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15. January, 12:17

January 3, 2021

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
45 | 10. April 2016, 21:48
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Looks great! Well done! which color did you use?
23. December 2020, 20:39
hi Bahram thansk for your comment. Well, it is almost 3 years ago... but fortunately, I had some comments with the pictures. Alclad black base, and then
- duraluminium in the wings. plus some panels in different color (not sure which one, sorry), see picture 40
- airframe aluminium for most of the rest. see picture 59 and others
- duraluminium. See picture 43 and 51
- steel, see picture 55
all of them, from Alclad.
23. December 2020, 21:06
Thanks a lot!
23. December 2020, 21:58
maybe I should have used some clear varnish over the Alclad before masking. but it was my first time using Alclad. not the last time, i can tell you that :)
23. December 2020, 22:09
James White
Beautiful work!
2. January, 17:27
Thanks James
2. January, 22:27
Slavo Hazucha
Just popped up for me - nice work there! Like the metal job, the minor decal damage actually adds grit and realism to the final appearance and I definitely think the brass work on the 50cal muzzles paid off in the final appearance!
2. January, 23:05
thanks Slavo, really pleased that you like it :)
3. January, 00:18

January 2, 2021

Martin Oostrom@Spanjaard
You shared this with me, but the rest of the Mates should see it as well:
7 | 27. December 2020, 10:06
27. December 2020, 21:56
Awerstruck would be an understatement
27. December 2020, 22:00
Nathan Dempsey
Holy moly that is crazy awesome.
27. December 2020, 22:46
some more pictures from Hank Cheng, simply out of this world
27. December 2020, 22:49
so real....
27. December 2020, 22:49
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, that weathering...
2. January, 20:21

January 1, 2021

Spanjaard will attend
Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021 in
Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021
1. Januar til 31. Desember 2021
1. January, 00:10
my favorite plane. i will not miss what is done here :)
1. January, 00:11

December 22, 2020

Spanjaard vil ha
22. December 2020, 00:24

December 20, 2020

Spanjaard vil ha
20. December 2020, 21:28

November 21, 2020

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
28 | 30. June 2016, 20:33
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thanks Neuling, i should give it a small base, but it will not be even half as good as any of your dioramas :)
4. September 2020, 08:42
Jasper Breur
Nice one Spanjaard! I love the details, especially the cockpit
4. September 2020, 09:43
bedankt Jasper
4. September 2020, 09:57
Joshua Strong
I agree with Tom!
20. November 2020, 11:43
thanks Joshua
20. November 2020, 12:24
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Mustang sir, well done.
21. November 2020, 01:18
A wonderful Mustung made super nice
21. November 2020, 06:32
thanks Clifford and Jens
21. November 2020, 23:53

November 20, 2020

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: flying circus
1:144 B-24D Liberator "Moby Dick" (Minicraft Model Kits 14735)1:144 Fw190 D-9 "JV44" (Platz PD-2)1:144 Gloster Sea Gladiator (Mark I Models MKM14455)22+
4 | 1. October 2018, 20:44
Martin Oostrom
Great work on the twins! I like the red one
1. October 2018, 20:50
thanks Martin.
the truth is that most of the boxes in this project have two planes, so more twins coming :)
1. October 2018, 21:15
i discovered too late that Brengun has a PE set for this box... it could have made a nice interior. well, maybe i can use it with the 4 "spare" Komets i still have :P
1. October 2018, 21:21
thanks, that is a great compliment :)
1. October 2018, 21:36
Greg Baker
Wow... very nice indeed. I know what it takes to make these little suckers look like that too...
1. October 2018, 23:44
Indeed :)
2. October 2018, 07:57
And thanks :)
2. October 2018, 07:57
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work in this tiny scale Antonio :)
2. October 2018, 08:52
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it !!! It must be TINY !!!!!!!1
16. November 2020, 20:17
i need to show it with something that shows the scale....
16. November 2020, 20:31
Greg Baker
Not for me you don't... :)
17. November 2020, 22:54
it can be some fun :)
20. November 2020, 11:20

November 16, 2020

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
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Prosjekt: Japanesse swords
9 | 2. June 2016, 22:15
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Tim Heimer
I think we're seeing his hidden talent here. Impressive work!
11. November 2020, 15:53
Thanks Tim!
15. November 2020, 23:09
Murad ÖZER
our own Hattori Hanzo! glad someone took it out of the depths of the newsfeed. 8)
15. November 2020, 23:25
Thanks Murad
16. November 2020, 09:00
Martin Oostrom
His talent is surely hidden, because he hasn't built anything recently, apart from his house that is :D
16. November 2020, 18:23
flat was built already...i did add a few things :D :D like hobby room, that is almost done :)
16. November 2020, 19:49
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it ,,, quite unusual and nice !
16. November 2020, 20:16
glad you do Julian
16. November 2020, 20:30
Spanjaard eier nå
16. November 2020, 18:50
Spanjaard eier nå
16. November 2020, 18:50

October 10, 2020

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10. October 2020, 21:16

September 16, 2020

looking for the electronics module for a dremel 8000 cordless (part number for the module is 2610919742) anybody has one to spare?
maybe somebody has this model with dead motor or dead battery that can be used for spares
I hate to buy a new tool for just one or two electronics components fried... and i can not find that module any more (found a couple but for the price of a complete new tool)
(part number 4 in [img1]&f=1&nofb=1)
16. September 2020, 00:12

September 4, 2020

Spanjaard markerte denne som til salgs/byttbar
EUR 10.00
4. September 2020, 14:22

September 2, 2020

instructions do not include PE, so seem to be incorrect for this model
1:24 Delorean (Aoshima 006207)
Back to the Future III
Delorean Super Detail (Convertible Type, Road and Rail Version)
Aoshima 1:24
006207 (SP9)
2012 | Endrede deler
2. September 2020, 22:21
Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
48 bilder
View album, image #46
Prosjekt: flying circus
1:144 B-24D Liberator "Moby Dick" (Minicraft Model Kits 14735)1:144 Fw190 D-9 "JV44" (Platz PD-2)1:144 Gloster Sea Gladiator (Mark I Models MKM14455)22+
3 | 1. October 2018, 19:07
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Wow! Spanjaard, You definitely invested more time, effort and skill into your P-38J #5000 kit than I did, and your results are stunning. Your level of detail is outstanding for this crude kit. Just your cockpit canopy alone is worth learning from. I like the weathering and added detail, like gun barrels, wire aerials, etc. I still have to make my canopy frames, which I think I will do with silver stripe decal. I do not think I will add gun barrels or aerials. But I like your work! Great job! R/ Dutch
29. October 2018, 14:05
That's pretty remarkable considering the scale. Well done Spanjaard!
29. October 2018, 16:31
Murad ÖZER
Eyecandy 8)
29. October 2018, 16:45
Thanks Dutch, gorbygould and Murad. this one is the first one finished of a special project, so stay tuned :)
29. October 2018, 20:11
Mike Szwarc
Wow, quite a bit of detailing in such a tiny model! In the early '60s, my father was stationed in Japan for a while, and I remember at the BX, they had dozens of tiny aircraft kits for sale for only 10 yen (about 3¢ at the time), so my brother and I used to buy them from time to time. They must have been about 1:144. I had no idea they still made aircraft kits in that scale. It would never have occurred to me to try to add so much detail. Nice work!
2. September 2020, 12:56
it is possible to add detail.... to any scale if you really wan to :) glad you like it.
there is plenty of stuff a 1/144, believe me.
2. September 2020, 13:08
Frank Krüger
.. perfect done!!! Love it!!!! :)
2. September 2020, 13:59
thanks Frank :)
2. September 2020, 14:06

August 13, 2020

Spanjaard will attend
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 in
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020
US 1. Mai til 31. Desember 2020
13. August 2020, 14:31

August 1, 2020

this product has release date 1918... .i doubt it is correct ;) maybe sundowner (since is the only one how has it) can correct it?
1. August 2020, 22:26

July 20, 2020

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
6 | 11. January 2018, 23:18
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I am impressed and inspired by your removal of the outer body wiring. That would have been no fun to paint, and adding actual wires will look more realistic. I wasn't so sure about taking a knife to mine, but now that I've seen your results I have a bit more confidence for doing the same. (I'm still debating whether to try opening at least one of the doors for better visibility into the cabin.)
14. July 2020, 19:37
@Starbase101, that temptation has come to mind to me too.... I have been playing with the idea of getting a second kit, and try exactly that when I can come back to this one....but it requires a lot more surgery and scratch build that this attempt has....
@JD, shelf of doom... ? kind of of, but i hope to be able to go back to the hobby soon... and this time, actually build rather than comment on what others build ;)
14. July 2020, 20:09
Sorry If I was insensitive Spanjaard, I don't know what your situation is, I was just teasing you a little because your last post on this thread was in 2018, and I wanted to see you get back at it. :( :)
14. July 2020, 20:25
no worries JD no problem. I want to get back at it too :)
14. July 2020, 22:26
Joseph Drew
Just build at your place Spanjaard, we can be patient when we need to!
19. July 2020, 04:46
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Wow DeLorean! Good build! I also plan to test this model with modifications
19. July 2020, 09:42
If all goes according to plan, this will not be gathering more dust soon.... :)
19. July 2020, 21:14
20. July 2020, 11:01

June 25, 2020

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25. June 2020, 19:07

June 19, 2020

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19. June 2020, 20:37

June 17, 2020

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17. June 2020, 15:24

June 9, 2020

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9. June 2020, 18:59

May 29, 2020

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29. May 2020, 20:17

May 21, 2020

Spanjaard la til et nytt fotoalbum
1 | 21. October 2019, 21:24
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thanks Martin :)
23. October 2019, 12:42
Oleg Smilyk
Very realistic!The best idea!
23. October 2019, 18:42
Anthony Flanagan
Totally enjoyed this album. Thanks!
25. October 2019, 12:40
25. October 2019, 18:02
¿estas en holanda?
2. May 2020, 06:39
exacto :)
6. May 2020, 23:02
Gracias por compartir las fotos Spanjaard
21. May 2020, 14:39
un placer :)
21. May 2020, 17:16

May 6, 2020

Fluorescent vs LED Tubes?
Hi all, I am planning my new modelling area and I was wondering about the lighting. I always loved fluorescent tubes but now maybe it is time for LED tubes... Anybody has changed from fluorescent to LED? What is your view of it? Any recommendations?
25. February 2019, 08:15
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9. April 2019, 13:28
Ingmar Stöhr
I recently switched to LED. If you want to do any painting in that light don't use SOME white LEDs. Look for high CRI LEDs. CRI > 90 or even 95. Even for fluorescent bulbs there are special daylight variants. Just looking for color temperature is not enough!
21. August 2019, 20:40
Thanks Ingmar
22. August 2019, 01:24
viva el led
2. May 2020, 06:41
Sergej I
Spanjaard, I develop light for food and to support my hobby, what Ingmar wrote is the most important characteristic. Next to that, also watch out for frequency. LED light power supply mostly works via PWM signal, means it switches on and off many times per second. A LED is not like Wolfram bulbs, it actually turns off during their off time. It just tricks our visual nerve into seeing it as continuous. But in fact, after several hours, eyes and head can hurt us if the power supply is a cheap one.
So my advice, test every light in the store first. Wave your hand in front of the light and see if you can see a strobe-light disco effect. If yes, move on.
Temperature to your own liking, but suggest between 3500K and 5500K. I am using a 3000lm, 98% CRI, 3500K custom made spotlight for main above the table, then a second one commercial, which is a circle like LED, from the side.
2. May 2020, 06:53
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, I use cold white LED's for the modelling, especially for the PE, for the visibility. Priming and painting larger surfaces is also possible, but for the fine painting, weathering etc, I only do that with natural light
2. May 2020, 07:54
Rod -
Not sure if it matters, but LEDs emit almost zero UV light.
2. May 2020, 08:00
thanks everybody :)
6. May 2020, 23:00

April 15, 2020

Spanjaard event has been postponed to 2021 (if somebody has the correct image for new dates, please add it)
World Model Expo 2021 in Veldhoven
World Model Expo 2021
NL 2-4 Juli 2021, in Veldhoven
15. April 2020, 22:04

March 18, 2020

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18. March 2020, 19:10

March 16, 2020

To all these stuck at home due to the Corona virus outbreak, patience, good health and the best of luck. And happy modelling if you have the chance.
To those in essential services (from health care, security and all other essential services, to those keeping shops open so there is no panic and no shortage of essential products) our gratitude is with you. Good luck
To everybody, from Amsterdam, stay healthy
1 | 15. March 2020, 23:45
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In Spain we are with the third day of official quarantine. Hopefully these measures will serve to reduce the high level of infected and deaths, which increases day by day.

We are following the evolution in Italy and how it is being solved little by little in China, South Korea or Singapore (Congrats these last countries and much encouragement to Italy. We are with you!). Let us hope that in the rest of Europe and the world the victims do not increase as much as they are doing in Italy and Spain and we hope that everything will be solved as soon as possible.

Luckily we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world and with these recently implemented measures we are trying to prevent it from reaching the brink of collapse.

My enormous thanks to the enormous efforts that are being made by the fantastic health personnel, the people who have to work outside and inside their homes, our bodies and forces of State Security and in general the whole of society. Together we will make it possible to defeat the virus!

Much strength and good luck to all the world!

And please... Keep scrupulous measures to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus (wash your hands frequently, do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose, keep the distance between people, avoid crowds, be at home, avoid displacement as much as possible... Any caution is insufficient).
16. March 2020, 09:34
People seem to think it is a good idea exchanging the trust of having a safe society, with food in the store. I think that is wrong. Also, lack of resources like masks is imo just bizarre, or indicative of government incompetence.

Good thing I bought some extra stuff, little by little. A woman was, or pretending to be coughing at my local store, I'll be wearing one time gloves and a mask next time I go shopping for food (don't have many ) to do what I think is best.

I do wash my hands more often at home during the day, just in case I somehow have the virus, thinking, maybe good idea to try limit the amount of potential virus inside my home, even if a virus might come only from myself. I am so far not sick, or it doesn't feel that way. I did sneeze a couple of times, but I suspect that might perhaps stem from me sanding my models, which sometimes can provoke a sneeze because of the particles.

Last night I swear I saw a local news article that discussed the possibility, that quarantined people could soon maybe go to the stores as long as they kept their distance. Which is somewhat worrysome.

Presumably, and a small hope, is that, being grazed with the virus isn't too bad, but that people that get loads of the virus in a single moment perhaps gets ill.
16. March 2020, 09:47
Greg Baker
Since we've been doing this so long in Korea already, I feel that sharing experiences might help others. It's a stressful time for absolutely everyone and it's easy to get angry quickly. Try to keep calm as best you can. Also, it's easy to get tired... and then your mind starts to play tricks on you. In the last month, I was sure I had the virus about five times... every cough, every sneeze... it makes you think... am I? Don't make yourself crazy. Luckily, most of us on this site probably have pretty well-developed levels of patience. ;)
16. March 2020, 10:36
Btw, I am not really angry but I am a little upset. I like to think I have a sensible take on things. The imo only sensible way to run society is if everybody at least act sensibly, so simply being told stuff isn't good enough. Ergo, one can't calculate out, or demand, to sort of nulling out the "egoist" part of being a human being, because society basically relies on it anyway to function, or we would become more like robots which imo would be bad but also highly unrelistic overall.

My life will be about staying at home, so simple enough until I need to buy more food again.

Here's a fun looking tweet, which is also relevant:
16. March 2020, 10:59
Peter Hardy
And in your specific case Greg, overdeveloped eyesight!
16. March 2020, 11:00
My favorite food these days is some kind of rice porrige made my mixing rice + powder from a bag plus dried milk, adding cinnemon and suger, hydrated with boiling water and simmering in a food thermos for 20 min. :) Super lazy, and easier and less messy than cooking it on the stove.
16. March 2020, 11:06
Btw, if one is to believe this here below (supposedly info from WHO), sneezing not belived to be a typical symptom of being infected with COVID-19 (corona virus disease 2019):
16. March 2020, 13:50
Bob Hall
Nice to see things in the U.K. Haven't changed TOO much ! !!!!!

Youtube Video

16. March 2020, 21:11

March 6, 2020

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6. March 2020, 07:46

March 5, 2020

Spanjaard will attend
Euro Scale Modelling 2020 in Houten
Euro Scale Modelling 2020
NL 21. November 2020, in Houten
5. March 2020, 23:10

January 21, 2020

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