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July 16, 2020

ronan lallet la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 15. April, 16:26
Maciej Bellos Following!
15. April, 16:51
ronan lallet Thank you for your interest in this project
15. April, 17:48
Patrick Hagelstein I'll chime in too! :)
15. April, 18:00
ronan lallet Thank you too for your interest
28. April, 18:53
Clifford Keesler Very nice.
10. May, 21:22
ronan lallet Thank you :)
10. May, 21:24
Daniel very nice progress and awesome photography!
15. July, 17:32
ronan lallet Thank you :)
16. July, 13:50
16. July, 17:47
Przemek Przybulewski la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #65
Ny: 15. July, 18:33
9 | 4. June, 15:21
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Maciej Bellos Oooohhhh these are some nice colours! The preshading was really worth it!
13. July, 20:16
Patrick Hagelstein Wow......... :o
13. July, 21:04
Daniel masterfully painted!
13. July, 22:37
Przemek Przybulewski Thank you all.
Came finished - now some small touchups and gloss for decals
15. July, 18:33
Soeren . Superb work!
15. July, 18:40
Przemek Przybulewski Thanks - I just realised that photos are too dark.
15. July, 19:15
Adam Gudynowski One of your better painted models
16. July, 11:29
Patrick Hagelstein Maybe if you use a more neutral background the colors might lighten up in your pictures. But what I am seeing now, is just plain amazing! :o
16. July, 17:45
JD la til et nytt fotoalbum.
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Ny: 16. July, 17:45
16. July, 17:43
Donald Dickson II la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Venezuelan F-16
1:48 General Dynamics F-16 Fighter (Tamiya 61022)1:48 F-16A/C Fighting Falcon (Academy 12259)1:48 Venimous Vipers 3 (Aztec Models 48-038)
2 | 20. June, 18:06
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Patrick Hagelstein I feel ya Donald..... I use the Academy F-16 as my dedicated paint mule, nothing else I would use it for... Venezuela was the first South American country to obtain the F-16 in the 1980s. So this is an original Block 15 F-16 with the extended tail for the para brake. I would hold on to the Academy tail as that is an original F-16A/B tail. There are para brake conversions available or you could extend the tail base with plastic card. On the other hand, the Tamiya F-16C is a Block 50 (at least in your boxing) and is lightyears apart from the early Block airframes. To mention the most obvious changes: GE engine vs. P&W engine which means a completely different intake, completely redesigned tail fin and base, beefed up landing gear with bulging U/C doors, different instrument panel, various additional panels all over the airframe, added hard points to the intake for targeting/navigation equipment and RWR receivers on the wing's leading edges. Not sure how far you want to go to get a detailed build, but engine/intake wise the Tamiya Thunderbird, ANG or Aggressor boxing would provide you at least with the correct intakes and engine exhausts to go off with a decent start.
13. July, 21:04
Donald Dickson II I was thinking about that. I was just so damned frustrated I grabbed the Tamiya and started painting the pit. LOL I will check the stash a d see what I have lurking aside from that.
14. July, 02:29
Donald Dickson II OK, after going through my stash, I think this old Tamiya kit will be more appropriate. What do you think Patrick?
15. July, 00:06
Patrick Hagelstein Welllllll........even the Academy one surpasses that one.... That is a 1976 raised panel line tooling of the FSD preproduction version that went on a world tour to show off to potential customers. It has Tamiya quality buildability, but is quite fictional in the details and even general outline. A little mix'n match of all three kits will get you there, but the most solid base would still be the Block 50.
15. July, 20:53
Donald Dickson II Well crapola. I am not trying to do a whole bunch of modifications on this. It's totally a what's the closest kit I can manage to do it and be in the right ballpark.
16. July, 00:19
Patrick Hagelstein Even though those decals are awesome, you might want to go for a Block 50 then as that Tamiya kit literally falls together. A lot of international operators use the Block 50s though, so you might find another colorful attire for it.
16. July, 02:34
Donald Dickson II I may just go with this and we can keep it a secret. ;)
16. July, 11:02
Patrick Hagelstein Pssssst....... I'll tell noooooooobody.........

16. July, 17:43
marcasgarcia la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 bilder
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Prosjekt: PT-109 PT Boat
1:72 PT-109 PT Boat (Revell 85-0310)
1 | 15. July, 10:12
JD Nice! I finished this kit too! Mine's not good enough to publish, though. :)
16. July, 00:47
marcasgarcia Thank you.
I would encourage you to put it on. It is surely better than you think. I only have 7 models finished and this would be the eighth. But they are better or worse. What is the use of not showing the effort of a job? Furthermore, I believe that the most important thing is to be yourself satisfied with your work. I would like to see it.
16. July, 10:17
JD Ok, marcasgarcia, you make some great points, and have convinced me! I will put together an album just for you mate!
16. July, 17:42
David Jung@SCM Data
OKB Grigorov kits. The manufacturer's website is using a letter prefix for the product number, but the kit box does not have the prefix. (I suspect the prefix was added for the website/internal-software.) Should we have the letter prefix like the website or use the code on the box? Or both?
16. July, 14:28
Starbase101 Sometimes a manufacturer's SKU number won't exactly match the product's printed item number. The same thing happens with all the different retailers - each distrubuter will have their own respective SKU number separate from the actual product number. My vote would be use what's printed on the packaging. In my opinion, that is the product's "true" ID number.
16. July, 17:01
Eddie Mann I personally use the number from the manufacturer's site as some use the prefix to denote different types: decal, mask, resin, PE, etc. Without the prefix you get duplicates in the database.
16. July, 17:06
Starbase101 I have not yet encountered such a scenario with everything I've added to my stash. Not saying it doesn't exist, just saying I've never seen it.
16. July, 17:24
scalemates In general, the box number should be used.
Shop numbers should generally not be used (they typically add a prefix)

If manufacturer adds a prefix it becomes a dilemma

Eg. CMK adds 129- since recently .. on scalemates we ignore this one and use the one from the box

For discussions like this = always good to add some example links.
16. July, 17:39
Nathan Camarillo la til et nytt fotoalbum.
33 bilder
View album, image #33
Ny: 16. July, 17:15
Prosjekt: MiG-21MF Slovak
1:48 MiG-21MF (Eduard 84126)
6 | 13. July, 20:00
Michael Phillips Man this is nice! Love the scheme choice here and the paintwork is top notch. Looking forward to watching this one to the finish line!
15. July, 14:51
Daniel I agree, a beauty already, very nice diy masked paint job
15. July, 16:03
Clifford Keesler Have to agree, very nice work.
15. July, 16:17
Murad ÖZER indeed that's a beautiful camo and paintjob!
15. July, 21:09
JD Never seen that tape cutting gadget before, now I gotta have one! Nice clean lines!
16. July, 00:19
Jos Jansen Miss this...awesome job, love the way you paint the camo scheme...
16. July, 05:09
Nathan Camarillo Thanks all! Almost done. The cutter is called a gyrocut. I bought it a SMW or two ago, thought it would be useful. I tried to "draw" masks with it but thought I'd never try using it again. Then I thought of drawing on the model and found once I had something to trace it worked perfectly. Not as precise as my plotter/cutter but much faster than making all the masks in illustrator.
16. July, 06:09
Alexander G. Beautiful camo
16. July, 10:54
Spanjaard very nice job indeed.
16. July, 11:16
Soeren . Fantastic paint job! :)
16. July, 11:16
Slavo Hazucha Very cool "aggressor" camo, this adds at least +3 initiative and +10 critical hit chance on the MiG-21's performance... ;)

Looking forward to the sonic boom across the finish line!
16. July, 12:20
Nathan Camarillo Thanks, making progress! Washes and matte coat on, masks are off
16. July, 17:18
Victor Scale Hamster YT la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 16. July, 17:13
Guy Rump la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 28. May, 14:20
Roland Gunslinger Looks nice so far I like the new tooled airfix kits with the deep panel lines.
6. June, 14:52
Guy Rump Thanks Roland, it's tight fitting but so far it seems to be going together quite well. :)
7. June, 19:14
Guy Rump Vallejo Model Air BS640 added to upper fuselage and Vallejo Model Air Sky to lower fuselage.
12. July, 10:15
Chaz Gordon Looking good. I have one of these in my Stash.
12. July, 11:49
Guy Rump Thanks Chaz, most goes together well except for the engine covers which were a bit of a pain. :)
12. July, 15:19
Daniel Klink Keep up the good work Guy ..looks very nice
16. July, 14:44
Andy Ball super Sky underside with shading....hope the rest of the kit goes well....
16. July, 14:55
Guy Rump Many thanks Daniel & Andy, your encouragement is greatly appreciated :)
16. July, 16:49
Victor Scale Hamster YT la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #157
Ny: 16. July, 16:36
2 | 16. July, 16:32
Neuling la til et nytt fotoalbum.
18 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Ied clearing
1:35 "Buffalo" 6x6 MPCV (Bronco CB35100)
18 | 7. September 2018, 15:07
Se hele tråden (33 Kommentarer)
Jos Jansen Poooah...speechless........................
15. July, 20:19
Nathan Dempsey I agree Jos. I have the version of this kit with the slat & spaced armor and I've looked at that kit many times this week thanks to Neuling's build.
15. July, 20:24
Chen Pan Just wonderful, at the beginning I thought I'm reading the news photo...thanks for your sharing
16. July, 08:23
Martin Dubovszki This is spectecular! Amazing job!
16. July, 09:01
Dave Flitton I had to look twice before I found out it was a model. Excellent job!!!
16. July, 11:15
Slavo Hazucha Another perfectly set-up "Postcards from the Desert" session... , this time with a "Hurt locker" pedigree...

I really like the way everyone (man, machine, animal...) in your dios is doing something, but without the "Action poses!!!" atmo hanging in the air... And the teal glass... like teardrops from a church-window vitrage driven through the desert sands... ;)
16. July, 12:28
Evander Borg I'm gobsmacked. For a moment I thought I was seeing the real thing.
16. July, 13:48
Thomas Kirschbaum Fantastic however! :)
16. July, 16:24
Greg Baker la til et nytt fotoalbum.
18 | 13. October 2017, 05:55
Se hele tråden (71 Kommentarer)
Tom ... OMG, how did I miss this build! Absolutely fantastic! I love love it. Another gem for your collection, Greg. Bravo!
10. July, 02:13
Lode Schildermans Thanks, greg, for making this beauty and sharing it wit us, Tintin fans. For a Belgian as me, it is even more special
10. July, 05:04
10. July, 06:01
Spanjaard excellent job Greg, amazing to see a childhood memory coming to life so well :)
10. July, 09:28
Frank Krüger .... that's incredible!!! I love Tintin! And also your Lunar Tank !!! This is absolutely fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. July, 13:53
Matthew A Just had a DVD arrive from Korea - it's the brilliant French film That Man From Rio (1964). Heavily influenced by Tintin it went on to intluence Lucas and Spielberg.
16. July, 13:38
Thomas Bischoff I just love your excellent work!
16. July, 16:08
Vittorio Gentili That's really nice and funny. Brilliant idea :)
16. July, 16:18
Dave Morris la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 14:13
Prosjekt: Hanomag SS100
1:35 Hanomag SS100 (Takom 2068)
1 | 14. June, 03:49
Dave Morris The chassis, engine, and cab are built and painted. Dashboard decals to be applied and then I can do some weathering. Great kit, no issues so far.
20. June, 14:27
Dave Morris A little more progress with painting the internals. Major assembly can now take place. The fool that I am, I went and glued the filler cap on upside down! :( I had to saw the end off, pack it with plast-card, clean it all up and then scratch build a replacement filler neck and cap.
22. June, 13:57
Dave Morris The cab is painted, glazing & is now ready for assembly.
29. June, 12:38
Dave Morris Cab, grills and bonnet are assembled.
8. July, 11:02
Dave Morris All painted and a wash added. Now to add the number-plate digits & she can received a matt varnish.
16. July, 14:25
16. July, 15:59
Christian Ristits la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 2. May, 13:31
Se hele tråden (23 Kommentarer)
Christian Ristits Thx for your kind words my friends!
@Daniel - I could not find out what the meaning is ;) But it sounds really funny... ;)
6. May, 06:22
Erik Leijdens From a old navy jock;

Pretty simple, actually. It kind of represented a call ... kind of like an F-8 rallying cry .... "gather round" or "Hey Rube" (old times) or "Hooorah" (today) ..... F-8 specific, however ..... it originated from a '60's "rev-up" sound from a muscle-car engine ..... Some of the F-8 squadrons painted it on the front of the wing "droop" that would show when they "drooped" the wing to come aboard. The F-8 was an engine with wings and a pilot. A rocket ......... :)

It's just kind of an F-8 tradition .... "HUD'N, HUD'N" .... that's what they painted on the forward part of the "droop". We loved it when I waved 'em .... F-8 drivers .... good sticks.
6. May, 07:17
Daniel 8) great info erik
6. May, 08:25
Soeren . Almost missed this beauty!
Great work Christian!
6. May, 08:32
Christian Ristits Thx for that Info Erik, great!
6. May, 12:50
Christian Ristits And thx Sören, Glad that you Like it!
6. May, 12:50
Spanjaard how did i miss this beauty before? excellent job!
16. July, 11:29
Christian Ristits Many thx again!
16. July, 15:58
Christian Ristits la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 | 7. February, 09:10
Se hele tråden (17 Kommentarer)
Jos Jansen Wow Christian, those are two beautiful kits, and that phantom is absolutely phenomenal...! How did you make those damages, for example at the intakes?
7. February, 20:16
Christian Ristits Hello Jos, glad that you like it ;) I made these with "AKs Worn effects"...very easy to do but with cool results...Cheers, Christian
8. February, 07:40
Johne 69 Delicious built oob ?
8. February, 09:21
Christian Ristits Dear Johne, yes OOB...
8. February, 10:19
Spanjaard wow... that is a beautiful F-4!
16. July, 11:30
Anna-Elizabeth the Great Excellent work, the weathering looks superb!
16. July, 12:03
Slavo Hazucha Cool couple and display of all kinds of weathering techniques - to a really believable and theatre-proper result
16. July, 12:16
Christian Ristits Many thx my friends for your warm words!
16. July, 15:58
Leon Charlebois la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 4. July, 20:36
Treehugger I wonder, what is the length of this 1:570 model?
4. July, 21:28
Leon Charlebois 18.5" or 45 cm
16. July, 15:41
Daniel Klink beautiful
16. July, 15:44
herbert otto gille la til et nytt fotoalbum.
16. July, 15:38
Michael Phillips la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 1. May 2019, 02:47
Se hele tråden (31 Kommentarer)
Michael Phillips Thanks Jens, Christian, Andy, Bart, Roland, and Murad! I really appreciate the kind words, as always!!!
4. May 2019, 22:41
Jos Jansen WOOW Michael... this is really a masterpiece, what an amazing result ...! Two thumbs up
5. May 2019, 09:43
Daniel Looks like a real war machine, very impressive work! especially how you got the sensors & cameras on the nose to look so realistic!
5. May 2019, 20:39
Michael Phillips Thanks Jos and Daniel! I thank you all for the kind words!
8. May 2019, 14:56
David Barclay Another stunner Michael!
9. May 2019, 10:35
Michael Phillips Thanks David, I appreciate the kind words!
11. May 2019, 05:38
Dutch Excellent work Mike! Impressive pre-shading and weathering. I have never seen a clean Apache, so your gentle weathering really brings out the details and colors. top-notch work, sir! K/r, Dutch
16. July, 15:00
Daniel Klink As usual outstanding result Michael... The Paintwork is stunning
16. July, 15:34
Adam Barber la til et nytt fotoalbum.
15. July, 15:25
Maciej Bellos Lots of goodies!
15. July, 21:07
Adam Barber Lots and lots haha
16. July, 15:32
ronan lallet added a new article to hans personal gallery:
Rony la maquette
1 | 16. July, 15:24
Munkyslut la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Camaro Z28
1:16 Camaro Z28 (Revell H-6601)
28. March, 00:17
Se hele tråden (57 Kommentarer)
Bob Hall HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. May, 01:01
Nigel Chapman Nice one
3. May, 08:03
3. May, 09:01
Tim Heimer What am I looking at? I drive a Pontiac. LOL
3. May, 12:58
Pindy ????????
3. May, 17:52
Pindy Hahahahaha
3. May, 17:52
Chaz Gordon Just got a partial one of these. Same kit, but minus Chassis & Engine (got it for not a lot) Planning to copy needed parts in resin from the AMT Firebird I have. Just need to cut about 10mm out of the floorpan somewhere as there is quite a variance there. Most of the rest of the Firebird parts seem to be a good match. i Think the problem is insufficient length between the A Pillar and the back of the front arches.

I'm also contemplating doing something about those flared front arches.
16. July, 14:13
Munkyslut Interesting idea Chaz......... look forward to seeeing what you can copy.
I'm still waiting to find a pair of T tops & a front screen.
I've a spare nose cone if you want to butcher the deep air dam off it?
Also have a spare 350 TPi & TH700R4 from a 1/16 Revell C4 Vette I bought for spares.
16. July, 15:23
Dan Cook la til et nytt fotoalbum.
53 bilder
View album, image #53
Ny: 16. July, 15:21
Prosjekt: Panther D 745
1:35 Panther D (Dragon 6299)
16. July, 15:16
Dan Cook la til et nytt fotoalbum.
16 bilder
View album, image #16
Ny: 16. July, 15:09
Prosjekt: Tiger 131
1:35 Tiger "131" Early Production (Dragon 6820)1:35 8.8cm KwK 36 L-56 (RB Model 35B01)
6. May 2017, 09:19
Spanjaard looking nice.
6. May 2017, 13:24
Dan Cook la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #4
Ny: 16. July, 15:03
16. July, 15:03
Paul Juliano la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #7
Ny: 15. July, 23:54
2 | 28. February, 15:57
Paul Juliano I'm not sure if it's because I see too many Spitfires with super green cockpits or if this color is too grey, but I'm not sure it looks right. Maybe it's the lighting and it'll look better with some oils to tone it down a bit and fade it?
28. February, 20:57
Roland Gunslinger Hm, it's hard to see on the photos. I just read a Spitfire Magazine and Grey Green should be the right color for the 1. But the colors i see are little more „greenish". Not like the RAF green the newer Spits are painted but little more green like i see on your pics. BUT the most pics (in my magazine) from the old 1 are colorized so it's hard to say what's right or wrong.
28. February, 21:22
Roland Gunslinger Oh, your spit gets an engine :o
28. February, 21:25
Roland Gunslinger Looks more Green on the pic than in real but it's a good match imho.
Also an alternative Tamiya xf-71
Just my 2 cents...
28. February, 21:45
Munkyslut I like it, it has an authentic darkish drab look about it.
Some cockpits look too bright & toylike in the lighter greens.
28. February, 21:52
Paul Juliano Thanks Roland! I'm going to roll with it. I can always add some green oil filter on it to tint it a bit. And it gets not just an engine, but REAL MERLIN SOUND synced with the engine!!! Check it out: Youtube Video

28. February, 21:53
Nathan Dempsey Cool idea Paul!
28. February, 22:01
Roland Gunslinger Nobody can say your Color is wrong ;)
The engine sound is very nice :D
28. February, 22:12
Paul Juliano Thanks guys!
28. February, 22:22
Gareth Windsor This is looking great and I love the electronics. On the cockpit green - I read a great article about the colour used and basically it's pretty hard to find two cockpits that match in real life. Colour tones were quite different from a vibrant green to a yellowish green. I think the oil filters will do a great job.
16. July, 13:57
Daniel Klink Catchy Bird...Count me in
16. July, 14:44
Dave Morris la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 14:16
1 | 30. June, 13:28
Dave Morris Lovely kit from Eduard. Going together without any real issues, although some parts do not line-up well. The cockpit is built, as is the engine. Just the PE belts to add before the fuselage halves can be joined. And the PE instrument panel is gorgeous!
30. June, 14:06
Alexander G. Got my kit recently too, what I found striking was the rather strange coarse surface structure
30. June, 15:47
Dave Morris Yes, rather like Airfix. The moulds are not from Eduard. Problem being, if you sand it off in one place, then it will look odd against the rest! It was going to go into my stash but it is such an unusual subject that I started building right away ????
30. June, 17:42
Dave Morris Fuselage is together & tail-planes attached. Now the cockpit can be inserted and the wings added.
16. July, 14:23
Roland Gunslinger Watching with interest...
16. July, 14:26
Rodolfo The Fixer la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 | 10. June, 16:00
Eelco Gregoire Nice mustang!
14. July, 12:43
Spanjaard very nice
14. July, 13:12
Neuling I fully agree with Eelco and Spanjaard.
15. July, 07:43
Count Buggula What did you think of that kit? I had it on my wishlist but took it off after my experience with an Airfix P-40 - the plastic was really brittle and I broke a number of parts just trying to put the cockpit together.
16. July, 13:41
Victor Scale Hamster YT la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #104
Ny: 16. July, 13:30
1 | 16. July, 13:26
Jos Jansen la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1 | 4. July, 19:42
Jos Jansen Started with this built which is part of a group built on the Facebook page: Modelbouw Koninklijke Luchtmacht RNLAF; #KLUGB2020. I'll built an early Dutch NF-5A in the first camo scheme they had.
4. July, 19:49
4. July, 20:13
Jos Jansen The colors have been chosen ... :D!

• Gunze Aqueous H305 Gray FS 36118
• MRP - 208 Yellow Olive RAL6014
12. July, 06:31
12. July, 11:02
Jos Jansen Welcome Nathan and Roland... !
12. July, 12:34
Jasper Breur That's going to be an interesting build, have fun!
12. July, 15:16
Jos Jansen Thx Jasper, sure absolutely... !

Lots of interior PE in the cockpit and finished it with Mr.Surfacer...!
13. July, 20:58
Jos Jansen The Dutch NF-5 was equipped with a Canadian Marconi Type 668 Doppler navigation system and 703 navigation system with a roller map. The Eduard PE was not providing this equipment on the display...!
16. July, 05:45
Nathan Dempsey The cockpit is coming along great. Is that white rectangle to be the missing equipment placard?
16. July, 13:23
Urban Gardini la til et nytt fotoalbum.
18. July 2019, 11:10
Se hele tråden (95 Kommentarer)
Urban Gardini Yes and yes! Single accident hitting the barrier wire. She lost the concentration for half a second and one wheel cut down in the soft verge and she over compensated and lost the control ending up in the wire barrier. Thankfully she managed to hit the brakes hard enough before. Her VW Polo from 2003 is a total write off and now she's gotten hold of a Peugeot 308 from 2015 so that's a big step up for her.
29. August 2019, 10:07
Augie Glad she's ok buddy :) love kitties too
29. August 2019, 10:36
Augie Glad she's ok buddy :) love kitties too
29. August 2019, 10:37
Urban Gardini Yes, that's what's the most important as cars is replaceable in contrast to humans. As for kittens, how is it not possible to love the little rascals...
29. August 2019, 10:40
Slavo Hazucha Maybe you could train the kitty to do realistic chipping effects... ;)

Good to hear that only the car took the brunt of the crash... If it has tomhappen, a write off car + an unhurt person is a good balance... Lots of good miles with the Peugeot!
29. August 2019, 11:38
Stephan Ryll Good to hear that only the car needs a replacement Urban :S
With the kitten in town you will have a good help in realistic plan crash dio's ;)
29. August 2019, 14:10
Urban Gardini I'm happy that it went as well as it did. And as a bonus is the fact that she didn't like the Polo so there's a win there at least. As for the kitten I'm not that afraid as I'm not that keen on my builds once they're built. No it's the journey that is the goal with my building. The problem is keeping ongoing builds safe. I caught him using an 1:72 M13/41 that awaits decals and the final weathering as a toy...
29. August 2019, 14:58
arron parry Nice one mate, I used to live up the road from RAF Upper Heyford, which was home to the F-111's of the 20th TFW, plus a few Ravens
16. July, 13:08
JOHN THOMAS la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1 | 11. November 2018, 16:41
Se hele tråden (121 Kommentarer)
14. July, 17:00
Spanjaard ha ha ha, I would have never thought of that! great idea!
14. July, 22:33
wilky How much do you want for the future bottles?
14. July, 22:39
Greg Baker For a mate of scale, $10 per bottle plus whatever shipping comes to. I just want to cover my costs.
14. July, 23:47
wilky PM sent
15. July, 01:02
JOHN THOMAS Hey Guys, I have been testing mixing Future with Model Master Acrylics to improve flow and smoother finish. Has any one done any testing with Future? I have got some nice results.
15. July, 13:22
JD I find that Pledge works especially well mixed with metallics, no need for a top coat. But to me it stinks to high heaven. Don't breathe the stuff just because it has a "pleasant" odor. I can't spray it indoors until I upgrade my spray booth. :)
16. July, 00:46
JOHN THOMAS JD,Thanks. so far Tamiya paints dont like Future. I have mixed Future with Poly Scale Acrylic Metallics and it worked well. The smell is a problem and I do use a spray booth. I am testing more Acrylics results up soon.
16. July, 13:08
Dave Ruddle la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #21
Ny: 16. July, 13:05
Prosjekt: Revell Audi R8
1:24 Audi R8 (Revell 07398)
1 | 3. May, 15:28
3. May, 15:57
Urban Gardini la til et nytt fotoalbum.
34 bilder
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Prosjekt: Bell AB-47
1:72 Bell AH-1/AB-47 (Italeri 095)
23. October 2012, 23:06
arron parry Tut, tut, tut,,,,,what's that Skippy, nice job done mate :) ;)
16. July, 13:02
ronan lallet added a new article to hans personal gallery:
Rony la maquette
16. July, 12:59
Thomas Rieck la til et nytt fotoalbum.
This album no longer exists
0 bilder
This album does not contain any images.
16. July, 12:36
Alexander Perov la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 | 15. July, 09:35
Alec K Beautifully done Alexander
15. July, 11:32
Alexander Perov thanks the truth no binding to the original is just a tiger to order
15. July, 19:06
Gastón Emilio Great job.
15. July, 19:21
16. July, 12:32
brianireland la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 12:24
Prosjekt: Cromwell MkIV
1:76 Cromwell MkIV (Airfix A55109)
16. July, 12:22
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
When entering a new category, "Range start" & "Range end" only accept exact years. Is it possible to modify this to use , eg, 196x for 1960's as in kit releases?
16. July, 12:11
Ueli Hebeisen la til et nytt fotoalbum.
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Ny: 16. July, 11:55
Prosjekt: Airacobras in French service 1945
1 | 16. July, 11:55
Magdalena Barańska la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 bilder
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4 | 7. June, 19:30
Cuajete Well done so far. Nice cockpit and exhausts!
21. June, 19:08
Pierre Vauthier looks very smooth, what paint brand are you using ?
22. June, 07:42
Łukasz Gliński What a nice topic
22. June, 11:36
Magdalena Barańska thank you Sirs :) Pierre I used paints from BilModel Makers (exhaust) and Tamiya/Gunze (serie H) for cocpit.
22. June, 16:55
Pierre Vauthier thanks Magdalena, I like the way your paints exhausts, hope you will publish additional pics as you progress.
22. June, 21:40
Thanasis Kourkoulos Nice cockpit and those 3D decals looks incredibly real. Hope they apply as smooth as they look...Following
15. July, 12:01
Slavo Hazucha Nice start - the 3D decal cockpit looks quite interesting - possibly better than classic printed PE stuff - was it a true decal, or one of these "bumpy stickers" type of thing? Looking good, I´ll take a seat
15. July, 12:42
Spanjaard i usually like to paint things myself as much as i can... but that cockpit looks really good. please add the item to the project :)
15. July, 19:05
Spanjaard I guess it is Interior 3D Decal for MIG-29..Quinta Studio QD48024, 1:48) what is it exactly, 3D printed in colors with some adhesive backing, so you simply need to stick it in the model?

1:48 Interior 3D Decal for MIG-29 SMT (9-19) (Quinta Studio QD48024)
15. July, 19:07
Dave Flitton Very nice start.
16. July, 11:17
Slavo Hazucha Spanjaard thx for the hint - now I see the Quinta Logo on the box... :)

This looks really interesting - when the kit mold is just great, or there is a Resin part at hand, I´d probably still go for a good old session of hand-painting (since with my pace, I only get an opportunity to paint a cockpit 3 times a year at best.. :D) , but for a slightly sub-par kit or a quick build, this looks truly great...
16. July, 11:42
marcasgarcia la til et nytt fotoalbum.
14 bilder
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Prosjekt: Heinkel He 112B
1:72 Heinkel He 112B (RS Models 92140)
5 | 11. April, 19:02
Eelco Gregoire Nice colors
11. April, 19:06
marcasgarcia Gracias. Llamativos, si.
11. April, 19:12
Stefan Schacht very nice so far, count me in
11. April, 19:14
marcasgarcia Gracias Stefan. Se hace lo que se puede. Pondré más fotos de los progresos.
11. April, 20:52
Daniel Klink Cool base...Looking great... so does the Plane
30. May, 12:29
marcasgarcia Te agradezco sinceramente tus palabras Daniel. En breve pondré fotos con su inquilino. Que espero sea también de tu agrado y del que lo vea.
30. May, 13:20
Alec K Nicely done
30. May, 17:14
marcasgarcia Gracias Alec. Me alegran tus palabras.
30. May, 21:13
marcasgarcia Bueno, ahora si. Ya está terminado. Si os gusta, me doy por satisfecho.
30. May, 21:22
Spanjaard muy buen resultado.
16. July, 11:19
Sebastian Meyner Beautiful work mate!
16. July, 11:38
Christian Ristits la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 | 16. July, 06:06
Soeren . Fantastic work Christian ! ;)
Really love the metall finish and the shine of it.
16. July, 06:10
Spanjaard beautiful shades in the metal colors... amazingly realistic!!! top notch, as usual from you :)
16. July, 11:26
Tamas Nemeth la til et nytt fotoalbum.
35 bilder
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6 | 9. December 2019, 05:48
Tamas Nemeth Most of the work is done, let's do some weathering :)
9. December 2019, 05:58
Neuling Looking forward ........
9. December 2019, 16:37
Ben M Taking a seat...
9. December 2019, 16:43
Rui S Looking good.
16. July, 00:49
Mike Kryza Top work. I'm in.
16. July, 08:34
Spanjaard beautiful job
16. July, 11:23
Evan Prapas la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 08:26
4 | 29. June, 17:18
Greg Baker What a beauty! I just added this to my wish list!
16. July, 08:40
Treehugger Hm photos could be better, can't really see the nose.
16. July, 08:59
Spanjaard very nice job
16. July, 11:21
Olexandr Lystopad la til et nytt fotoalbum.
6 | 16. July, 10:31
Alexander G. looks actually really nice in camo insted of the usual green

отличная работа!
16. July, 10:43
Spanjaard very nice
16. July, 11:17
Olexandr Lystopad la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 10:28
5 | 16. July, 10:27
Victor Scale Hamster YT Super! Great job!
16. July, 10:59
Spanjaard beautiful
16. July, 11:08
Alexander G. added a new article to hans personal gallery:
16. July, 11:03
Spanjaard beautiful
16. July, 11:08
J O la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1. July, 23:49
Alex K I love that sort of thing...
16. July, 00:53
Bob Hall I'm on board, I'm doing a weathered 53 Ford right now.
16. July, 04:26
Alexander G. That would be such a cool diorama
16. July, 10:56
Daniel la til et nytt fotoalbum.
21 | 8. May, 08:15
Se hele tråden (125 Kommentarer)
Clifford Keesler Beautiful job Daniel. A job very well done.
15. July, 16:20
Daniel Many thanks Clifford! Appreciate it
15. July, 16:49
Gastón Emilio Great job.
15. July, 19:23
Bernhard Schrock Da bin ich platt, nicht nur ein bisschen sondern restlos platt! Gigantischer Aufwand aber ein noch gigantischererer Effekt :)
15. July, 19:31
Jos Jansen Beautiful modeling craftsmanship Daniel, good natural weathering .... this Cat has been on the deck for a while... ;)
16. July, 05:12
Christian Ristits Looks Fantastic, love the weathering you have down with the salt!
16. July, 06:19
Mathieu Bookmarking this one for future reference !
16. July, 09:22
Alexander G. You know you are doing it right, when other modelers use your work for reference :D

Really fantastic work, it isn't obvious at the first glance how difficult it is to nail that heavily weathered look of a Tomcat. It is "just" grey, but it is more work than some fancy three-tone camouflage if done properly.
16. July, 10:52
Daniel Klink added a new article to hans personal gallery:
16. July, 10:51
J O la til et nytt fotoalbum.
8 bilder
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Ny: 15. July, 22:47
Prosjekt: Winnebago Heli-Home
3 | 15. July, 22:47
Spanjaard that is camping with style (and plenty of cash probably). is there a kit for this thing? wow
15. July, 22:56
Gareth Windsor Love it. I trained on Westland Wessex and there is quite a bit of space once they are stripped out. On the heli-camping theme, a Sea King helicopter I actually worked on is now a holiday home!
16. July, 02:21
16. July, 10:05
Alexander G. A heli-camper, were they serious?? :D

16. July, 10:45
Alexander G. la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #179
Ny: 16. July, 10:34
7 | 22. June, 11:14
Se hele tråden (63 Kommentarer)
Slavo Hazucha Let´s not be all too negative here... It´s all improvements on the original design... Doubled-up cockpit controls... Increased upper-angles visibility for the pilot... Streamlined stabilizer & rear section!!!

Trumpeter is trying to be pro-active and interpret the true intentions of Tupolev OKB instead of brainlessly reproducing the good, but here & there mildly compromised final product... :D

For those who - ignorantly - reject these improvements, options remain open... surely you can use the redundant second stick to model the yoke type controls for the pilot! And do the rest... kind of yourself... :D
15. July, 12:37
Alexander G. Bernhard is "stunned", right :D. Mr. "No part is left unmodified" himself. If I reach half of your level one day, I will be happy!
Btw ordered Trumpeters newly molded Tu-22 and what do you know, even without drawings you see it is the same half-assed approach. Just awful. I'd rather go with the old Esci kit. The Trumpy "thing" goes back to the seller.

Lol Slavo, nothing to add there
15. July, 17:24
Bernhard Schrock Eben die sehr elegante Lösung für Aileron Ansatz gesehen. Chapeau! Was für einen Füller/Spachtel hast du benutzt? P.S. wollte etwas Gescheites als dank für Dein Lob schreiben, bin aber so platt, dass mir einfach nix Angemessenes einfallen will ????
15. July, 18:59
Alexander G. Für solche Arbeiten benutze ich grundsätzlich 2K-Polyesterspachtel aus dem Automobilbereich. Je nach Bedarf gebe ich auch etwas Polyesterharz hinzu, um die Konsistenz zu verändern (mehr Harz=flüssigere Konsistenz). Stellt meiner Meinung nach sämtliche 1K Modellbauspachtel meilenweit in den Schatten, Plasto und co. benutze ich schon seit Jahren nicht mehr. Verarbeitung ist etwas "tricky", da der Spachtel je nach Härterzugabe maximal 10 Minuten verarbeitbar ist, trocknet aber dafür sehr schnell.
15. July, 19:09
Bernhard Schrock Slavo: you are absolutely right! We should actually be grateful to Trumpeter because like this we can all be really creative :)
15. July, 19:12
Bernhard Schrock 2K. Ok. Wie haftet er an der Oberfläche? Bröckelt nicht ab insbesondere beim Gravieren? Vor vielen Jahren benutzte ich sehr gerne den 2K von Tamiya. Weiße Basis und eine kleine Grüne Tube mit Härter. Leider wurde es ausm Programm genommen :(
15. July, 19:38
Andy Ball Hey guys, If you want to see the "control-group" - that is how Trumpeter wanted it to look,straight from the box- have a look at mine! (Now feeling inadequate ????????)
15. July, 20:19
Alexander G. Andy, I honestly hope some guys from Trumpeter will see this WIP and feel inadequate or at least take notice. Kits like these are an insult to their customers. I am dead serious.

Bernhard, der Spachtel haftet sehr gut an der Oberfläche, schließlich wird er normalerweise beim Ausbessern von Karosserieschäden verwendet, u.a. an Türen, die dauernd zugeknallt werden. Alle Spachtelmassen sind von Natur aus etwas bröckelig, wenn die durchgetrocknet sind, dieser ist keine Ausnahme. Wobei dieser hier ebenfalls allen herkömmlichen Spachtelmassen den Schneid abkauft. Ein paar Lagen Grundierung oder Mr. Surfacer drauf und es lässt sich wunderbar gravieren Den 2K Spachtel von Tamiya kenne ich nicht, aber dieser kommt auch mit einer kleinen Härtertube. Meiner ist der Polyester-Feinspachtel von Presto, gibt es fast in jedem Baumarkt. Harz ist auch von dieser Marke.
15. July, 21:18
Petr Plaček la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Breguet 693
1:72 Breguet 693 (Směr 165)
1 | 19. April, 11:05
David Andrs Holy Molly, I remember this from early 90's. Watching...
20. April, 21:49
Petr Plaček Yea.. This one is made on 3/1989. There is stamp inside of the box. :)
21. April, 08:31
Greg Baker Sign me up for this... I love a good Breguet and a coffee...
23. April, 13:47
Potchip Have this kit from a swapmeet and the box art/aircraft is really beautiful. Though been eyeing the PE detail set on hannants for years and years never built up the courage to order it, costing something like 30 pounds.
16. July, 10:31
Dominik Weitzer la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 9. July, 08:40
Nigel Chapman Yeah Dominik, way to go !! The whole truck just looks right. I like your rollcage.
9. July, 13:59
Bill Newcomer Now that one is really cool!
10. July, 07:12
Bob Hall I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!
10. July, 07:15
14. July, 10:44
István Szücs Wow! It looks great! I didn't see better...
16. July, 10:26
Christian W la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 21. April, 10:09
Se hele tråden (48 Kommentarer)
Christian W Thank you :)

Yes, Nigel, absolutely.
16. June, 21:46
Brandon H Gorgeous trucks! Superb!
16. June, 23:58
Bill Newcomer Sweet trucks, I need to build mine!
18. June, 03:19
Christian W Thank you mates :)
I like this model kit. It is good to build. Only the bed needs a little attention to get it in line with the body. On one GMC I had to take the right panel off to correct it. With a closer look from the rear the bed is warped. Don't know, where this comes from. I fixed it with the correction of the sidewall.
18. June, 05:15
Chris Greathouse beautiful!
18. June, 15:24
Dominik Weitzer they look Beautiful - in real the Color is more fresh looking than in the Pictures.
6. July, 13:45
Christian W I still thought red is hard to get properly on the picture. But this color belongs to the same category. Somehow.
It is a matter of the light - as you can see in the gallery.
1979 GMC C30 - Gallery | Album by christian-w (1:24)
6. July, 14:41
István Szücs Very nice dual build!
16. July, 10:24
Potchip la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: 1/3000 Kaga
1:3000 First Carrier Division Aircraft Carrier Akagi & Kaga : Fubuki-class Destroyer Akebono, Ushio, Sazanami & Oboro Set (Fujimi 40136)
1 | 25. June, 14:49
Petr Plaček I like that tiny Kaga. :)
16. July, 09:44
Bob Hall la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5. July 2019, 18:44
Munkyslut Perfect!
I love those 71-73 Stangs, known as 'bread vans'
in the U.K. cos of the huge near vertical rear deck.
I always found them to be the coolest of the old skool
V8 bruisers, before that pitiful shrunken Mustang 2 was
debuted to a shocked public.
You have the rear end down stance on that just absolutely
perfect, best colour combo too ;)
5. July 2019, 18:55
Bob Hall It was from the Original "Gone in 60 seconds" Movie, I went with the "just stolen" Look, didn't look so good there at the end ! LOL !
5. July 2019, 19:06
5. July 2019, 19:10
Munkyslut Now you build the version Halicky parks in the drive thru car wash at the end........ what a pair that would make!
5. July 2019, 19:26
John nice, love these cars, my friend has a 71 mach, dropped a balanced & blueprinted 460 bored to over 500 ci. great work.
15. July, 01:14
Bob Hall Man ! That sounds like a beast, Love to have seen that ! The 71-73 Mustang was a rare unique breed, but I wouldn't kick it out of my garage. LOL !!!!!!!!!!
15. July, 02:00
Munkyslut Let's see some pics then J DE ;)
We love seeing muscle cars here, especially big inch strokers
........ plus Bobs obvious Mustang fetish :D
15. July, 08:27
Nigel Chapman You should get the whole collection of stolen cars to go with it !!
15. July, 09:37
Bob Hall # Years Automobiles Codes
1 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Marion
2 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Barbara
3 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Lindsey
4 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Dianne
5 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five Nicole
6 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five Ruby
7 1972 Lincoln Continental Julie
8 1971 Freightliner WFT 6364 Frances
9 1973 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Mary
10 1972 Mercedes-Benz 450SE Joanne
11 1930 Hudson Motor Car Company Beverly
12 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Patricia
13 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Ruth
14 1927 Citroën B14 Conduite Elizabeth
15 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Terri
16 1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Eileen
17 1972 Plymouth Barracuda Susan
18 1970 Jaguar E-Type Claudia
19 1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rosie
20 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Maria
21 1972 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 Sharon
22 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Kathy
23 1953 Chrysler Coupe Elegance Alice
24 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Station Wagon Leona
25 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Kelly
26 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Nancy
27 1973 Jensen Interceptor Betty
28 1971 Citroën SM Patti
29 1962 Ferrari 340 America Judy
30 1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Carey
31 1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Jackie
32 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Laurie
33 1972 Maserati Ghibli Coupe Sandy
34 1971 Chevrolet Vega Christy
35 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Michelle
36 1967 Lamborghini Miura Tracy
37 1969 De Tomaso Mangusta Marilyn
38 1971 De Tomaso Pantera Maxine
39 1968 Intermeccanica Italia GFX Lorna
40 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Jean
41 1949 Ferrari V12 Paula
42 1966 Lotus Europa S1 Renee
43 1974 Manta Mirage Annie
44 1971 Ford "Big Oly" Bronco Janet
45 1972 Stutz Blackhawk Karen
46 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Dorothy
47 1973 Stutz Blackhawk Donna
48 1973 Ford Mustang Eleanor
16. July, 05:23
Nigel Chapman Now that is both really cool and a bit geeky
16. July, 08:57
Munkyslut Nice one Bob!
Yeah I agree Nigel, I've read it a dozen times now at least.......
When I was a teenager my mate Dave could recite all the girls names & said it was his dream to date the whole list in real life :D
16. July, 09:41
Roland Gunslinger la til et nytt fotoalbum.
6 | 5. March, 20:22
Se hele tråden (184 Kommentarer)
Rui S AHH... well, it seemed to me that this was a group build and it is indeed.
Looking good your work on this cat. The cockpit and pilots just Great
11. July, 12:34
James C Looking awesome Roland
11. July, 18:21
Slavo Hazucha Great progress and an excellent starting point for the weathering! I see the pilot & RIO names are in place too :)

Really like your approach so far to capture the "movie look" of the "dry weathered" Miramar Tomcat, great contrast to the super-salty one by Daniel and the early "white belly" layout by Jos... Watching the whole GB still a pleasure, keep up the good work!
11. July, 18:48
Jos Jansen I totally agree with Slavo...superb progress mate, kudos !!
11. July, 19:06
Roland Gunslinger Thanks a lot mates for your kind words! Much appreciated! :)
12. July, 10:50
Clifford Keesler Nice progress, looking awesome.
13. July, 17:30
Daniel Agreeing with slavo as well, looks desert dried and sun bleached. Really looking forward to your next steps, so far a beauty already
13. July, 22:42
Roland Gunslinger Thx mate! Much appreciated!
16. July, 09:33
Krzysztof Grześkowiak la til et nytt fotoalbum.
32 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 16. July, 08:52
16. July, 08:42
Jon Bryon added a new article to hans personal gallery:
16. July, 08:34
Lode Schildermans la til et nytt fotoalbum.
211 bilder
View album, image #208
Prosjekt: HMS Hood
1:200 HMS Hood (Trumpeter 03710)1:200 HMS Hood 1941 Detail Up (Pontos Model 23009F1)
5 | 21. February, 22:06
Se hele tråden (199 Kommentarer)
Slavo Hazucha Looks like a simple PE bent wall, but then you have all those triangular reinforcements... The Devil in detail... will look great when done!
15. July, 08:01
Lode Schildermans Greg, finally convinced??? Just kidding, if you've a Uboat and destroyer, it sounds like you've a story in mind waiting to be told. You've all the skills to make these models
15. July, 20:18
Lode Schildermans Slavo, you've a very keen eye to detail. The bending is only difficult because of the angles and to get them exact, but the difficulty are indeed the triangular reinforcements. Count about 15 till 20 per splinter shield, all of them to put straight without glue traces. As in the Right Stuff said by Chuck Yeager, I'm chasing the Devil out there
15. July, 20:21
Nathan Dempsey Sounds about right Lode!
15. July, 20:26
Greg Baker Well, I just watched The movie "Greyhound", and... y'know... ;)
15. July, 23:23
Lode Schildermans Thank you, Nathan . Greg, since a few months on my list, but not yet in the theaters here :(, so I don't know...
16. July, 05:16
Peter Hardy Good movie Greg?
16. July, 06:07
Greg Baker It was supposed to be in theatres, but was released a few days ago on Apple TV instead. I've watched it twice already and quite liked it. It's a very tight movie... almost like a one-man show... with no fluff. I suspect scale model builders will appreciate it's authenticity, but the unwashed masses will probably wish for more of a face was put on the conflict. Tom Hanks commands a Fletcher class Destroyer and three escort ships (two British Destroyers and a Canadian Corvette) in defence of a North Atlantic convoy against German U-boats... that's the movie... no musical interlude necessary.
16. July, 07:33
Bart Goesaert la til et nytt fotoalbum.
25 bilder
View album, image #21
Ny: 16. July, 06:54
Prosjekt: A-4F
1:144 A-4F (Eduard 4466)1:144 A-4F (Eduard 144010)
1 | 10. July, 07:00
Bart Goesaert some more progress on this kit. almost ready for paint.
16. July, 07:04
Jean-Christophe Zeus la til et nytt fotoalbum.
27. June, 11:30
Bruno D. la til et nytt fotoalbum.
16 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 19:04
Prosjekt: Shelby GT 500
1:25 Shelby GT 500 (Revell 07243)
2 | 15. July, 19:03
Mario Thomas Nice and clean Build.
15. July, 22:22
Bruno D. Thanks Mario
16. July, 06:27
Lochsa_River la til et nytt fotoalbum.
14. July, 10:12
Lukas Heinzlmeier la til et nytt fotoalbum.

This album does not contain any images.

16. July, 05:48
Konrad Limmer Check in ;)
16. July, 05:51
Marko la til et nytt fotoalbum.
14 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Harrier GR.7/9
1:48 Harrier GR.7/9 (Eduard 1166)
2 | 15. July, 05:15
Michael Phillips Very nice Marko! How was the kit? I actually have a couple Hasegawa Harriers in the stash, and one Kinetic. I wonder how the two compare...
15. July, 14:45
Clifford Keesler Excellent Harrier Marko, very well done.
15. July, 16:22
Gastón Emilio Great Harrier.
15. July, 19:23
Jos Jansen Beautiful Harrier Marko...have the same in stash, yours will be a nice reference
16. July, 05:14
Marko Thanks guys, I'm glad You like it.
@Michael. The kit was very nice, no major issues. The fit is very good and everything fits ok. Definitely kit that I would recommend.
I don't know about kinetic since I didn't build any Kinetic Harriers.
16. July, 05:34
Jens la til et nytt fotoalbum.
57 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: CF-188A
1:48 CF-188A (Kinetic K48070)
1 | 29. June, 16:02
Robbie I got this kit for the Centennial+50 (I was born in Canada back when the Red Ensign flag flew). I have not yet got the nerve up to build it. Only got as far as admiring the sprues and decals. I see you have taken on the one thing that holds me back and that is to remove the seem on the canopy. I actually ordered another clear sprue from Kinetic via Lucky Models in case I F' it up. Also thinking of getting a 2nd set of decals also just to be safe. I have been watching your build. Cheers.
3. July, 21:57
Jens Thanks Robbi, my suggestion for the canopy, get yourself an Eduard MiG 21 (there were also in Canada). Eduard always has 3 versions of canopy that you don't need, you can practice on them ;) because of the decals I have don't worry, Leading Edge offers a very good replacement, or I simply use other Canadian markings, also from Leading Edge, because the Canadian special markings are simply the most interesting ones that can be found on the CF 188 / F18

I don't worry about decals and canopy, I have been looking for the perfect red for a long time and hope to have found it
4. July, 00:27
Slavo Hazucha I´ll take a late seat, really interested to see this paint-scheme done!
7. July, 10:20
Daniel Cool subject, watching as well!
7. July, 12:11
Thomas Bischoff I follow too! Cool colour scheme you have chosen here
9. July, 03:46
Daniel I think you indeed found a spot on red, very nice progress!
13. July, 22:38
Jos Jansen Man Jens, missed this totally...very wel done so far, respect for the red paint very nice and tight!
16. July, 05:23
Rv la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 5. July, 13:55
Nathan Dempsey Watching this one :)
11. July, 17:11
Jos Jansen too Nathan, I am in!
16. July, 05:20
German Armanazqui la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 14. July, 02:39
German Armanazqui Hi, my name is Germán, I'm from Buenos Aires and after a long pause of more than 20 years (twins, wife...yes in that order :), house and more) it was time to resume this passion, so I present my first kit completed a few months ago. I added navigation lights, opened fuselage air scoops and scratchbuild some cockpit's details, which I decided to close it due to I didn't like to much the seat at the end. I picked up this kit to being with to regain some pratice on building techniques (there was a lot of putty and sanding) and because for the first time I used an airbrush, I though that one color camo should be easy.....yellow, sure :D. After 5 layers it was enough, the good thing, I really practiced with the airbrush. I see very impressive works every day in this community and I learning a lot. Thanks.
Note: next kit is a 3 colors camo, Do-335. Airbrush baby steps.
14. July, 02:53
JD Falling back into it like a natural Artist... :D
14. July, 05:10
Maciej Bellos As if you never stopped! Well done German!
14. July, 13:54
Spanjaard very nice job Germán :)
14. July, 14:06
14. July, 21:14
Matthew A [img1]
14. July, 21:17
16. July, 05:19
Clifford Keesler la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 1. June, 02:35
Se hele tråden (79 Kommentarer)
Clifford Keesler Finally got some work done on this pig.
10. July, 22:40
Gary Dahlström Excellent work! Cockpit detail is a marvel. Now you've made me want to check my deep stash, I think I have this kit.
10. July, 23:21
James C Looking fantastic now that it's painted and with some decals applied.
11. July, 01:38
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Gary and James.
11. July, 02:12
Daniel your endurance pays off, looking great in all its colors&markings!
13. July, 22:47
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Daniel. It pales next to yours.
14. July, 03:30
Daniel Hey, wouldnt say that as it is a completely different approach, I really like the puking dogs look. But Pic 7 reminded me of mine ;)
15. July, 16:31
Jos Jansen Nice progress Clifford, turned out to become a real stunner! Great builds on this GB...
16. July, 05:18
Michael Phillips la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #89
Ny: 16. July, 04:29
17 | 28. April, 03:49
Se hele tråden (60 Kommentarer)
Nathan Dempsey This looks better each time I look at it.
14. July, 16:40
Patrick Hagelstein Michael, if you look into the Tomcat group build, you'll find pictures of how some of those builders put gritty walkways on the F-14 intakes. Sorry for not remembering who exactly, but you'll find some information in there...
14. July, 17:02
Patrick Hagelstein Picture 48 in Daniel's album.
14. July, 17:06
Michael Phillips Thanks Thomas and Nathan! Getting excited to wrap this one up. Lots of things left to do, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn't a freight train coming my way! LOL

Patrick, THANK YOU! That is exactly the effect I am looking for. I will send Daniel a message and asked him the particulars. :)
14. July, 17:27
Patrick Hagelstein Glad I could be of help!
15. July, 20:54
Michael Phillips So I attempted the walkways tonight using glue, baby powder, and black paint. Figured I would do it freehand since I could just cover the gray decals. It turned out okay, buy I definitely need to go back in and tighten up the edges. Only got the top and one sponson done. Will finish tomorrow.
16. July, 04:32
Jos Jansen That is indeed a delicate job Michael. It will be a cool build, awesome...!
16. July, 05:06
Michael Vb la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #28
Ny: 16. July, 04:41
1 | 15. July, 06:25
Alexander G. Very nice

Ist der Klarlack etwas matter geworden, oder war das gewollt?
15. July, 17:45
Michael Vb Der Klarlack sollte in Matt werden. Also so geplant
16. July, 04:43
Jimmy Verbeeck la til et nytt fotoalbum.
10 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 18:38
Prosjekt: Belgian defence bust
7 | 15. July, 18:31
JD YEAH! My vote for project of the year! Amazing sculpting skills! Superb painting, AND lights? Frickin' awesome!
16. July, 00:26
Gareth Windsor Great work Jimmy.
16. July, 02:01
Bob Hall Creepy, yet so cool ! I second J D's vote !
16. July, 04:31
Christian W la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 20. June, 13:01
Christian W The main task is the grille. For that I was looking through the internet and found nothing. N o t h i n g coog. After all, I found such a DUB style police GMC in 1/24 scale. The best I could get. I bought it, took it apart and checked the differrent in the scales. A lot. The grill turned out approx. 4mm wider than in 1/25.
20. June, 13:05
Nigel Chapman Interesting conversion. Looking forward to your build
20. June, 15:26
Dominik Weitzer awesome Bro!
22. June, 18:15
Christian W :) it goes very well.
22. June, 19:45
Bob Hall He's turning a Chevy into a Generic Made Chevy ! LOL !
1. July, 19:25
1. July, 19:49
Spanjaard those resin copies look really good. what products do you use?
15. July, 21:43
JD I was just going to ask that :)
16. July, 00:16
Dominik Weitzer interesting. Keep the fingers crossed for the casting!
16. July, 04:15
Christian W Thank you for your interest. At this point I only made a copy of the grill. The bumper isn't that far, but I'll take a copy soon.
I'm taking some Pictures of my equipment / material this evening.
16. July, 04:25
Bob Hall I'm just impressed with your LEGO collection ! LOL ! Living room land mines !
16. July, 04:28
Nikola S. la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #5
Ny: 16. July, 03:40
Prosjekt: T-34/76 747(r)
1:35 German T-34/76 747(r) (Academy 13502)1:35 T-34 500mm Width Cast Links (AFV Club AF35173)1:35 T-34/76 Mod.1943 Basic PE detail up set (Def.Model DE35014)
1 | 13. June, 12:08
Mark Knowlton
I am looking for instructions for 2 Eastern Express kits, the KV-1 1942 Early Version and The KV-1 1941 Late Version. Any help would be appreciated.
16. July, 03:39
Joonlae Kim la til et nytt fotoalbum.
29. June, 02:21
Bob Hall I know it's a convertible but when I see White Testarossa, I think Vice ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youtube Video

29. June, 04:14
Joonlae Kim Bob Hall : I watched "Miami Vice" when I was a elementary school boy. I thought I'd rather paint the yellow one in white.
29. June, 15:25
Jimmy L Classic kit. I remember this kit. Great memories as a kid.
16. July, 00:09
Joonlae Kim Jimmy L: I'm glad that you remind your memories through my work.
16. July, 02:41
Martin Dubovszki la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: It won't start!
1:35 Wooden Barraels & Village Utensils (MiniArt 35550)1:35 Wooden Boxes and Crates (MiniArt 35581)1:35 Jeep Willys MB (Tamiya 35219)3+
1 | 13. July, 21:32
JD That looks cool already! I'll watch.
14. July, 00:44
Martin Dubovszki Thanks JD!
I don't know how fast I can progress with this since this counts as a side project next to the Sherman Firefly.
14. July, 07:03
Rui S Looking good. I'm in
16. July, 01:04
Gary Dahlström la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 | 12. July, 01:39
Lost_Erik Looking good. Love the cat in the background too!
12. July, 05:01
Nathan Dempsey Watching this one.
12. July, 12:39
Treehugger There is supposedly a simple way to make the tank angle down, but I haven't tried it myself, might be worth checking into.
12. July, 15:38
Treehugger Btw, the front "box" seen on the right from the front, contains two machine guns. I had no idea until way later after starting the project. I've seen something similar in the smaller newer Swedish attack boat design, two machine guns in a pod facing forwards.
12. July, 15:40
Gary Dahlström Yeah those two MGs were fed by an autoloader as well, meaning if you ran out of ammo someone had to get out to reload the trays. One of the few "iffy" design features of this tank killer. I do like the idea of depressing the main gun, but alas, the hull is glued up. I would suppose the mod would involve shimming the rear; but yeah, way past that point. Thanks all for feedback - I'll pass it on to the shop supervisor pictured above.
12. July, 20:29
Gary Dahlström BTW, The Chieftain on Youtube has a 3 part STRV walkaround on his channel...interesting stuff.
12. July, 20:31
Gary Dahlström Got the tracks on, no small feat based on my build sequence. 3 of 4 camo colors applied, hoping to get that last layer on today. Then on to rusting and detailing; the only parts left on the sprue are the pioneer tools and spare tracks. I'm not a big on building dioramas, but I've been thinking of putting it on a small base in a defensive position behind a berm. The point of this would be to illustrate the 103's low silhouette. I decided to forgo the "fence" on the bow, but if i do the diorama thing I may decide to retrofit. Thoughts?
14. July, 11:52
Nathan Dempsey Looking nice. Can't wait to see the weathering.
14. July, 16:34
Rui S I agree. Nice camo I'm looking forward to that dio ;)
16. July, 00:57
Carlos Cisneros la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 9. September 2017, 00:58
Alexander G. Great build, nice little improvements! Would be cool if you commented what and why you did in your building steps. Now give it a good wash!
30. September 2017, 09:54
Carlos Cisneros Thank you Alexander. I'll see if I can go back and comment on my mods to the kit...
and washes are coming.
5. October 2017, 03:26
Bob Hall Another very cool tidbit in Soviet history. Great Job !
15. July, 02:05
Carlos Cisneros Thanks again Bob. I do enjoy building the Soviet "boogeyman" subjects.
15. July, 02:16
Bob Hall I grew up with the Red Menace, then I married one ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. July, 02:54
Rui S Nice work. My favorit is photo 30. Very Nice indeed.
16. July, 00:55
Matt Suggett la til et nytt fotoalbum.
6 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 19:13
2 | 15. July, 19:11
Rui S Great model. I also like the mud efect and the way the tracks mix with it Nice whitewash too.
16. July, 00:42
Christian la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 bilder
View album, image #1
3 | 28. May, 10:51
Christian The first model is finished
15. July, 14:42
Anna-Elizabeth the Great Nice job! The Polar Lights "Star Trek" kits are awesome, I have a couple of starships "in-progress" right now.
15. July, 16:03
JD Well done! A classic!
16. July, 00:38

July 15, 2020

Joonlae Kim la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 14. July, 02:49
JD Yep, it's amazing...
14. July, 05:15
Neuling I agree!
14. July, 07:20
Joonlae Kim JD: Thank you.
15. July, 07:10
Joonlae Kim Neuling: Thank you, too
15. July, 07:10
Alexander G. Yellow paint suits this car very very much
15. July, 17:42
Joonlae Kim Alexander G.: Thank you
15. July, 23:55
Jeffs117 la til et nytt fotoalbum.
8 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 23:36
15. July, 23:34
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Is it possible to remove "Name" from the Brand entry?
15. July, 23:08
Choppa Nutta la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 | 1. July, 14:17
Se hele tråden (45 Kommentarer)
Choppa Nutta Haha now we are really going off the deep end there !!
although ...... it would be cool to get to grips with those Arduino thingy mabobs ... how much are they I wonder ? ... Ball park figures...
Btw, got any videos of your examples working ?
10. July, 07:12
Greg Baker The Arduino Nano's are about $5 incl. shipping on eBay. ;)

That's what I used to do this:
Youtube Video

10. July, 10:30
Choppa Nutta yeah that is a lovely piece !! :)

Needs some music though or maybe a quote from the story perhaps ;)

"In a few short centuries, industrial
civilization had spread from the western
fringes of Eurasia to sprawl across the
face of planet. Plundering the soil of
its riches, fouling the air,and remolding
lifeforms at will, this gargantuan
industrial society had already peaked a
thousand years after its foundation:
Ahead lay abrupt and violent decline. The
cities burned, welling up as clouds of
poison in the war to be remembered as the
Seven Days Of Fire. The complex and
sophisticated technological superstructure
was lost; almost all the surface of the
Earth was transformed into a sterile
wasteland. Industrial civilization was
never rebuilt as mankind lived on
through the long twilight years ..."

Hayao Miyazaki :)
10. July, 11:18
Scott Dutton Choppa, with your idea of a perspex base, I have some experience in backlighting film cells so that light shines through. The easiest way here is to use a block of perspex as you suggested, and spray paint silver or white on all sides except the top where you want the light to shine through. Then spray black so the light is contained inside the slab of petspex with the onlywayout is the one unpainted surface you left. I then drill a small hole and mount the LED inside the block, they typically 5mm, put a few in and have them on the side well out of the viewing area so you don't get direct bright light only the reflected light from inside the light box.youcan get tricolour LED so you can vary the light colour with arduino as mentioned, copies are only about $5 or if just want one colour and constant intensity, wire directly. Other options is Electro Illuminant sheet, it it needs higher voltages, no current, to work with, but you can cut it to various shapes.ofthen thought about using it to illuminate a star trek enterprise or similar. All good fun. Yell if you need tech advise, I'm elec eng.
14. July, 09:53
Choppa Nutta Thanks ever so much Scott !!

Will be a while before I get around to doing another attempt on the Fire and Ice theme though but there's some good ideas there mate and the tech support is would be much appreciated too ! :)
14. July, 15:28
Scott Dutton Just yell out, whenever
15. July, 00:40
Bernhard Schrock This board is the reason for my to learn chess. Great idea!!
15. July, 19:46
JD Hey Bernhard, Choppa Nutta and myself have started playing chess, You could set up a board and play with us! and anyone else is welcome too!
15. July, 23:07
★ Starfish ★ la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #5
Ny: 15. July, 22:31
3 | 19. June, 18:02
Eg0 Models Moin Starfish,
auf dieses Video Freue ICH mich!!!!

30. June, 19:36
★ Starfish ★ Dauert noch ????
12. July, 15:41
12. July, 15:48
Alexander G. Man, these preshadings are getting crazier and crazier...
15. July, 17:34
★ Starfish ★ Ist mein erster Versuch mit so einer Schablone; bin sehr gespannt wie das ausgeht :)
15. July, 17:51
Paul Moore la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 bilder
View album, image #3
Prosjekt: B-17F, Veni Vidi Vici
1 | 4. February 2019, 14:26
Marco Gallmann Cool and good looking B-17
4. February 2019, 18:09
Mark Ree Cracking looking B-17F, and I love the Prop-Blur etch.
6. November 2019, 00:12
Spanjaard really good looking B-17. I need to look for those prop-blur etch. who is the producer?
15. July, 07:59
Paul Moore Spanjaard- thanks! Check out "Prop". I've been very happy with it. Have done three models with it and non-modelers always say ..."oh that's cool!"
15. July, 22:17
Alexey Alexeev la til et nytt fotoalbum.
16 bilder
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 22:09
Prosjekt: AVD MAZ-537
1:43 MAZ-537 (AVD Models 1353)
15. July, 22:07
Petr Lehnert la til et nytt fotoalbum.
3 | 13. July, 22:42
Daniel Klink Great result of this beautiful plane Petr
Very well done
13. July, 23:04
scalemates very nice!
14. July, 07:13
Neuling I agree with Daniel and scalemates.
14. July, 07:16
Łukasz Gliński Very nice, like the chipping
14. July, 08:14
Petr Lehnert Thank you, I am glad to hear such comments.
15. July, 17:50
Andy Ball Super subject, fantastic build!!
15. July, 21:57
Korhan Ozalpagut la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 21:35
2 | 15. July, 21:32
Calvin Gifford la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1 | 7. July, 06:45
Treehugger I think Valleo acrylic paint is totally ok if you have an airbrush btw, worth considering I would argue.
7. July, 08:31
Calvin Gifford I have quite a few Vallejo sets. The point of this build is to ONLY use what I would have had access to when I was a teenager! ;)
7. July, 08:42
Treehugger Tip for Vallejo primer btw: I have to sift the paint. This really prevents clogging in my experience. I found bits of paint when I started sifting my paint in a fine tea sift thingy. :)
7. July, 09:01
Ben M I love these old reissues
15. July, 21:06
15. July, 21:13
Daniel Klink la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #34
Ny: 15. July, 20:22
Prosjekt: Tachikawa Ki.36
1:72 Tachikawa Ki-36 (Fujimi 72267)1:72 Tachikawa Ki-36 (Montex SM 72083)
6 | 8. May, 17:16
Se hele tråden (67 Kommentarer)
Daniel Klink Thank you mates, much appreciated!
15. July, 12:28
Slavo Hazucha Very nice job on the plane & dio - really like the pic 33 atmo
15. July, 12:39
Łukasz Gliński Nice decals ;)
15. July, 14:31
Spanjaard very nice model Daniel. as usual... and a question about the ... base. is that a picture frame from ikea or similar? I thought about getting one of those.... but you add something to it?
15. July, 16:15
Clifford Keesler Most excellent sir.
15. July, 16:16
denis fischer Excellent !!!
15. July, 16:59
Daniel Klink Hi mates,feels so good to hear so many warm words and that you like this little scene...
Thank you..
@spanjaard yes it is one of those simple Picture frames, from Ikea for example.
I only added a customized piece of styrodur and fixed it on the backwall.
I really like this kind of frames because there are thick and stable.
Cheers Daniel
15. July, 20:08
Spanjaard thanks!
15. July, 21:00
Nathan Dempsey la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #10
Ny: 15. July, 20:44
3 | 17. June 2019, 16:43
Se hele tråden (18 Kommentarer)
Clifford Keesler That is looking very nice.
11. July, 02:11
Nathan Dempsey Thanks Gary!

Most of the build is sitting on my "mobile" Citadel Paint Station & the rest resides in the kit's box. I can remove it very quickly before any meals. The proper kitchen table is a part-timer :)
11. July, 03:42
Roland Gunslinger Watching with interest :)
12. July, 11:05
Nathan Dempsey Thanks Roland :)

The fuselage has been zipped up. Hopefully I'll get some new pics up tomorrow.
13. July, 00:02
Nathan Dempsey Added the shot of the fuselage together. I dry-fitted the roof and engine cover in the shot. Also drilled out all the holes for various mil-spec antennas. Research shows the aircraft I'm depicting retained all of them.

Today I worked on installing the roof windows (tinted way back when I painted the set for the UH-1N build) and actually glued the roof to the rest of the fuselage.
14. July, 21:12
Michael Phillips Super cool project and subject! That interior really looks great, those belts really bring it to life. Looking forward to watch this progress!
15. July, 14:48
Clifford Keesler Agree with everyone Nathan. Looking awesome.
15. July, 16:21
Nathan Dempsey Thanks Michael & Clifford! :) :)

Today I added a couple more pics. Just trying to save a little detail using the surfacer wipe method after attaching the roof and side panel. I'm currently attaching the engine cover as well.
15. July, 20:51
Yavuz Engin la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #20
Ny: 15. July, 20:03
1 | 28. November 2019, 13:27
Se hele tråden (32 Kommentarer)
Yavuz Engin I think working with metallics is time and masking tape consuming effort.
13. June, 15:02
Treehugger How so? Just curious about what you mean.
13. June, 16:43
Yavuz Engin If I compare to painting a camouflage scheme I spent so many time and masking tape beyond my expectation.
13. June, 17:31
Cuajete Looking so good.
13. June, 17:36
Yavuz Engin Thank you Cuajete.
13. June, 19:00
Kerry COX Your setting a new standard in reality in plastics Yavus. ;)
A lot of thought and planning has produced some excellent results.
13. June, 20:27
Yavuz Engin I am glad that you liked it. Thank you Kerry. I am still trying and learning somethings.
13. June, 21:29
Kerry COX That's why I stick with this crazy hobby Yavus. As we can go nuts and every one supports you. hahahahahaha :)
Just ask Choppa Nutta. !
He set the standard for us all when it comes to 'unusual'. ;) ;) ;)
14. June, 01:17
Augie la til et nytt fotoalbum.
6 | 11. May, 21:58
Se hele tråden (221 Kommentarer)
Augie Kezza, slavo :) thanks guys just takes patience.. and maybe a bit of experience lol

Roland, thanks m8, I will be so glad to break the unicorn curse.
15. July, 09:32
Urban Gardini Fantastic work mate!
15. July, 10:13
Augie Thanks Urban :D
15. July, 10:45
Michael Phillips Very nice work Augie! It is cool to see you do a Tomcat, and a particularly awesome scheme to boot! I think I want to try this scheme some day too. Well done!
15. July, 14:41
Clifford Keesler Looks like you broke the Unicorn cure, Well done Augie, she looks great.
15. July, 16:14
Augie :) Thanks guys

She needs a few days to dry before i go further so with the tonka fighter.
15. July, 16:45
Bernhard Schrock A very interesting camo.
15. July, 19:36
Augie Thanks Bernhard :) I like the odd ones
15. July, 20:00
Jos Jansen la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 | 27. April, 23:01
Se hele tråden (132 Kommentarer)
Daniel the turkey got his feathers! very nice+promising!
@treehugger: you dont have to start+stop that often during mottling, you just keep doing irregular movements while maintaining more or less paint flow (which is of course always really low)
2. July, 19:28
Slavo Hazucha A textbook run through the technique... in both picture and text! :) Seeing this must put a happy grin even on that skull on the tailfins!
2. July, 21:04
Clifford Keesler It is looking very nice Jos. Mine does not look as mottled on top. I used light gull gray for mine. From what reference pictures I can find, the aircraft I am modeling was pretty clean. (Not very old or worn.) So I will not weather mine a lot. I do have a question for you though, what color wash do you think would work best for weathering mine? I do not want to use black, I think that would be to stark.
2. July, 21:21
Jos Jansen Thanks Patick for your explanation... :D!! (...and Daniel) I couldn't said it better.

@Slavo, thanks for the compliment mate!

@Clifford, I use mostly the three tones of grey PLW from Ammo by Mig Jimenez:
A.MIG-7419 US Navy Grey Jets, Ammo by Mig Jimenez , , 3x 35ml

This way you keep the tone subtle...!
4. July, 20:35
Daniel oh, hey, didnt realize you slipping in before me there, patrick^^ But I fully agree :)
4. July, 22:10
5. July, 15:19
Clifford Keesler Thanks Jos, I will see if I can get ahold of some.
6. July, 16:49
Jos Jansen I subtly added some contrast with Gunze smoke on the panel lines at the rear of the hull near the engines. In general, the A versions and especially the CAG bird was not extremely weathered, so I leave the weathering here ...
15. July, 19:50
Dirk Heyer la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 | 26. May, 19:05
Luc B looks great so far looking forward to the 1st paint layer
15. July, 18:46
15. July, 18:59
Bernhard Schrock Ha! Dirk is back! Great detailing like in 1:35 scale.
15. July, 19:32
Neuling la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Lost in France
1:35 155mm Howitzer M1A1 (Bronco CB35073)1:35 US White 666 Cargo Truck (Hard Top) (HobbyBoss 83801)1:35 1/4 Ton Utility Truck (Takom 2126)
5 | 24. June, 09:43
Se hele tråden (19 Kommentarer)
Alexander G. Really amazing work, the more you browse the pictures the more you find. Again, beautiful photography, great lighting
25. June, 17:26
Olivier Ah ha Neuling, you make me proud. Having inspired a master of diorama will make a new line on my c.v.
But your choice of a bigger gun is a good idea and, of course, the attention to details and the quality of your paintwork is just from another dimension.
25. June, 20:13
JD Whatever you do Neuling, don't crossover into the realm of Sci-fi, I don't think I could handle it... :D
25. June, 22:33
Neuling Thanks Alexander, Olivier and JD! - Olivier it´s a pity you slowed down your modelling activities! - JD don´t worry, I leave the future to the proven specialists! I´m a man of the past.
27. June, 10:33
Olivier I spend too much time looking at what talented people like you produce...
27. June, 11:42
Cristian Bordina Chapeau!!!
27. June, 12:45
Neuling Merci Olivier et Cristian!
29. June, 09:34
Gastón Emilio Great diorama.
15. July, 19:26
seanAF la til et nytt fotoalbum.
15 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: BF 109 G-4
1:48 Bf 109G-4 (Eduard 82117)
2 | 6. July, 13:47
15. July, 18:57
Marc Schnitzler la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: M3 Grant
1:35 Grant Mk.I (MiniArt 35217)
3 | 22. February, 12:53
Rui S Great interior. Nice clean work
27. March, 14:05
Ben M Agree - the interior is great!
27. March, 14:28
Wrath Good looking, nice interior! And didn't rust that is always nice (and realistic). Jealous that my Lee doesn't have an interior now.
27. March, 15:08
Marc Schnitzler Hey Many thanks :)
I dont want to rust it, i like it clean inside :D
29. March, 20:06
coporado Great kit with sooo much detail. Nicely built and painted and good choice to leave the turret removable to see what´s inside :)
30. March, 04:42
Olivier Very nice !
8. July, 21:29
Jimmy Verbeeck la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Ny: 15. July, 17:59
Prosjekt: Belgian defence bust
1 | 18. November 2018, 15:49
Alexander G. I never was into figurines, busts etc..but this is some truly impressive sculpting.
19. November 2018, 06:41
Patrick Hagelstein :) I'll check tomorrow if he resembles my Belgian colleague. Although, he's Air Component... :(
19. November 2018, 08:00
Spanjaard that is certainly a beautiful sculpting job!!!!
24. November 2018, 23:29
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
25. November 2018, 01:47
Blake Greenfield la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 bilder
View album, image #1
2 | 15. July, 07:34
Peter Hardy That's nice! Very bloody nice actually!
15. July, 11:36
Alexander G. Super clean build, love it
15. July, 17:39
Łukasz Gliński la til et nytt fotoalbum.
5 | 7. July, 21:18
Łukasz Gliński And off we go... :)
7. July, 21:19
Andy Ball wishing you luck!!, and will follow...
8. July, 09:33
Guy Rump Following with you Lukasz :)
8. July, 17:27
Łukasz Gliński Welcome Gents, glad to be able to join you finally :)
8. July, 20:42
14. July, 20:04
Łukasz Gliński I knew it Maciej :D
14. July, 20:17
Andy Ball I'll be interested in how you get on with the fuselage cages, hope it goes well!
14. July, 21:30
Thomas Kolb Yaay! Taking a comfy chair too over here in Sweden.
14. July, 21:40
Łukasz Gliński Easy guys, have to paint it first. Moving on slowly as this summer is really nice this year.
15. July, 07:18
Alec K Cool!
15. July, 17:23
★ Starfish ★ la til et nytt fotoalbum.
31. March 2019, 17:51
ronan lallet added a new article to hans personal gallery:
Rony la maquette
15. July, 17:07
Nathan Dempsey la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1 | 15. July, 17:01
Robert W Martel la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
1 | 23. May, 19:53
wilky So the B pillar didn't stay in place then?
There's a little trick I discovered for those types of repairs.
I glue in the part then glue a backing strip of paper with Superglue.
Best to use the tissue paper used for packing.
It's thin and strong.
It works like fibreglass does in real life.
The paper absorbs the glue and becomes as hard as plastic.
I actually make scratch build items that way too.
Much cheaper than plastic card.
More readily available and easier to work with.
You can easily make curves even tubes with paper and Superglue.
You can use Superglue and baking soda as a filler or Superglue and plastic dust from sanding/filing.
That's what I did before I learnt that baking soda and Superglue was a thing.
I discovered the Superglue and plastic dust for fixing my slot cars because they're rarely ever painted and I needed repairs that would have the same colour as the item being repaired.
Best part of using Superglue and baking soda/plastic dust is it doesn't shrink and dries much quicker than putty, it also doesn't melt the plastic
13. July, 20:29
Spanjaard amazing second life!
13. July, 21:03
Robert W Martel That would have been a good idea wilky. The glue just wouldn't soften the promo plastic. I should have kept the kit body. I kinda figured no big deal, but in actuality the didn't make a hardtop until 63! Oh well, I'll know better next time.
I am pleased with the paint job though. The interior is craft paint thinned w/Pledge [sprayed beautifully] and looks nice. The exterior is Testors pearl Blue /w several coats of Delta Ceramcoat craft exterior varnish. Sanded w/2000 then polished with a nail buffer. It was fairly easy to paint and I think the results look pretty good. I'm going to try it again on the next one.
15. July, 16:29
Robert W Martel Thanks Spanjaard!! I think this method of painting will save me some tile [I hope]. We'll see on the next one. The part that cost me the most was the darn fender ornaments [nearly $20]. I was just going to fill the holes, but just forgot, and wasn't about to repaint it !!! Another "senior moment" LOL.
15. July, 16:35
S B la til et nytt fotoalbum.
32 bilder
View album, image #32
3 | 27. November 2019, 17:29
Se hele tråden (16 Kommentarer)
22. April, 17:52
Sergey Nikitin Great model!
22. April, 18:06
Paul Choudhury Just starting this kit myself. Will refer to your excellent work often.
13. July, 23:29
S B Thanks enjoy the kit
14. July, 09:02
Paul Choudhury Question. How much weight did you have to stuff into the nose and where did you put it?
14. July, 22:54
S B Paul
If I recall about 15g, just be careful of placement I failed to notice when I creamed it in I'd prevented the halves from joining so had to remove and try again!
15. July, 08:40
Alexander G. That is an awesome solution for the concrete baseplate, very nice

The MiG is great too btw!
15. July, 09:58
Clifford Keesler Awesome Mig, very well done.
15. July, 16:25
Gareth Windsor la til et nytt fotoalbum.
32 bilder
View album, image #32
26. February 2014, 22:42
Alan Rush Nice collection. You mentioned service in the Navy and I detect a certain bias toward naval aviation. :) Nice tip of the hat to the Canadian Armed Forces with the Hawk you have finished.
27. February 2014, 02:59
Gareth Windsor Thanks Alan. Yes, I have quite the collection of Fleet Air Arm models waiting for my attention. I'm 23 years in the Royal Navy and still going. As for the Canadian connection, the wife is from Toronto.
28. February 2014, 20:22
Alan Rush OK. I live in Courtice, just east of Toronto, next to Oshawa. I worked for a time in Scarborough as well. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario and after a few other places have settled here with my family.
I am collecting some kits to mark as Canadian vehicles, especially for the Ontario Regiment, which is based in Oshawa. I volunteer at the Regiment museum and wanted to finish some kits for their time in Italy in WWII.
28. February 2014, 22:25
John E Great stuff, Gareth! I like the pic of the Swordfish on the Merlin. hehe
25. July 2015, 00:33
Kerry COX What a pleasant surprise to find when logging back in after a few days away. :)
An awesome collection of aircraft Gareth.

Especially the Swordfish. !
But where did you get that launch controller from. ??? :) :) :)
28. June 2018, 02:40
Spanjaard great collection!, yes, the pilot is giving all his attention to the controller, no doubt :D
29. June 2018, 07:03
Dave Flitton Nice collection
29. June 2018, 17:15
Guy Rump Really nice collection Gareth, I notice we served on some of the same Ops, mine were on land though!
21. February 2019, 23:02
Holger Kranich Really really nice Gareth!
22. February 2019, 10:00
Stephan Ryll Very nice Rhino
2. October 2019, 16:46
Clifford Keesler Very impressive collection Gareth.
15. July, 16:25
Bernhard Schrock la til et nytt fotoalbum.
15 | 8. June, 18:06
Se hele tråden (71 Kommentarer)
Slavo Hazucha The interior in full color looks epic! You and your consultant are setting a benchmark for excellent-looking, true to original model-making here... Especially like all the "telephone cables" and the line with the hooks + the consistency in scale appearance of it all!

11. July, 20:09
Bernhard Schrock Cabin roof, fuselage top and engine bay in place. I recommend the following sequence: B34 first (not together with B30), B34. Then step 7 of the instruction sheet in following sequence: B5, B13, B7, C82/83.
12. July, 08:52
Treehugger Question to Bernhard, do you like trying to round off the hard metal edge off PE parts sometimes? :)
13. July, 16:25
Bernhard Schrock Treehugger: yes. I do it with Flexifiles or with a balsa wood block coated with sanding paper.
14. July, 13:25
Soeren . I smell another masterpiece incoming.
Great work so far Bernhard!
15. July, 14:30
Michael Phillips Simply amazing work here Berhard! The attention to detail is just incredible. Inspiring, to say the least!
15. July, 14:44
bughunter You do know that if you keep this up, you're gonna need aerospace engineering certification?
15. July, 16:12
Clifford Keesler Awesome work.
15. July, 16:16
Dean Martin la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 | 11. July, 17:42
Dean Martin Just to let everyone know. I'm not a pro. I don't have years of modeling experience under my belt and I'm not a perfectionist. I have a total of 8 models completed and with each one finished, I find that my skills improve a bit at a time. I can never aspire to some of the craftsmanship displayed on this site nor do I intend to try. But I'm going to have fun doing this anyway. I always welcome suggestions and tips on how to do things better so that I can try to improve. However, I have no intention on seeking aftermarket items or decals. I'm more of an "out of the box" kind of builder. Oh, and I don't use an airbrush. I like using spray cans and hand painting. That's about it really. Thanks for reading this long comment if you've read it to the end.....
12. July, 02:57
Torsten Wendt Fun it's the one and important thing in building models, I'll take a seat and watch :)
12. July, 06:59
Dean Martin Finished the pre-paint assembly which did not have much. I decided to give it a grey primer followed by a coat of Satin Nickel. Once done, I'll detail with shading the panel lines and adding white to the portals.
13. July, 19:46
Dean Martin Added the final pics of the finished product. Had a blast putting this one together. Even though its a snap kit there is a good amount of detail! Enjoy the pics.
14. July, 22:44
Torsten Wendt I like your work
15. July, 15:19
Anna-Elizabeth the Great Very nice! She looks right. I think Polar Lights Snap-fit "Star Trek" kits are excellent.
15. July, 16:00
15. July, 16:09
Sven Schönyan la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Hawker Tempest Mk.V
4 | 14. July, 14:11
Ingmar Stöhr Despite all worries you had this one is a real beauty. I really like the overall look and your weathering is spot on. You can be proud of this one!
14. July, 19:19
Christian Bruer Excellent work and finish Sven
14. July, 19:23
Neuling I agree with Christian.
15. July, 07:37
Sven Schönyan Thanks a lot for the kind words, mates!
15. July, 14:45
Dominik Weitzer la til et nytt fotoalbum.
2 | 14. July, 07:53
wilky Wow, what a fantastic set of vehicles
14. July, 08:12
Bill Newcomer Wow is right! I love all the little detail items throughout.
15. July, 07:15
Nigel Chapman Fantastic! You've managed to get a great period feel. Where did the scooter come from ?
15. July, 09:43
Dominik Weitzer Thanks mates - much appreciated.

Nigel, the Scooter came from a Tamiya, a "gift" in Toyota Soarer Turbo 2000VR (Tamiya 24019, 1:24)

1:24 Toyota Soarer Turbo 2000VR (Tamiya 24019)
15. July, 14:00
Louis Martin la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: T-15 Armata (Zvezda)
3 | 12. July, 15:44
Cortex great work so far, watching!
13. July, 17:28
15. July, 13:28
Łukasz Gliński la til et nytt fotoalbum.
26 bilder
View album, image #26
1 | 30. December 2018, 21:13
Se hele tråden (32 Kommentarer)
Bart Goesaert Looking good, it isn't easy, tried it in 1/350, still need more practice
11. May 2019, 18:52
Łukasz Gliński Welcome. Well, at first it was to be OOB fun build, but then I found the kit to be way different than original. Hence now I'm trying to find a balance between OOB and building everything from scratch ;)
11. May 2019, 19:09
Adam Gudynowski Count me as follower
31. July 2019, 08:20
Mark Boots Wow! I like your detailing very much. That stairs is awesome. Really good work.
2. February, 02:08
Tom ... Following. Been eyeing this kit. Very inspiration build!
14. July, 02:34
Łukasz Gliński Welcome Gents, it was a bit on hold, but I got back to it lately. Will upload some newer pics soon.
14. July, 07:33
Adam Gudynowski How do You find Yourself in this new topic? I've recently sold my last ship model ;)
15. July, 08:15
Łukasz Gliński Not bad, but the next one must be better designed, I have to take a break from scratchbuilding ;)
15. July, 12:30
Thanasis Kourkoulos
I opened the box of AMKs Kfir and counting the parts saw that the weapons sprue for the GBUs is missing. Anyone has e-mail of AMK and has experienced in mailing the missing part?
15. July, 11:57
Victor Scale Hamster YT la til et nytt fotoalbum.
1 | 15. July, 11:35
Tammy Jerrett la til et nytt fotoalbum.
View album, image #1
2 | 20. September 2013, 08:26
Se hele tråden (48 Kommentarer)
Urban Gardini And more importantly the fact that in the battle between good n' evil, evil have more fun...
19. October 2013, 14:04
Urban Gardini n' don't forget the magic word RUST...
19. October 2013, 14:05
Hunter Cummins Yes itotally forgot abour that
19. October 2013, 14:20
Augie :) Nice work
19. October 2013, 21:31
Dirk Heyer Nice Chopper!
Like it!
19. October 2013, 21:45
Tammy Jerrett Thanks all!!
20. October 2013, 02:01
arron parry Cracking job!!!
15. July, 09:49
David Taylor nice one
15. July, 10:19
Peerke Schijvens la til et nytt fotoalbum.
4 bilder
View album, image #1
3 | 14. July, 19:22
Rui S Nice work
14. July, 20:58
14. July, 21:04
Neuling Looks good! I like the matte colors.
15. July, 07:34
Peerke Schijvens Thank you!! I started building again after 30 some what I'm experimenting with all the new product en technics that I did not have when I was a child. So all tips & tricks are welcome :).
15. July, 09:50
James C@SCM Data
I really like the new album profile pictures
1 | 14. July, 01:16
Starbase101 Same here - keyboard arrow keys are super nice for traversing the photos without changing the page's scroll position.
14. July, 01:19
James C Try the list button..... dont need the keyboard at all.... just scroll with the mouse wheel.
14. July, 01:21
Starbase101 Nice, I like that view! Hadn't tried it out before.
14. July, 01:42
scalemates thank you! do you mean the redesign of how the album looks in the newsfeed? (or changes we did in the album itself?)
15. July, 09:25









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