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28. July, 22:49
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28. July, 02:00

July 27, 2021

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27. July, 14:44
Edward May eier nå
27. July, 14:41

July 23, 2021

Edward May
I ordered this one through a supplier on Amazon located in Ukraine back in the first half of April. The seller claimed 12~14 days shipping time while Amazon felt it would be closer to 18~39 days. On day 40 I contacted the seller. Three days later they got back to me. Lo and behold but what did they find? The parcel had either been sitting at their postal office all of this time or it just so happened to return to them miraculously on that very day. If I go by the record of the past 30 days worth of feedback for that seller one in twenty of their orders will go missing. Is that normal for the post in Ukraine? I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest. Either way I see a lot of positive feedback, apart from those I mentioned in addition to one person incensed about the risky packaging for whatever they bought, so I don't think it's a scam. Furthermore it was painless to get a full refund despite the fact that they had to eat the shipping expense.

I think I'll pick it up off of Mega-Hobby as soon as they restock their paint supplies...
1. June, 01:50
William Joel
Ed - had the same problem on eBay; received a refund. I don't order from the Ukraine if at all possible.
23. July, 19:37

July 3, 2021

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3. July, 04:04

June 28, 2021

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1:72 Spitfire Mk.Vc (Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0121)
Spitfire Mk.Vc "Four Barrels over Malta"
Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) 1:72
KPM0121 (KPM72121) 2018 | Endrede deler
28. June, 00:14
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1:72 Spitfire Mk.VB (Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0057)
Spitfire Mk.VB “Early”
Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) 1:72
KPM0057 2016 | Endrede dekaler
28. June, 00:12
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28. June, 00:08

June 20, 2021

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20. June, 17:02
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20. June, 17:02
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20. June, 16:50

June 16, 2021

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16. June, 18:16
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16. June, 05:59
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16. June, 05:59

June 8, 2021

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1:72 JU-86P/R (KV Models 72914)
KV Models 1:72
72914 2021 | New tool
8. June, 19:32

June 5, 2021

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5. June, 11:44
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5. June, 11:42

June 4, 2021

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4. June, 23:48
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1:72 Zero Fighter (Tamiya 60780)
Mitsubishi A6M2b
Zero Fighter (Zeke)
Tamiya 1:72
60780 (80) 2012 | Endrede deler
4. June, 23:47
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4. June, 23:47
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1:72 Ju 87G-2 Stuka (Academy 12404)
Ju 87G-2 Stuka "Kanonen Vogel"
Academy 1:72
12404 (F12404) 2005 | Endrede deler
4. June, 02:23
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4. June, 02:21

June 1, 2021

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1:72 Yakovlev UT-3 (Croco Models CMD7224)
Yakovlev UT-3 (1-st version)
Croco Models 1:72
CMD7224 2021 | New tool
1. June, 18:40

May 29, 2021

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1:72 KDA-2 (SOVA-M 72023)
KDA-2 type 88 light bomber
SOVA-M 1:72
72023 2021* | Endrede deler
29. May, 01:56

May 27, 2021

Edward May
Hello AFV aficionados, I've got kind of a pressing issue pertaining to this kit and was wondering if anyone knew of a proper solution. I procured this kit, in addition to a Tamiya Lee & Tiger I, for my son as graduation gifts. He was positively ecstatic! As we perused over the parts and took stock of what the situation with the decals was like we realized that the cannon on this thing was molded in halves; Both my son and I groaned upon this realization.

I've long known about the issue of barrels molded like this as well as the solution of turned metal parts and thought "Oh, that's a pretty simple matter to deal with!" Therefore I offered to replace it with a turned metal barrel. After all, it was my bad for not looking deeply enough into the kit before purchasing it as a present for such an auspicious day.

Unfortunately it appears that all of the turned metal barrels designed for this kit are out of production! Given that it was re-released fairly recently has any company released another barrel for it? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. 🙂
26. May, 17:38
James C
I can't point you directly to which barrel to use, but here's a list of aftermarket M4 Sherman barrels in 1/35 scale to hopefully narrow down your search. If it were me, I'd probably start with something from either RB or Aber.

SCM Search: "M4 Sherman" 1:35
26. May, 18:01
James C
Just did a little more digging around and turned up this generic 75mm barrel by RB model, which is currently in-stock at Sprue Brothers.
It appears to be designed for the following Italeri kit, which your Revell kit is apparently a re-boxing of if the timeline history is correct...

75mm L/40 Gun Barrel for M4 Sherman (RB Model 35B03, 1:35)

1:35 75mm L/40 Gun Barrel for M4 Sherman (RB Model 35B03)

M4 Sherman (Italeri 6389, 1:35)

1:35 M4 Sherman (Italeri 6389)
26. May, 18:11
Edward May
James, thank you so very much for taking the time to look around here on Scalemates to help me fulfill the promise with my son. I should've been a little more clear in my initial post that I'd scoured the barrels listed here for an appropriate replacement. I've done a lot of work on Scalemates so I know my way around a little better than most, probably. 😉

What I was hoping to hear is whether anyone knew of any barrels that perhaps hadn't yet been listed. The 2004 and 2015 release of the Italeri kit bear the exact same gun from the 1977 release. The kit you provided is obviously a different release of some sort as the gun parts shown in the instructions are totally different though they are broken down into halves similarly.

One of these kits lists this Sherman variant as being the "M4A1(76)W Sherman." Looking this up on Duckduckgo, the search engine I use, I found a survivor with a barrel just like this one. Here are a couple of the pictures I found;



(Notice the driver? Why didn't we get to drive a Sherman on the beach in our childhood?!)

Note the thread protector at the end of the barrel and how the portion of the barrel close to the mantlet abruptly widens and maintains a constant width before it disappears into the protuberance on the mantlet. (Part of the recoil absorbing mechanism? I'm not that well versed on AFVs...) Almost all other photos seem to show a constant taper from the thread protector or muzzle break all the way to the mantlet.

Even the much newer Tasca kit of the M4A1(76)W Sherman kit doesn't have what either the Italeri or the Squirrel (in the photos) displays close to the mantlet. I'm so out of my element here... 🙁
26. May, 23:02
Edward May
Thanks Andreas, this might have to be the one for him to use if he's adamant about using a turned metal barrel. The decals are in rough shape, they are precisely his mother's age after all, so new decals are likely in store for it anyway. 😉
27. May, 01:37
27. May, 03:33
Edward May
Thanks for the tip Ben but these look like they might've taken some water damage, we'll see though. I'll have him try sun bleaching them for a few weeks first and see how they look afterwards.

Additionally I said that maybe aftermarket decals would be better anyway is partly also due to the fact that the barrel suggested above doesn't exactly match the one from the kit. The kit parts look like a 76mm with a thread protector at it's business end. Therefore if he opts to go for one with a muzzle brake he'll need decals to match that vehicle. Unless of course they applied/removed muzzle brakes according to the situation? I honestly don't know, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a thread protector on Sherman barrels until this whole thing came about. Ask me the difference between B-17s, most Bf-109s, Spitfires or what have you and I'm pretty confident in my knowledge; AFVs are just that far removed from my area of study! 😄

Incidentally I've been relying on the suggested product for many years now. I had a very bitter experience at the end of elementary school when some Hungarian decals that came with a Testors Ju-86E shattered as soon as they hit the water. Those weren't even that old really given when I built it back then. Anyway, someone told me about this product when I was in my early twenties and ever since then I've been an avid user of many of Microscale's products. I have another of those Testors kits in my stash, with those same exact decals, this time I'll be prepared for it!

Kristal Klear is another of their amazing products. It's saved me so much time when dealing with small windows and allow you to detail the interior of model aircraft much easier than when dealing with parts that have large joining surfaces. Furthermore it's typically more clear than those sorts of parts anyway and so allows those details to be more readily apparent. I also learned that it works well as a glue for canopies. 😉
27. May, 09:44

May 26, 2021

Edward May eier nå
26. May, 01:47

May 24, 2021

Edward May
Are there any external details or tell tale signs to differentiate between a MiG-15 and a MiG-15bis?
19. May, 12:35
Externally, I don't believe there are any differences.
19. May, 12:44
Gordon Sørensen
From the Squadron Walk Around....
Early Production
The MiG-15bis Fagot-B was equipped with larger, rectangular speed brakes and an enlarged tail bumper. On the lower rear fuselage a circular covering for the ARK-5 radio compass and an rectangular avionics bay for the MRP-48 Marker Beacon reciever were added. The fairing for the RPKO-10M Radio Compass Antenna on top of the rear fuselage was deleted and the starboard mounted ESKR-46 Flare Launcher relocated.
Late Production
The late production MiG-15bis differed from early Fagot-Bs in having a revised antenna cable leading from the tail directly into the starboard fuselage. The NS-23 KM cannon was replaced by the NR-23 with short fairings and blistered shell ejection ports. The two-piece gun blast panel was replaced by a one-piece panel. The landing light was relocated from the air intake splitter into the starboard side wing., and one-piece speed brakes replaced the two-piece speed brakes of previous models.
19. May, 16:17
Edward May
Thanks for the input folks! I wonder if Eduard caught all of those differences between their 1:72 MiG-15 & MiG-15bis kit? I'm a little skeptical...
20. May, 00:22
Alec K
Good place to see the differences is in the instructions for Československé Patnáctky (MiG-15) (Eduard 2113, 1:72). MiG-15s were made under license in Czechoslovakia and examples were available to Eduard during research. I would be very surprised if the Czech modeling community would let Eduard get away with even a rivet being out of place 😉

1:72 Československé Patnáctky (MiG-15) (Eduard 2113)
24. May, 17:23
Edward May
Point well made, Alec! Thanks for the input. I'm going to wind up with so many MiGs I'm going to get tired of building them I think. I build collections that represent a conflict in history. Many of those conflicts see the same types of aircraft used; Sometimes by multiple participating nations!

I'm pretty sure I can't get as type specific as I want to be with my WW2 collection no matter how many years I have left to build. I found this gem on Wiki that gave me a headache the other night regarding the different MiGs used in the Vietnam War; "During the war, the VPAF used the MiG-17F, PF (J-5); MiG-19 (J-6), MiG-21F-13, PF, PFM and MF fighters."
24. May, 20:52
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1:72 PZL P.24G (IBG Models 72524)
PZL P.24G Greek Service
IBG Models 1:72
72524 2019 | New tool
24. May, 10:13

May 23, 2021

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1:72 HAL Ajeet Mk.1 (Special Hobby SH72370)
HAL Ajeet Mk.1 "Indian Light Fighter"
Special Hobby 1:72
SH72370 2017 | Endrede deler
23. May, 18:18
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23. May, 07:05
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23. May, 07:04
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23. May, 06:33
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23. May, 06:29

May 22, 2021

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1:72 Ju 86 (Airmodel 181)
Ju 86
Airmodel 1:72
181 199x | New tool
22. May, 22:10
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22. May, 13:04
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22. May, 13:04

May 21, 2021

Edward May
Does anyone out there know of a decal set for a RoKAF C-46, in 1/72, that served in Vietnam? Heck, even just a set of decals that could be appropriated for that sort of project would be great. I checked Insignia (Aircraft) and it seems nobody has even made a set of generic RoKAF insignia which is really surprising.
21. May, 05:37
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21. May, 01:17
Edward May Added a new review for:
Modellismo Salento
Modellismo Salento
1 | 21. May, 00:49
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21. May, 00:36
Edward May eier nå
1:72 Curtiss C-46 (Williams Brothers 72-346)
Curtiss C-46
Williams Brothers 1:72
72-346 (72346) 198b | Endret boks
21. May, 00:05

May 20, 2021

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20. May, 23:49
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20. May, 22:03
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20. May, 21:57

May 18, 2021

Edward May
Looking at this bird's instructions makes me wish I had the space to build 1:48 aircraft!
1:48 Tu-2S (Xuntong Model B48002)
Tu-2S modified version
Xuntong Model 1:48
B48002 2017 | Endrede deler
18. May, 22:29

May 13, 2021

Edward May la til et nytt prosjekt
3 | 13. May, 05:21
Moreno Baruffini
One of my best topics!!!
13. May, 06:44
Edward May
Yes, I like the Z.1007 too! It is more attractive than the SM.79 in my opinion. I just recently managed to acquire this one after a very long wait and for only $12 USD since the box was a mess! Thankfully the kit itself along with the instructions and decals were neatly bagged and undamaged. Do you know anything about the company called Italian Wings by chance?
13. May, 07:15
Moreno Baruffini
Well, I love both the SM79 and the Alcione! I've realized the Cobelligerent version of these aircraft 🙂

And yes, I know wery well the company: is owned by an experienced Italian modeller and you can find many kits, have a look !

13. May, 08:56
Edward May
This is great, thank you Moreno! I will have to contact him and pray he still makes the the set I want to use with this model. 😄
13. May, 10:57
Daniel Klink
Very cool project Makes me want to grab out the Bideriva kit out of the stash and start it immediately. But there are too many openprojects around.
Did the Monoderiva Icebird years ago.. Th ekit is demanding if you want to have a good result.
What i hardly managed to do:
A Big Kingfisher | Album by Springbank (1:72)
13. May, 11:09
Edward May
I know the feeling Daniel because whenever I see the amazing work of other modelers building kits so beautifully, which I also have in the stash, I feel like pulling them out right away too. At the moment I'm having an issue with display space, which could be resolved by mounting new shelving, but am also facing the potential for having to relocate soon. Moving more built kits will be problematic by itself but having to tear down mounted shelving right after putting it up would make it meaningless. Here in the US many people want to move away from the urban areas due to protests and riots, the property I'm renting is in a lovely quiet rural town, so the owner has marked up the property value and decided to sell this home. We've had dozens of showings already and only one has expressed interest in leasing it to us IF they purchased it.
13. May, 11:39
Interesting project. Following!
I hope you have luck with your home wherever you are, Edward.
Daniel, Would it be possible to preference queue your Alcione Bideriva? 😛
13. May, 20:08

May 12, 2021

Edward May vil ha
12. May, 19:16
Edward May and Johan van Meerloo are now mates.
12. May, 08:10
Edward May la til et nytt prosjekt
1:72 Bristol Beaufighter TF.10 (Airfix A05043)1:72 Beaufighter wheels and paint masks (Aires 7344)1:72 Beaufighter TF Mk.X Main Undercarriage Bays Correction (CMK 7438)1+
Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk.X
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
45 Sqn. OB-J/RD805
Juli 1949 Operation Firedog - Kuala Lumpur MY
BS381C:637 BS381C:642
1 | 12. May, 05:54
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12. May, 05:47
Edward May vil ha
12. May, 05:46

May 11, 2021

Edward May la til et nytt prosjekt
2 | 11. May, 23:39
Edward May la til et nytt prosjekt
1:72 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor (Sword SW 72007)
Beechcraft T-34G Turbo Mentor
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
11. May, 04:19

May 10, 2021

Edward May
Well, I spent my spare time in the last few days going through figures here on Scalemates to try to narrow them down to different video games, movies, anime and so on. They just keep stacking up in a handful of topic ranges when many of them should have their own topic.

However In doing so I was reminded again of the paraphrased quote of, "If you stare into the abyss it stares back into you." I say that because some of these figures, well not necessarily the figures though oftentimes that's true to, or the stories they're derived from are some of the most depraved and perverse things I've ever encountered!

To properly categorize these things in different topics you need to first understand the topic material. Wiki only goes so far which leads to dredging the search engine to find out what it's all about. The internet ... is a scary place. That's all I have to say 'bout that. lol

Anyway, I just thought I would share my exasperation and disturbing experience with the rest of you. Cheers! 😉
1 | 10. May, 04:52

May 8, 2021

Edward May eier nå
8. May, 03:53
Edward May eier nå
1:72 Ju-86R (RS Models 92078)
Ju-86R German high altitude reconnaissance and bomber aircraft
RS Models 1:72
92078 2011 | Endrede deler
8. May, 03:52

May 4, 2021

Edward May vil ha
4. May, 07:35


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