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database for skalabyggesett | samlingshåndterer
Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 in Swiss Service

AZ model kit


50 | 9. January 2019, 17:04
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Nathan Dempsey
Very nice!
9. January 2019, 17:09
9. January 2019, 19:47
9. January 2019, 20:07
10. January 2019, 16:52
11. January 2019, 23:34
Christian W
I like the color scheme! Something different.
12. April, 09:47
Bernhard Schrock
Kristall klare und absolut saubere Lackierung (und erfrischenderweise nicht LW). Hut ab.
12. April, 10:02
Alec K
Faaantastic 👍
12. April, 12:11
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautiful livery, excellent paintwork. Would easily go for 1/48
12. April, 12:13
Alexander Grivonev
Lol, where did you dig out this ancient album 😄 Thx mates
12. April, 15:36
I want one!
12. April, 15:43
Christian W
@Alexander ... It was a coincidence 😉 Over some edges I found this.
12. April, 22:22
Patrick Hagelstein
12. April, 22:33
Mark K
Absolutely beautiful!
13. April, 05:51
Thomas T
Very very nicely done and for some reason my preferred livery!
13. April, 09:35
Alexander Grivonev
Wow that blew up quickly. Thx mates, I also like the livery. Something different in contrary to the usual grey green sludge.
14. April, 06:56
Erik Leijdens
Really striking livery, and perfectly executed! Great job
14. April, 09:48
old album or not, it certainly looks good!
14. April, 11:08
Patrick Hagelstein
It definitely does! Doesn't hurt to revive an album once in a while. 😉
I really appreciate the cleanliness of this build/scheme. The Swiss used their Bf-109 fleet extensively for patrolling their borders, but they operated in very clean and well maintained environments. Sometimes replacement parts were colored differently, but always clean and well kept. Good to see you took this into account and took weathering to the utmost minimum. 👍
21. April, 14:10
Slavo Hazucha
Lovely "Alpine Invasion Stripes" execution of a ´109 👍

21. April, 14:55
Rui S
Different and very nice indeed 👍
24. April, 14:25
Andy Ball
Swiss time'd just right!
28. April, 21:47
Peter Hardy
Another unbelievable build Alex G! Looking forward to a detailed instructional Album next. I got SO MUCH from that Lamborghini build a couple of years ago!
29. April, 02:09
Łukasz Gliński
Awesome, my fav 109 camo 👍 I have to build one in the future too.
29. April, 07:51
Thomas T
@Lukasz: "Camo", did I already mention that I like your irony? 😛
29. April, 09:44
Łukasz Gliński
@Thomas: Gruezi, you're welcome 🙂
@Slavo: the stripes might have come in handy a bit later 😄
29. April, 11:03
Alexander Grivonev
Wow, that really took off. A real pleasure to see that a project of yours which you never found to be absolutely anything special is met with so much approval. Many thanks @all!
2. May, 19:26
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it ,,, good work
2. May, 20:04
Clifford Keesler
Very nice work.
3. May, 00:05


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