, 09:11
Daniel, my last loss was with my dog Dana (14 years old) two years ago (a few months before, my cat Karel died of kidney problems, when it was 16 years old). The loneliness lasted a month, until my new dog Penny arrived. I did not forget Dana, but Penny's arrival was very positive in keeping my mind occupied with another being to offer my care.

I wish you all the courage in the world and that beautiful memory remains strong in your mind. Sugar was a beautiful cat. Best wishes, Daniel.
2. May, 18:03
Daniel Klink
Thanks Cuajete and yes this is so true, there are many lonely furry souls out there.
This one is a emergency of a friend of mine. She is a vet and nursed this guy back to health and life but has no time and he is often alone in her home, she called me and i just couldn't resist.
He immediately layed down on my legs and played piano on my Jeans (ouch) while i was sitting and talking
Hi my name is Eddy (Eduard) ~ 5 year old longhairmix
3. May, 18:23
David Taylor
Hello Eddy.
3. May, 18:28
Eddy looks like a sweet nice fellow....
3. May, 19:39
Łukasz Gliński
"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"
3. May, 20:08
Donald Dickson II
Eddy is absolutely gorgeous! He will surely be far different from Sugar, but I am sure he will be loved and give it right back. In a cat kinda way. 😉
3. May, 23:47
Alec K
Great! But is Eddy a modeler... 😄
4. May, 12:03
Eddy, are you in your new home?? 😛
I'm very happy, Daniel 👍
4. May, 19:30
David Taylor
Hope he keeps your lap warm,model on Daniel.
4. May, 19:33
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates,
thank you once again and yes Eddy moved in on Thursday and is still a bit shy and cautious.
And he is totallydifferent from Sugar yep Donald, because he likes to climb shelfs and Dressers 😭
Sugar never did that. Nice words mate btw like by all of you. 👍

7. May, 21:38
Chaz Gordon
Welcome Eddy, you are quite the striking Gatto.
9. May, 05:49
Daniel Klink
Hi Chaz, yap he is indeed.
He likes higher places in the rooms. I will have to build something as alternative for him to keep him away from open shelfs and the workbench.
9. May, 19:34
Bob Hall
No fuzzy friend can resist a model box top to lay in and snooze the day away in ! LOL !
9. May, 21:33
Chaz Gordon
Indeed, modelling brings many sizes of Cat Trap.
9. May, 23:18
Chaz Gordon
9. May, 23:23
Bob Hall
10. May, 00:44
Edward May
Do you typically keep all your models inside of glass door shelving or do you also typically have them out on the countertop? If it's the latter - how do you keep the feline leapers from smashing up your work?
22. May, 22:00
Peter Hardy
Cars are interesting, hobby room is brilliant, models are excellent. You can keep the cats.
22. May, 22:07
Daniel Klink
@Edward they are mostly behind glass or packed in Boxes.
My last cats weren't a thread bcause they were of rather of a lazy kind. Eddy is different but he is not interested in the hobby room at all so far👍
@Peter Thank you sir 👍
23. May, 23:02
Nathan Dempsey
My 5 year old says that your cat must be a wizard because he has a large white beard. 😂
23. May, 23:19
Edward May
Daniel > I've long dreamed of building a series of cabinets with glass doors, thick glass shelves and a mirrored back for displaying my model kits. I even know what type of stain and varnish I'd like to use in that project but it's just a dream. Still I can't imagine packing away my built models into boxes! I want to be able to see them in a group, as a collection, in terms of what they represent.

In my tween/teen years I just kept them on metal shelves and only had one incident with my personal feline friend leaping to the top shelf which damaged a Revell Lancaster and Revell B-17F. Needless to say I was angry at first but after I cooled off I realized that he'd never tried to get on any of the lower shelves and that it was likely that he simply couldn't see the large models from his vantage point. He never attempted to get on those shelves again; He was far more content with my lap or next to the desk lamp.

In my twenties up to my late thirties I relied on very high shelves mounted on a wall. The only exception was a small and low slung table I acquired from a thrift store I'd acquired as a perch for the project I was working on at the time. When I was in my office I was able to shoo the cats away from that table to try to condition them into understanding that spot was off limits. Whenever I left the office I always tried to remember to close the door.

The day after I completed the model intended for that table though I was called away and forgot to close the door. The missus' cat of the time was apparently intrigued by the sudden appearance of that gargantuan completed 1/72 Italeri Me-323 Gigant and so got onto the table to examine it more closely. Upon my return she immediately panicked and as her back feet slid out from under her, in her haste to bolt from the room, she utterly destroyed it. Bits and pieces of that lengthy build literally rained throughout my office. The landing gear on the kit is quite complicated and fragile, in addition to other components, never mind the shattered windscreen; It was simply beyond restoration. Believe me, I was furious with myself! 🙁

At the moment I have to keep my built models locked away in the extra cabinet space we have in this rental home but I want to have them out on display. As it is the cabinets are pretty well chock full. We've three cats in the home right now. Two are fairly young and are typical in their curiosity while the third is a geriatric approaching 19 years of age.

That aside, I could easily mount high shelves in our den as I had in a prior home or even procure some cheap prefabricated cabinets with glass doors as my budget is a little more flexible right now. However the owner of this property is currently trying to sell it. As such I don't see much point in doing either until I know what's going to happen. After all if they sell to someone whom wants to live here I'd have to take down the shelving or move the new cabinets anyway. There's still a chance though that someone will purchase the property as a form of a stable income from leasing it too. That having been said many Americans are seeking to leave urban communities due to social unrest in favor of life in a rural community a comfortable distance from metro areas so I'm not keeping my hopes high.
24. May, 09:16


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